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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2133

*Bonus Chapter*

“I can sense that there’s a great power hiding in the divine treasure. It’s not surrounding the temple, but as soon as we go deeper, the hidden things that the temple have been safeguarding will come out naturally.”

Dragon Shisan said in a soft voice.

“It seemed like we will need some cat’s-paws.”

Jiang Chen smiled, and both of them naturally knew what each other meant. 

There were guardians in all of the Tian Yin Twelve Peaks, but there’s no one here. How could this be possible? Perhaps the existence of the white-jade divine statue had frightened those guardians away. 

“Dongchen, I, Xiong Batian, am here! Hahaha!”

A strong man of about nine feet tall holding a bloody red-battle axe arrived. His hearty laughter was loud enough that people could hear it within ten miles.

“Overlord Union? Your noses are quick to get the information. Or, you guys weren’t able to enter Tian Lan Peak?”

Dongling Dongchen said faintly and glanced at Xiong Batian who was holding his battle axe. 

“Hahaha. Dongchen must be kidding me. Our Overlord Union is guarding Tian Lan Peak right now. However, those who want to enter the house of divine treasures can only go through Tian Lan Peak and Tian Zhu Peak. It’s said that there has been a dead monkey guarding this place. That’s why I am here to see what kind of monster he is who dared to defend this place against thousands of troops. I really want to meet him.” Xiong Batian laughed out loud and said.

“Why didn’t the leader of the Overlord Union come here? Has he entered Tian Lan Peak?” replied Moling Dongchen  with a smile. 

“I’m not capable of evaluating our leader’s strength. Yes, he has already entered Tian Lan Peak. However, those who are not capable enough are not that fortunate. That’s why I came here to test my luck.”

Xiong Batian’s words obviously carried a sense of sarcasm.

“It’s pretty easy to enter this Tian Zhu Peak since there’s no guardian guarding it, but only a deadly monkey. You can try.”

Moling Dongchen smiled with pride while touching his feather fan. His smile and posture was more charming than a woman.

“Really? Leader Dongchen you should not lie about this.”

Xiong Batian was extremely careful. Since the leader of the Unparalleled Charm Alliance was only safeguarding this place but not entering the peak, how could he be the early bird? There must be an ambush waiting inside.

“I, Zhan Lingyuan, am here to join the fun. The two of you looked unexpectedly relaxed, is there someone who doesn’t know what life and death is, blocking our path towards Tian Zhu peak?”

A young man who was wearing a set of silver battle armour said with pride. His hand was holding a halberd and his aura was overbearing.

“Since brother Zhan is also here, how about we barge into the Tian Zhu Peak together and see who dares to block our way? What do you think?”

Xiong Batian’s eyes blinked. At this moment, he actually could form an alliance with Zhan Lingyun and find out what’s inside.

Of course, Zhan Lingyun knew about Xiong Batian’s intention just by glancing at him once.

“That’s great! I really want to see who dares to fight against me! Hahaha.”

Zhan Lingyun joined hands together with Xiong Batian. They stepped foot on the void and their imposing aura were unparalleled.

“Finally, someone decided to take action, it’s time to enter Tian Zhu Peak.”

Moling Dongchen laughed and said while his eyes were shining.

“Since two of our brothers are in high fighting spirit, how can I not join you guys until the end?

Moling Dongchen’s participation also increased their confidence as they were less familiar with the situation than Moling Dongchen.

“With Dongchen’s  assistance, we will definitely make it and defeat the enemy. Hahaha. Faster, faster!”

Zhan Lingyun was also very glad about Moling Dongchen’s participation. If you know yourself and your enemy, you’ll never lose a battle. If they didn’t know the enemy’s tricks, they would be in a  disadvantageous position in the battle. Even Moling Dongchen did not take action directly in the previous battle, they could imagine that the monkey who safeguarded Tian Zhu Peak was not an easy opponent.

“Dead monkey, faster, come out and die. Or else, I will smash Tian Zhu Peak!”

Xiong Batian’s voice was vigorous to the point of shaking the heavens and earth. Many of the Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns covered their ears. This guy’s part time job definitely was a weapon in human shape. His hand was holding the battle axe while a bloody atmosphere was filling the air, and killing intent was towering to the sky.

“ They have come on time. It seems like our luck is really not bad.”

Jiang Chen laughed and said.

“Your turn or my turn?”

Dragon Shisan grinned.

“Let’s do it together. Or else, I’m afraid that Moling Dongchen will doubt us, so we’re only gonna use 30 percent of our strength.”

“I know, I am not stupid.”

Dragon Shisan carried his iron staff and went out of Tian Zhu Peak together with Jiang Chen.

“I’m the one who opened the way to this mountain. I am the one who planted this tree. If you want to go through this way, leave your grandmother here.”

Dragon Shisan said arrogantly.

“Damn monkey. I think you will never cry if you never see the coffin. I, your grandfather, gonna meet with the iron staff in your hand.”

Xiong Batian’s eyes were filled with ruthlessness. Suddenly, his imposing aura rose up and pressured towards Dragon Shisan.

“Great, let me see what kind of tricks you have.”

Dragon Shisan held the unparalleled divine staff tightly, sweeping away in all directions. His manner was vigorous, however, he knew that he couldn’t use his utmost effort to fight. Jiang Chen’s words reminded him, so they must pretend to be defeated by these guys and act like they were weaker. Then these guys could help them to go through the bloody path of the divine treasure. 

Dragon Shisan’s attack was terrifying and irresistible, whereas Xiong Batian was also quite formidable. His strength of early Void Divine Level was quite outstanding among his peers. However, Dragon Shisan was only using 30 percent of his strength. That’s why Xiong Batian was able to resist him.

“Just on time, hahaha.”

Xiong Batian roared in rage. His enormous bloody battle axe was swung in all directions with an all-conquering aura. What a pity that Dragon Shisan did not use all of his strength. He was intentionally blown eight hundred meters away by Xiong Batian. He looked extremely embarrassed. 

“Only a monkey, nothing to be afraid of. You’re only a loser in my hands.”

“I am here to fight you!”

Jiang Chen said faintly. 

“Your opponent will be me.”

Zhan Lingyun gave him a smile. 

“Count me in.”

Moling Dongchen came to involve himself. Jiang Chen’s hand held the Heavenly Dragon Sword, fighting two of them. The two guys were quite incredible. Jiang Chen could only manage to handle some of their attacks, then he flinched backwards. His face was red and obviously, he was not a match for them.

“You guys are not being fair. Two versus one.”

Jiang Chen said in a deep voice.

“Two versus one? Haha. Even if Dongchen is not here, you are still definitely not my match.”

Zhan Lingyun said arrogantly and he gave Jiang Chen a snort of contempt.

“We brothers know that we can’t defeat you three. Today we will take a step back. Hope you guys will not kill us. Or else, it will not be a good thing for you guys as well. Because we will fight you to the death and I believe at least one of you will get injured severely. You probably don’t want that to happen.”

Jiang Chen said in a cold tone and he looked very reserved. However, since they are under others’ rooftop right now and they were not as skillful as them, they could only take a step back.

The three of them looked at each other and they looked dignified. They were well-aware that the two were not weak. If they really fight with their life on the line, even if they could kill both of them, they would definitely suffer great damage. Who was going to take these damage? Who is willing to make such a sacrifice at this critical moment?

What a joke! Of course, none of them were willing to do so.

“As long as you get out of the way to the divine treasure, we will definitely not kill you.”

Moling Dongchen said. 

“We also want to enter. This is our bottom line. Or else, we will not give up even at the cost of our life, we will fight until death.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were burning as he made his utmost effort to fight for themselves! 

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