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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2129

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“All right! All right! Witness my Peerless Overlord Spear. This time, I won’t let you return!”

Li Shuai roared in rage, his voice shook the heavens. The people around could not help looking at him and realized that Li Shuai was totally enraged by Jiang Chen.

As the saying goes, when enemies meet, their eyes were usually filled with hatred. They already had deep hostility towards each other before this. Now, this hostility was completely unleashed, triggering a battle soon.

The anger is towering in Li Shuai’s heart. He wielded the long spear, sweeping away everything as he targeted Jiang Chen.

The Overlord Spear was undeniably a peerless divine weapon and it was not less formidable than the previous Storming Purplish Golden Spear. It was terrifying and imposing, and could turn heavens and earth around. Flying down from the high sky, Jiang Chen, with his sword in his hand, lunged towards Li Shuai. The Heavenly Dragon Sword was even an all-conquering weapon. The two competed again this time and this definitely would be a dreadful battle.

Holding the Heavenly Dragon Sword, Jiang Chen was incredibly dreadful. He stood in the void with the dragon wings on his back. The radiance from his sword shocked fourteen regions of the world, leading them under the heavens.

The radiance of the sword was chilling, breaking through the void. Their battle caused the surrounding rocks to fall. The clouds in the Divine Tomb swirled, covering up the entire sky while wailing like ghosts and howling like wolves.

Jiang Chen casted the Great Divination Art and immediately knew that Li Shuai’s Overlord Spear had no secret behind. Although Li Shuai  had become a Void God, he still had no advantages at all when confronting Jiang Chen.

“Eighth revolution, Thousands Spears Strike the World!”

Li Shuai’s roar was like a thunderclap. His long spear spun and broke through the void. On the other hand, Jiang Chen was taking his time, completely calm while wielding his Heavenly Dragon Sword and striding the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps. Each of the steps stroke the heavens!

“First step, Stepping through Mountains!”

Each of Jiang Chen’s step was filled with terrifying imposing manner that spread throughout the heavens and earth. Everywhere was sealed with the overbearing aura of the steps.

“Second Step, Dauntless Spirit on Cloud Nine!”

“Third Step, Shattering Universe!

After Jiang Chen strode out the three steps, Li Shuai was restrained by Jiang Chen completely and it’s difficult for him to escape. Although the Thousands Spears Strike the World was terrifying, Jiang Chen was already prepared for it thanks to the Great Divination Art. That’s why he could dodge the strike effortlessly without any hesitation. The Thousands Spears Strike the World did made a great tribulation in the heavens and earth. A mountain was crushed by Li Shuai’s spear at that moment with invincible imposing manner.

“Such a dreadful spear skill! Our Vice Lord is unparalleled and peerless under the heavens.”

“Yea! Even masters at the Void God realm will not be able to resist such dreadful skill.” 

“Our Vice Lord’s strength is magnificent that no one can match. He will sweep away these two guys who are ignorant of the immensity of the heavens and earth.”

“You’re right, let’s applaud for our Vice Lord.” 

Although Li Shuai’s Thousands Spears Strike the World looked incredible, it actually failed to threaten Jiang Chen even in the slightest. Jiang Chen had already seen through everything. No matter how powerful the Thousands Spears Strike the World was, it only looked frail to Jiang Chen.

On the other hand, the first three steps of Jiang Chen’s Azure Dragon’s Five Steps was heaven-shattering and earth-shaking. Li Shuai found it difficult to confront. 

“His strength was really monstrous. His strength has already broken through the Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign. It’s so formidable. If he advanced to Void God realm, how dreadful would he be?”

Li Shuai fell into contemplation. However, he dared not be reckless because any carelessness could bring him great harm.

“You’ve come here just at the right time. You’re really impressive, however, the reputation of my Nine Revolutions Overlord Spear’s not unearned! I don’t believe that you could escape from my ninth revolution, Heaven and Earth Great Shift!”

Li Shuai said with pride. Without hesitation, he took action again. Ninth revolution, the Heaven and Earth Great Shift by no means was greater than the revolution before! Even a middle Void God expert might have to avoid such an attack. At this moment, the people who were at the hillside were dumbstruck. Such powerful mightiness had shocked everyone, and now none of them were willing to fight him. Even the numerous masters of Void God level showed admiration as they would not be able to do that.

Who could confront an attack like this? Perhaps only a few of the masters in the world could overcome this.

“Fourth step, Rambling the Great Void!”

Jiang Chen looked relaxed and confident. He was not stressed at all even if he was currently dealing such a dreadful attack. He still gave people a feeling of free and easy.

Dragon Shisan was looking at this clearly and he was aware that Jiang Chen must have high confidence or else he would not be so calm. This guy has many cards under his sleeve and he wouldn’t be defeated easily. Even a Void God expert was nothing in his eyes.

“Little Chen, be careful. He’s not an easy person.”

Dragon Shisan said out loud. He gave a warm reminder to Jiang Chen but what he said actually sounded so sarcastic to Li Shuai.

“Kill him!”

Li Shuai was wielding his long spear and the ninth revolution, Heaven and Earth Great Shift immediately crushed on the void. As Jiang Chen had stepped out the fourth step, he was sliding above the void easily.

“Fifth step, Grieving the Heavens and Earth!”

Jiang Chen did not dodged Li Shuai’s attack this time because he was confident that Li Shuai’s Heaven and Earth Great Shift would not have a chance to escape from his Azure Dragon’s Five Step.

As expected, as soon as the fifth step landed, the heavens and earth were like shedding tears and shaking. The fifth step looked light and graceful, yet it managed to break the void and coincided with the strength of Law. Suddenly, Li Shuai’s Overlord Spear was once again shattered by Jiang Chen, under his footsteps.  The spear was suppressed by Jiang Chen’s overpowering aura, while Li Shuai was pushed backwards with a deathly face. 

“How could this be possible? Our Vice Lord was defeated?”

Some people could not help taking a deep breath and said.

“Defeated. Even our Vice Lord’s peerless divine weapon, the Overlord Spear, was shattered. This guy is indeed formidable.”

“Oh my gosh! Is he still a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign? Even a Void God expert was not a match for him. It’s horrifying!”

Li Shuai was once again defeated. He was even defeated by the same person. Jiang Chen’s Azure Dragon’s Five Step was undefeatable in the world, and no one could overcome it. At the hillside, hundreds and thousands of divine troops could not help heaving a sigh, shaking their heads. Jiang Chen’s mightiness was irresistible. Irresistible!

“As I’ve said before, having defeated you once, I can defeat you the second time. But, I am afraid that there won’t be a third time anymore because you must die today.”

Jiang Chen said in a calm tone, deciding the death of Li Shuai at this moment. This guy must die as he almost brought his brother into predicament. How could Jiang Chen spare his life?

“You want to kill me? It’s not that easy. Humph! Spear Transformation, Merging Heaven and Earth! If you manage to resist this, I will die without regret.”

Li Shuai said in a deep voice. Suddenly, his body glowed and he looked incomparably holy. He held his palms together, facing towards Jiang Chen. At this moment, he transformed into a golden spear, breaking through the void and flying up in the sky. The surrounding temperature suddenly became extremely high. The golden spear broke through the sky and gave out a deafening buzzing sound.  Jiang Chen looked solemn while summoning his five saint flames.

True Dragon fire, Fire of Thunder, Qilin Saint Flame, Phoenix Divine Fire, Fire of Sun, the five supreme flames rose up. The entire Tian Zhu Peak was surrounded by flames. The sky was also lighted up wholly. Everyone was stunned and could not help swallowing their saliva. The scene is overly terrifying. 

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