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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2123

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At the same time, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda absorbed all the divine sparks. The pagoda lit up brilliantly, and the number of dragon marks on Jiang Chen’s body rapidly increased. At this moment, the skies of the Divine Tomb was covered with thunder clouds. 

“This is? The Supreme Heavenly Lightning Tribulation! Does he want to undergo the tribulation here?! What is he thinking?! This fellow is insane, he’ll surely die!”

“What?! The Supreme Heavenly Lightning Tribulation! Isn’t this Heavenly Tribulation that a True God will undergo? How could a mere Eighth Grade Immortal Sovereign…?!” 

“Not even a True God could withstand this tribulation. Many True Gods fell in this stage and failed to create their divine spark. This is impossible.”

“Oh shit. We’ll surely be affected once the Heavenly Lighting descends. The Myriad Divine Soul Lock Great Formation trapped both us and Jiang Chen together.”

“He… He wants to use the Lightning Tribulation to kill us! Madman! You’ll die too!”

Everyone was wearing a shocked expression. Every one of them knew that this was the Supreme Heavenly Lightning Tribulation, once it descends, the whole Myriad Valley Mountain will become a flat land. Plus, lightning and fire have complete dominance against divine souls. In addition, the Supreme Heavenly Lightning Tribulation was something that not even a True God could withstand, lest their ethereal divine soul bodies. 

At this moment, the whole Myriad Valley Mountain became restless. Jiang Chen wants to bring everyone down with him. 

“This kid. A vicious animal!” A divine soul tremblingly said. 

Thunderous clouds gathered. At this moment, a thousand li across the valley had fallen under the Lightning Tribulation area of effect. This whole area had become Jiang Chen’s place to transcend his tribulation, and none of them could run away from this area. 

The sky was covered with lightning clouds and thunder could be heard. This time, Jiang Chen had made all the necessary preparations. 

“Not even a True God could withstand the Heavenly Tribulation, does Boss Jiang Chen want to bring everyone down with him?”

“Ruthless. Looks like Boss Jiang Chen is really pushed to a corner. Looks like we’re fated to die here today.” 

“Although Boss Jiang Chen’s technique is heaven defying, it’ll destroy everything in sight. We are all doomed.” 

No matter if it were Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns or the divine soul experts, at this moment, their faces were all pale white. When the Lightning Tribulation descends, the Earth will shatter, the Heavens will crumble, the void will perish, no living being shall walk out alive. Plus, these divine soul feared lightning and fire the most. This Lightning Tribulation was an unavoidable catastrophe for everyone on-site. 

“Haha. What? Finally, you guys know how powerful I am! Bunch of fools, I did not seek you guys out, yet you guys dare to knock onto my doorstep.” 

Jiang Chen looked down with disdain. Thundering clouds covered the whole Myriad Valley Mountain. Everyone felt the terrifying pressure it emitted, heaven’s prestige was unpredictable. 

“Jiang Chen! You’ll die a dog’s death too!” A Divine King divine soul cursed. 

But all of the divine soul experts’ expression were already as black as a kettle. Death had completely engulfed them. 

“Everyone, listen to me. Do not resist. I’ll take you all into my magical treasure, it’ll be able to withstand this Lightning Tribulation!” Jiang Chen said. 

All of the Immortal Sovereigns’ eyes lit up. Some were already prepared to die, but Jiang Chen gave them hope at this moment. Could he even get away from the Supreme Heavenly Lightning Tribulation? How heaven-defying is he? 

No one wants to die. Especially those Immortal Sovereigns who had finally entered this Tomb. Every one of them had dreams, a dream that they could enter the Divine World and be one of the best. 

But they never knew that entering the Divine World was not an easy task. The Divine Tomb itself was a soul harvesting machine. Those that were able to escape the dangers of the Tomb were only those exceptionally powerful experts, those peerless prodigies! 

“Is it true?!” 

“We get to live? Haha, Haha!” 

“All hail Boss Jiang Chen!” 

Some even cried out of joy. Who said that men shouldn’t cry easily? These peerless Immortal Sovereigns that had undergone trials of life-and-death only felt unprecedented shock. 

Jiang Chen was their one true saviour. 

One that was grateful could be seen naturally. Everyone knew that at this moment, Jiang Chen was like a supreme being up above the Heavens, causing them to instinctively prostrate in worship.

Jiang Chen waved his big hand and the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda trembled tremendously. Hundreds of Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns were sucked into the Pagoda. But in the eyes of those divine souls, that Pagoda was like a predator, they could feel that the pagoda was eyeing them like prey. They were willing to be struck to death by the Heavenly Lightning rather than walk into that Pagoda. 

Obviously, they were right. If those divine souls entered the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, they would be devoured there and then, it would be ten-thousand times more painful than having their soul destroyed by the lightning. 

“This fellow intends to kill us with the Lightning Tribulation!” 

“Arghh. This is not fair! Not fair!”

Everyone had their eyes wide open as the Heavenly Lightning roared. The Supreme Lightning instantly struck. Jiang Chen then held the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda in his hand and pointed towards the sky!

The Lightning Tribulation struck. Countless divine souls had no chance to defend themselves against it, no matter how far they ran, the divine souls within a thousand li radius around the area showed extreme fear. They did not dare to take it head-on, yet no matter how hard and far they ran, they couldn’t run away from the Supreme Heavenly Lightning Tribulation. 

The Heavenly Lightning was a heaven-defying energy. The Supreme Heavenly Lightning Tribulation was the tribulation for those that are going to ascend to the True God realm. These Mid-Void God divine souls stood no chance against it, not even those True God divine souls could get away with their lives. 

The Heavenly Lightning had complete dominance against divine souls, giving them little chance to resist. Just like wood and fire. 

Blood-curdling screams could be heard everywhere, lightning flares could be seen under the Myriad Valley Mountain. Thousands of divine souls perished under this strike, only their lifeless divine sparks were left behind. 

“This fellow has a pagoda that could render the Heavenly Lightning harmless!”

“Fuck! Are you fucking with me?! Isn’t this Supreme Heavenly Lightning Tribulation too scary?”

A powerful divine soul of a Hierarch said in a sinking voice. 

“We have to leave, Quick! Otherwise, we’re all going to die!”

“We can’t. There’s no way to escape. Argh…” 

At this moment, Jiang Chen never expected that there were two Hierarch grade divine souls hiding in the dark that didn’t have the chance to act and died under the Supreme Heavenly Lightning Tribulation. These two divine souls have reached the level of the Peak Late Void God realm. However, they too did not have what it takes to withstand the Supreme Heavenly Lightning Tribulation, not even the chance to run away. 

If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen possessing the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. He too, would be unable to run away from such fate. This Supreme Heavenly Lightning Tribulation had completely surpassed his expectations. A Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign will certainly perish under it! Those Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns hiding inside the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda were all scared shitless. Jiang Chen’s scheme to kill thousands of divine soul was truly terrifying!

Heavenly Lightning Descends, Ten Thousand Souls Perished.

“To think. There’s such an accidental reward?”

Jiang Chen rubbed his nose and murmured. 

On the western region. In a myriad burial mound, an old and hoarse voice muttered. 

“Hmm… there’s a familiar qi…”

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