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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2122

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“Since you like to play with fire THAT much… then, let’s have you bathe in fire!”

Jiang Chen wielded the five types of supreme flame. Flaming Divine King was instantly engulfed by the flames, causing his expression to drastically change to one as black as a kettle. 

“Nonono, Don’t kill me! NO……… ”

However, his plead fell into deaf ears. One could say that it was an honour for him, as his body was showered with five supreme flames. 

Flaming Divine King’s divine soul, perished!

The wailing of his deathly throes could be heard throughout the place, thousands of Late Heavenly God divine souls instantly vanished, leaving only their divine sparks behind. The scene itself could be dubbed as unrivalled, burning away thousands of Heavenly God divine souls with fire was truly psychologically shocking. A third of the 200 God King grade divine souls were also slaughtered in the process. However, the current Jiang Chen was also heavily injured, his complexion was pale and his strength wasn’t at his peak anymore. 

“Ruthless! ”

“Agreed! We picked the wrong opponent this time.”

“But he’s an arrow at the end of its flight. We could eliminate him if we work together.”

“Yes. What is there to fear. Since it has already come to this, we must be prepared to die, otherwise, we won’t be able to get away if this guy manage to grow even further.”

“There’s no plan B for us.”

More and more Divine Kings said silently. They knew that the current situation was different from before. The one fighting with its back against the wall had become them, but Jiang Chen was also not at his best. 

“Hahaha, the boss is great! Amazing! We could already stand proud even if we fail. The boss managed to kill thousands of Heavenly God divine souls alone, a truly shocking feat.”

“Yeah. These bunch of Heavenly God divine souls is finally afraid. But still, they remain powerful, and we’re still not out of the woods yet. If it weren’t for us dragging down boss Jiang Chen, he could’ve easily flown out from here and arrive at the Myriad Valley Mountain. 

“Yeah. We must not bring shame to our leader even if it’ll cost us our lives, we’ll fight to the bitter end!” 

Even though there are less than 600 Immortal Sovereigns on site, their voice still reverberated across the place. 

Each and every one of them understood that Jiang Chen was heavily injured because of them. Plus, he alone had managed to turn things around. None of them could have Jiang Chen’s verve even though they were all Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns that came to this Divine Tomb from below. A Seventh Grade Immortal Sovereign had managed to enter the Divine Tomb, and win battles everywhere. 

They were grateful that they were in the same generation as Jiang Chen, having the same dream! This battle, this war had also become one of their duties. 

“Sword God! Sword God! Sword God!”

Waves of cheering reverberated in Jiang Chen’s ears. However, the Myriad Divine Soul Lock Great Formation hasn’t been broken yet, and he still needed to fight with his life on the line. In addition, he needed to use everything he has for this final battle. However, he still couldn’t come out unscathed. His current condition doesn’t allow him to unleash the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal anymore. 

Heavenly Tribulation! The current Jiang Chen has already reached the peak of the Eighth Grade Immortal Sovereign, the Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign was just a step away and this was the best time for him to do so. The prestige of the Heavenly Tribulation was much stronger compared to the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal. This would become the Myriad Divine Soul Lock Great Formation nightmare!

“Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, it’s time to unleash your full strength! So many divine sparks from Divine Kings and Heavenly Gods, this should be enough to fill your stomach right?!” 

Jiang Chen wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth and murmured. 

Thousands of divine sparks were instantly collected by Jiang Chen, and the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda unleashed a powerful suction force like it was in a joyful mood. It instantly devoured all the divine sparks, making it blossom in radiant splendour. Jiang Chen too took this opportunity to prepare to break through to the Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign realm!

“You still want to continue this futile resistance at such a stage? I refuse to believe that you could continue anymore.”

“Hahaha, prepare to die. Although many Heavenly God divine souls have perished today, it’ll all be worth it once you’re dead.”

“No one would be able to prevent us from collecting the essence of these Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns in the eastern region after you’re dead.”

Countless taunts and sneers reverberated in Jiang Chen’s ears. He knew that they were already thinking that he’s on his last legs, hence, their alertness was at its lowest. 

But some of them hadn’t dropped their guard, since “a centipede does not topple over, even if it’s dead”, Jiang Chen’s strength was one that they recognised, they dared not belittle him and bet against their own lives, as it was no laughing matter. 

“Young Master Jiang Chen, are you really going to fall now?” Jiang Xinxin murmured. 

A light shone in her eyes, she refused to believe that Jiang Chen will fall at such a fashion. He managed to become like a saviour in every crisis they faced, will he truly fall now? 

“Even if we die we shall not bring shame to boss Jiang Chen, attack!”

“Attack! Even though we can’t kill a Divine King divine soul, we could still fight a Late Heavenly God divine soul.”  

The eyes of countless people were filled with determination. At this moment, Jiang Chen was at his last leg, their final hope shattered, none of them could back away in this battle of life and death. 

“Do you see it? Your men are prepared. Yet they are not prepared to fight to their death but die a pointless death.” Someone spoke scornfully. 

As the hegemon of the Sword God Alliance, Jiang Chen’s lips curved up to a cold smile at this moment. A bunch of fools think that I’m at my wits end? 

“Isn’t it too early to be happy right now?” Jiang Chen said with a faint smile. 

“Ignite! Dragon Transformation!”

Jiang Chen gave out a roar and instantly changed into his half dragon form. His combat strength increased more than ten-folds under the effect of the Dragon Transformation. The terrifying aura he emitted was enough to crush each and every divine soul on-site. 

“This, this, what is this?!” Jiang Zheren gasped. 

He could feel the pressure that Jiang Chen emitted. Jiang Chen’s trump cards were seemingly endless. This draconic pressure could make even a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign like them breathe heavily. The current Jiang Chen was more than ten times stronger than he was previously. 

“What the fuck?! Haha, Young Master Jiang Chen I’ll follow you forever!” Jiang Zhejun shivered in excitement. 

Jiang Chen was always a ray of light in their darkest time. At this moment, every divine soul expert became extremely serious, the Myriad Divine Soul Lock Great Formation even trembled too. 

Jiang Chen’s terrifyingness after his Dragon Transformation caused people to tremble. 

“Do not hesitate! Attack at full strength!”

A divine soul shouted. Hundreds of God King grade divine souls rushed towards Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen like an ancient battle beast, swinging his mighty powerful arms across the battlefield, his supreme combat strength could not be rivalled!

Jiang Chen’s aura was at his peak, one versus hundreds without a shred of fear. Even though he was pressured and suppressed, and could not use his cloning technique, his strength was still enough to shake the heavens. Such combat strength was enough to cause others to tremble in fear.  

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