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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2121

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“Are you afraid now?”

Jiang Chen snorted. In the next second, his hand produced another kind of flame, Qilin Saint Flame! 

“Oh no! There are three types of flames!”

Some exclaimed in surprise. Obtaining one of the saint flames of the heavens and earth was already heaven defying. But, this guy had three of them, how would others not be envious and jealous of him? More importantly, if an ordinary person had a few of these supreme flames, he probably would have been devoured by these flames, instead of playing with them like Jiang Chen. 

“Even if you have those, it’s impossible for you to conquer us.”

The Flaming Divine King divine soul said in a cold tone. His eyes were filled with jealousy, but he actually was not sure if he could control these three types of supreme flames. In front of this expert who casually played with fire, he somehow found himself a bit inferior. 

“How about I add this?”

Jiang Chen turned his hand around, then the Phoenix Divine Flame appeared. The temperature around the Myriad Valley Mountain suddenly got up and it became extremely hot. These bunch of divine souls started feeling nervous because those flames and saint light were things that divine souls fear the most. Despite this, the two hundred masters did not flinch.   

However, no one dared to step forwards anymore at this moment because they knew that these four kinds of flames could cause immeasurable consequences on them. They would fall and vanish between if those flames fell on them.

“Four kinds of flames, you are courting death. Once you make a mistake, the supreme saint flame will surely devour you. You are only bringing death unto yourself.”

The Flaming Divine King took a breath and his countenance fell. Everyone’s heart trembled for a second as a supreme saint flame like this had actually created terrifying pressure on them.

“This guy’s too monstrous. How can this be possible?”

“Yea, I think this guy is playing with fire.”

“Don’t say so first. Haven’t you seen these four flames are supreme saint flames between the heavens and earth? However, those flames look quite mild in his hand. Even the Flaming Divine King, who proclaimed himself as the number-one expert that could control every kind of flame between the heavens and earth, dares not to take any action right now.”

“What should we do now? Let’s see whether there’s anyone willing to be a cannon fodder. Once he casted those four flames, many of us might be sacrificed.” 

No one wants to be cannon fodder. That’s why the situation started becoming intense, and no one dared to act rashly. 

On the other hand, more than seven hundred Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns were under attack and constraint right now. About two hundred people had died and they suffered a great loss. However, when the late Heavenly God divine souls saw these four kinds of flames, they remained silent. This was because they could be edified and exterminated if they were touched by those flames.

“Why? Why is there no one willing to step forward? Then I am going to take action.”

A cunning smile appeared on the corners of Jiang Chen’s mouth. 

“Let’s go together. Don’t let him detonate those four supreme saint flames, or else we would be the one suffering. A fire on the city wall can bring disaster to the fish in the moat. Those late Heavenly God divine souls will not be able to withstand these supreme saint flames. We have to be extremely careful.”

The Flaming Divine King growled. As everyone understood that the current situation was critical, they could not let Jiang Chen have any chance. Once he detonated those four flames, the situation would be absolutely different.

“Let’s kill without pardon!”

Two hundred master divine souls launched an attack again. Jiang Chen was pushed back and was even stuck in a hole.

Jiang Chen’s trump card had not shown up yet. He actually had an extremely daring thought, that was combining these five types of supreme saint flames together. Instead of simply combining together, he was going to merge them into one single type of flame and detonate it.

If Jiang Chen wasn’t able to execute this well, he would be hurt severely. Once he succeeded in doing this, the result would become the peerless Fire Dragon Seal. Then, he would toss it with the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal, turning the dragon into fire and fire into seal.

After unleashing his flying dragon wings, many of them were startled. However, since Jiang Chen had brought too much shock to them, they were somehow numb to these shocks. This guy had too many cards in his sleeve.

There were only a few divine souls who had the skill to fly in the entire Divine Tomb. Even though hundreds and thousands of divine souls had gathered here today, the number of divine souls who could fly could be counted with ten fingers. 

As soon as his dragon wings were displayed, he flew up high to the sky with his overwhelming imposing manner. No one could fight against him, but Jiang Chen could not give up his followers. If he really wanted to leave this battle, no one could stop him from leaving.

“Form up! Myriad Soul Divine Chaining Formation!”

Flaming Divine Kind growled. Obviously, they had done their preparation beforehand. Two hundred divine souls formed up the Myriad Soul Divine Chaining Formation. From this, one could see that even a truly divine person could not fight with this. 

A layer of terrifying strength of law brought Jiang Chen up to the sky, covering the entire Myriad Valley Mountain. He could sense the massive pressure from the extraordinary Myriad Soul Divine Chaining Formation. Moreover, his body was under the unceasing restraint and his dragon wings failed to bring up to the highest of the heavens. He could only overlook from ten metres above the air.

“Soul Sealing Tranquilizing Tune!”

Jiang Chen frowned as he was still suffering from the unceasing pressure. Soul Sealing Tranquilizing Tune was more dreadful than the Buddhism Sutra. It was like a kind of devil spell. 


A mouthful of blood spurted out. Jiang Chen’s strength was under great pressure, yet the merging of his flames was almost completed finally.

Suffering from the great pain created by the Soul Sealing Tranquilizing Tune, the five flames rose up to the sky from Jiang Chen’s hand. Under Jiang Chen’s control, the five flames merged together finally. It was a flame with a prussian blue hue. While it was forming up gradually, it also became a nightmare in everyone’s heart.

“This? How can this be?  He even has a fifth flame. What kind of flame is that? I never heard of this.”

Flaming Divine Kind murmured while his eyes were filled with horror because those five flames had merged into a new kind of flame dragon seal. 

At this particular moment, the entire Myriad Valley Mountain was filled with burning rays of flames. The temperature increased sharply and it was incomparably terrifying. 

“I am going to call this Three Thousand Flaming Dragon Seal!” 

The blood around Jiang Chen’s mouth carried some sombre sense. Landing a single blow, the Flaming Dragon Seal was like a shooting a beam of light, blasting out. Jiang Chen combined the Flaming Dragon Seal with the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal. This strike was much stronger compared to the Slaughter Dragon Seal! 

“Three Thousand Flaming Dragon Seal! Let’s blast!”

Jiang Chen roared in anger. The seal immediately erupted in the sky, turning into thousands of beams of lights that brightened up the entire the Myriad Valley Mountain. The mountain was brilliantly illuminated while echoing with blood-curdling screams. 

Countless late Heavenly God divine souls could not resist the attack. The Three Thousand Flaming Dragon Seal was something Jiang Chen created purposely to handle those divine souls. It was also difficult for the Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns to resist the dragon seal but they still managed to handle it, despite being injured severely.

However, those divine souls could not escape death under the Three Thousand Flaming Dragon Seal!

Jiang Chen’s eyes gave out a sight of ruthlessness. It was the time for these divine souls to vanish in the face of the heavens and earth. More importantly, if Jiang Chen only targeted a single divine soul with the Three Thousand Flaming Dragon Seal, the level of dreadfulness would be indescriptible. Even Jiang Chen wasn’t sure how dreadful the seal would be. 

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