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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2119

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Mountain peaks surrounded Myriad Valley Mountain and steep cliffs were rising high. Black river flowed towards the east while dark clouds covered the sun. Unattainable high mountains were towering to the clouds.

The atmosphere in the Divine Tomb was filled with a dull hue. Numerous ancient woods were reaching the sky. The woods were luxuriant with dark green leaves and branches that expressed a depressing aura. There were countless tombs standing and celestial graves of divine souls.

Right now, the entire Myriad Valley Mountain was filled with a depressing vibe. There were more than two hundred middle grade divine souls of Void God level standing here. The terrifying imposing manner frightened everyone there, and they did not know how to handle the situation. 

The number of divine souls from early and middle stage of Divine King level even reached thousands. The thousand miles of the Myriad Valley Mountain was surrounded by divine souls. There were even innumerable divine souls of late Heavenly God.

This kind of power and influence could be considered as unrivalled in the world, so everyone had sensed a great crisis. This time, it could be said that Jiang Chen had created a huge trouble. These people were here to fight Jiang Chen because he had killed too many divine souls and created the Sword God Alliance that harvested divine souls’ for this opening of the Divine Tomb.

Furthermore, many  divine souls had imitated the Sword God Alliance’s deeds. They raised up their power and influence and formed an alliance, yet the late Heavenly God and early Divine King divine souls that they had sent out were futile. Many of them were even killed directly. This had become the most tragic situation in the Divine Tomb since hundreds of thousands of years. That’s why many divine souls, including Divine Kings and Heavenly God, took the initiative and rose up in arms in the Eastern Region to fight against Jiang Chen. 

“As you predicted, do you think our leader can survive through this? Too many divine souls have come here this time, is it because we have provoked their anger?”

“Who knows. I think we, Sword God Alliance, have a big trouble this time. Those who are taking action are divine souls of early Divine King, how are we going to fight against them? Despite our leader being Jiang Chen, he might not be able to withstand this and turn the situation around.”

“That’s right. I am also anxious now. We have no other way, but fight them. If our leader Jiang Chen loses, we won’t have any chances to win.”

“If we surrender, most probably we will be caught away by these divine souls and our divine spirit will be devoured. Since we’ll all die in the end, we can only fight with our lives on the line.”

“Let’s fight an uphill battle as people who fight are heroes! Without our leader Jiang Chen, we would have died earlier. This time, we must fight our enemy until the end without considering life or death. Never give in!”

More and more people came to know the truth: As soon as Jiang Chen was defeated, they would lose undeniably. They would even die without a burial place. However, the Sword God Alliance was in high fighting spirit now, they might not face defeat. Moreover, they had their leader Jiang Chen, the backbone of Sword God Alliance, they might not lose.

Jiang Zheren was looking at the crowd of divine souls around the Myriad Valley Mountain, he could not help feeling nervous. Jiang Chen had been leading them to overcome obstacles by obstacle and killed hundreds and thousands of divine souls in the past few days. The divine souls were finally here to take revenge.

“At this very moment, young master Jiang Chen still manages to keep calm. Sitting leisurely in a fishing boat despite the storm. Sigh… don’t know whether young master Jiang Chen has confidence in this battle or not.”

“Who knows. Right now, both sides of my palms are sweating. The crowd of divine souls have sealed us up in the entire Myriad Valley Mountain. We have no way out and we can only fight them. However, young master Jiang Chen hasn’t taken any action yet, so we can only stand tight and observe the situation. I am actually very confident in our young master, yet there are too many divine souls this time. Most of them are powerful divine souls that had already reached the middle Void Divine level. That’s terrifying! I guess I will be killed within a second.”

Jiang Zhejun smiled bitterly.

“I believe him! Jiang Chen will definitely deliver us out from this encirclement.”

Jiang Xinxin had this absolute confidence in Jiang Chen as she had already been saved by Jiang Chen a few times. He was invincible like the war god from the heavens, and no one was his match.

At present, Jiang Chen was refining those divine sparks, and the Seventy Fifth Floor of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was finally opened. Jiang Chen’s strength had become stronger than before. The number of dragon marks in his body reached two million and ninety thousand three hundred. One more step and he would reach Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign. 

The refinement of thousands of divine sparks had given Jiang Chen some kind of divine sense. These divine sense came from the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. When the seventy-sixth floor of Ancestral Dragon Pagoda opened, these kinds of divine sense would become stronger. Jiang Chen felt that once the eightieth floor or even higher floors had been opened, he probably would receive another unexpected harvest and surprise.

However, there were hundreds of thousands of divine souls blockading the Myriad Valley Mountain now. Jiang Chen had used his divine sense to scan through the entire Myriad Valley Mountain and noticed that there were no divine souls with Divine Venerable level. Or else, they would have big trouble. However, it was also quite challenging for them to handle such a massive crowd of divine souls. When there were too many ants, they could even kill an elephant. 

“Mother fucker! Are you guys really thinking that I’m invincible? So many divine souls had come to take revenge on me. I am afraid that we are going to have a big war today.”

Jiang Chen murmured. He was actually worried about the monkey and Big Yellow, and wondered how they were. 

“What’s up? Jiang Chen, are you afraid now? I thought you were incredible. Hahaha.”

“Yea, you are as timid as a mouse. How are you going to lead them? If you don’t come out, the Sword God Alliance will vanish today. Nothing will be left behind.”

“Haha, it seemed like this guy’s a coward and he dares not come out. Then, let’s throw off the entire Myriad Valley Mountain.”

“That’s right. How can we not take revenge on him? Many of our fellow divine souls had died in his hands, how are we going to give them an explanation. He’s only an Eighth Grade Immortal Sovereign, how dare he come and fight me?”

One of the divine souls beneath the Myrian Valley Mountain suddenly flew up, standing in the air. He was a Divine King with a pair of monstrous flying wings. His imposing manner was unparalleled and shocking.  

“Coward, do you dare to fight me?”

He was the True Aqua God King who was holding a long sword. He could be considered as a relatively powerful divine soul as his terrifying strength had already reached the pinnacle of middle Void God level.

“Bull shitting!”

A figure came up in the middle of Myriad Valley Mountain. His movement was keen and he showed up in a flash. 

“Are you that coward, Jiang Chen?”

True Aqua God King shouted in his low voice. He looked ruthless and it seemed like he had already decided Jiang Chen’s death.

“Yes I am, so what? If you want to fight me, I’m also happy to fight you.”

Jiang Chen sneered.

“A lad who doesn’t know what life and death is. Today, I will let you know my true colour. Your time to die! Catch my True Aqua Sword!”

As soon as True Aqua Divine King’s words finished, he stretched out his sword, wielding it around. The surrounding divine souls were dumbstruck. 

“This True Aqua God King was an easy deal.”

“Yea, he can fly in the sky. This only showed his peerless strength.”

“No one can deny that. I think many of them have come in vain. I guess this Jiang Chen will not be able to fight back.”

At this moment, the True Aqua Sword was lunging towards Jiang Chen with its unbearable imposing manner that could sweep away the heavens. 

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