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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2118

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Blood was spurting out madly, all of Li Shuai’s meridians were crushed by Jiang Chen’s step. His weapon was not spared as well. If Li Shuai had not used up his lifetime immortal strength to protect his heart meridian at the final moment, he would have been eliminated as well.   

Li Shuai was defeated. Without any substitute, he had taken a horrible beating in the battle. Jiang Chen’s Azure Dragon Five Steps had completely overcome Li Shuai’s Nine Revolutions of Lord Spear. Despite being made with the essence of the earth, the Storming Purplish Golden Spear could not escape misfortune.

“Wait for the day that I come back! Jiang Chen, I will come to have an ending with you!”

Li Shuai’s voice echoed around the mountains. Jiang Chen wanted to chase him but Heavenly God Mo Yan’s divine soul was under siege by numerous Immortal Sovereigns. It was almost blown out.

“Go away!”

Jiang Chen shouted in rage, wielding his sword. It was hard for the Immortal Sovereigns to withstand the mightiness of his sword.

Jiang Xinxin, witnessing this scene from Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, was really startled by Jiang Chen and thought that this was truly inconceivable. Jiang Chen’s domineering manner was towering. Even Li Shuai who had proclaimed himself as the most outstanding genius amongst the thousand worlds, was still defeated tragically in Jiang Chen’s hand.

“Don’t kill us, we are innocent.”

“Yea! We’re all threatened by him. We are not doing this on our own accord.”

“Please, Immortal Sovereign Jiang Chen. You, such an unparalleled figure, won’t ever hold a grudge against us, will you?”  

All of them bowed down as they knew that Jiang Chen held the absolute right to kill them or not.

“If I was not here, Mo Yan’s divine soul would have vanished and the three of them would’ve died or become slaves, am I right?”

Jiang Chen was gazing at them, shutting them all down as what he said was an indisputable fact.

“We are innocent, please spare our lives.”

Jiang Chen shook his head.

“I am also saddened for you guys. You have been cultivating for thousands of years, yet all of that will be wasted today. You can only blame yourselves for being ignorant. There’s no way for regret under the heavens. You must all die today!”

Jiang Chen was not someone who is soft-hearted. How will these guys bow down and begg Jiang Chen if he was not strong enough? They would continue to follow the so-called most handsome Immortal Sovereign to bully the week by flaunting his powerful connections.

“Let’s fight since we would die anyway. If we fight him, we might still have a chance to live.”

“That’s right, we can’t just sit here waiting to die.”

Their eyes were burning with rage, all ten of them. Jiang Chen had already decided their fate, so they think that they should not just wait and let him kill them. They must fight at all costs to have a chance of surviving, even if it’s slim. 

“You guys are only fighting with your back against the wall.”

Jiang Chen said calmly, slashing his Heavenly Dragon Sword towards all of them. The ten Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns failed to defend against Jiang Chen’s attack and all of them were exterminated. Right now, even if Jiang Chen had to confront Void Divine level experts , he might be able to fight them.

Those arrogant and conceited Immortal Sovereigns turned into ashes at this moment.

On the other hand, Heavenly God Mo Yan’s divine soul was really weak and might disappear very soon.

“Master, I think I will vanish soon. I am satisfied to see such a dreadful side of master. However, I am sorry that I can’t accompany master to crusade to the Divine World. My divine soul is burning out.”

“Don’t worry. I will definitely kill Li Shuai to avenge you.”

Jiang Chen said in a deep tone.

“Thank you very much, master.”

As soon as Heavenly God Mo Yan finished speaking, he turned into a shadow and disappeared in the divine woods. A piece of divine spark fell into Jiang Chen’s hand slowly. Jiang Chen closed his eyes, holding the divine spark in his hand tightly. His killing intent was rising.

Jiang Chen flicked his finger and released Jiang Xinxin from the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. Jiang Zhejun and his brother were on cloud nine.

“Thank you so much, young master Jiang Chen, for saving our lives once again.” 

“You’re welcome. Since you guys have followed me, I will of course not stand idly by. The Divine Tomb is full of crisis and danger. We have to hurry to the northernmost place for the exit. Only those that can get out of here will be qualified to enter the Divine World.”

Jiang Chen smiled and said.  

After the four of them took a rest for half a day, Jiang Chen brought the siblings and headed to the north.

Within five days, Jiang Chen had saved around one hundred and seventy Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns during their journey. Most of them were shackled by the divine soul of Heavenly Gods and were stuck in difficulty. Jiang Chen was well-aware of the hardship they had gone through in the path of cultivation. He also wanted to build up a strong team to confront the divine souls in the Divine Tomb. After all, unity brought invincibility.

Under his leadership, they had become more and more powerful. None of them wanted to walk alone and be ravished by divine souls. Moreover, these people even formed an alliance called Sword God Alliance!

Of course, Jiang Chen became the leader of the alliance without any questions. Within ten days time, Jiang Chen swept away the entire western region of the Divine Tomb. He even killed dozens of early Divine King divine souls. 

Sword God Alliance reached a sudden rise and the number of people within their ranks reached about eight hundred people within ten days or so.  

At the same time, there were another two major alliances rising up at the eastern region. One was the Overlord Alliance, and the other one was Smart and Unparalleled Alliance. At the Central region, there was a rising Heavenly God alliance, and Battle Alliance.

What’s happening in Divine Tomb this time was quite interesting. Although each region was quite far from each other, news still spread out towards every place in the Divine Tomb. 

Everyone was heading for the northernmost place as only those who could walk out from the Divine Tomb were qualified to enter the Divine World. Meanwhile, many divine souls of late Divine King level also formed a team and headed for the northernmost place. When these Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns united as one, it was difficult for those divine souls to take action to stop them in the Divine Tomb.

Moreover, the higher the number of Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns Jiang Chen saved, the higher the number of enemies he would have in Divine Tomb. When there were more and more divine souls that are of Divine King level joined together, Jiang Chen would start to lose the overbearing posture he used to have.

At the entire western region, Jiang Chen had made many enemies, numerous high level divine souls were provoked.

There was a myriad of valleys and mountains in the western region. Due to the rugged terrains, it was easy to defend and difficult to attack. The region was indeed a natural place with great danger.

Countless people from Sword God Alliance stopped here to take a rest.


“Jiang Chen, today will be the day you’ll die!”

“Your Sword God Alliance had killed many of my divine souls, so we’re going to invoke justice on behalf of heaven today.”

“Hahaha, who are you? You are actually only an Eighth Grade Immortal Sovereign. Such a disappointing rubbish. Those useless and weak troops couldn’t even fight them.”

“Humph! Humph! This Eighth Grade Immortal Sovereign is different. If you think he’s a cowardly lion, you can try challenging him.”

Thousands of late Divine King divine souls besieged Jiang Chen and the others in the mountain ranges of the western region. The place immediately became a place of death. The late Divine Kings were all peak masters of middle Void Divine level and their strength were by no means ordinary. 

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