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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2117

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Jiang Chen, with the Heavenly Dragon Sword in his hand, smite the stars and breaking the void space. The surrounding air in the space was frozen. 

Li Shuai did not delay in wielding his Storming Purplish Golden Spear, creating heavy spear shadow all around. The scene was incomparably startling to those who witnessed the battle of sword and spear shadows. The Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns who were fighting Heavenly God Mo Yan could not help taking a deep breath. They never expected that an Eighth Grade Immortal Sovereign could be so formidable.

Who was Li Shuai? He was an outstanding cultivator amongst the Immortal Sovereigns of numerous worlds. Most people from the planes of the Immortal World had been defeated and even devastated by him. Despite confronting experts of Void Divine level, he had never been in a disadvantageous position. Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns were not a match for him. Or else, how could Li Shuai gather so many powerful Immortal Sovereigns around him?

Apart from his formidability, Li Shuai was also ambitious and valiant. Ever since he had promised to bring them to enter the Divine World, they defeated countless Heavenly God divine souls. In these Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns’ eyes, the most handsome Immortal Sovereign was bolder than a Heavenly God.

Amongst the innumerable planes, there were thousands of Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns who entered the Divine Tomb. However, they had never seen an Eighth Grade Immortal Sovereign. What was more surprising was the battle between this Eighth Grade Immortal Sovereign and the most handsome Immortal Sovereign was nip and tuck.  Their battle was extremely dreadful, but also filled with excitement.

Being the peerless genius amongst the Immortal Sovereign realm, Li Shuai could not bear the fact that someone who was not even on the same level as him could run neck to neck with him. He felt that his prestiged was challenged. 


The spear shadow was turned into feathers, flying everywhere and cutting through the sky. At this particular moment, Li Shuai expression had also become grim. It was his trump card and an extremely powerful attack. A normal Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign would have already fallen from these flying feathers. 

“Imaginary World Divine Spear, Smiting the Heavens, Desvasting Earth!”

Li Shuai roared and the Storming Purplish Golden Spear scratched through the void. More importantly, Li Shuai managed to fly unexpectedly. This was unbelievable as everyone knew that flying is not possible in the Divine Tomb because of the Heaven and Earth Law. However, it’s a fact that Li Shuai was standing in the air now and the spear shadows were besieging Jiang Chen in the middle, giving no room to escape.

“How come he could fly? Damn! Perhaps young master Jiang Chen really encountered a match this time.”

Jiang Zheren said anxiously.

“Yea, this is a battle between geniuses. Hehe, we would never ever reach this level. The battle between a genius and a maniac is destined to be shocking. Li Shuai seemed to have the upper hand this time.”

Jiang Zhejun said while his eyes were full of admiration. However, there was no envy in them at all because he knew that he could not compare himself with them.

“Our leader can fly in the sky. Hahaha! I only know about this now. How can this lad fight with our leader?”

“Biting off more than one can chew! Our leader is the Immortal Sovereign of  many worlds and he’s invincible. Even a Void Divine expert can’t defeat him. I have already expected that our leader could ignore the laws in the Divine Tomb.”

“No, he still couldn’t ignore it, our leader can only walk in the air for a while. The invisible wings behind him are supported by his energy. This must be a kind of secret trick, and the energy consumption must be high as well.”

“Although this is a secret trick that arrogant guy can’t do something like that.”

Many of them started ranting and raving. Watching the battle between Li Shuai and Jiang Chen, everyone thought that Jiang Chen would undeniably be defeated.

“Master, I believe this guy is not a match for you.”

Although Heavenly God Mo Yan was in a disadvantageous position, at least he could still hold on in the battlefield. He had put all of his hope in Jiang Chen.

“Flying in the air? Although you are capable of doing this, you will still not be able to make it.”

Jiang Chen snorted, having already seen through all the tricks Li Shuai had. Using the Great Divination Art, he had already clearly understood the way Li Shuai attacked. Each of his movements was sealed in Jiang Chen’s mind.

“Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal! Go!”

Jiang Chen held the sky with a hand. As soon as he casted the Five Elemental Laws, the dragon seal spread through the entire sky and covered the sun. Despite being ready for the battle, Li Shuai was still shocked as Jiang Chen managed to dodge his Imaginary World Divine Spear effortlessly as if he was able to foresee future. The Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal swept through the sky, crushing everything there.

Although Li Shuai was holding his divine weapon in his hand, Jiang Chen was not afraid at all. The Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal turned into shadows and fell on the ground from the sky, pushing Li Shuai a few steps back. This made Li Shuai’s face turn green.

His Imaginary World Divine Spear unexpectedly could not deal any damage on Jiang Chen. Instead, he was tricked by Jiang Chen. Moreover, the dreadful Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal had planted fear in Li Shuai’s heart. 

“How can this lad be so terrifying? He managed to dodge the attack? This is so unbelievable!”

“Whether you believe it or not, It is real.”

“Even if you don’t believe it, how would that help? I think our leader and this guy are almost on the same level in terms of strength.”

“Impossible. Our leader will never lose, let’s see.”

Jiang Chen’s spirit was towering as he pointed his sword to Li Shuai. The most handsome Immortal Sovereign might still have some fight left in him, or else he would not be so haughty. 

“Not bad, not bad, but what a pity! As you won’t be able to defeat me.”

The Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal had made Li Shuai flinch and reevaluate Jiang Chen again. This guy was not weaker than him, so if he underestimated Jiang Chen’s strength again, he will hardly defeat Jiang Chen.

“If you think you will definitely win in this battle, I can only say that you are overconfident and arrogant. However, you have caught my attention. Even if you die, you should feel glad in hell.”

Li Shuai was standing in the air above the void. Being in the air, it seemed like the Divine Tomb was under his complete control. His strength was actually quite impressive.

“Nine Revolutions of Overload Spear. The first revolution, the revolution of winds, clouds and heaven!” 

The brilliance of the spear was overwhelming, rupturing through the heavens and earth. Li Shuai was like an ancient god of war, standing in the sky in a haughty manner. At the same time, Jiang Chen was not in rush, wielding his sword that erupted a dreadfully imposing manner.

“The Fusion of Dragon and Sword!”

“Second revolution, upholding the heavens, devastating hundred thousands divine!”

“No matter what you do, you can’t stop me. Hahaha!”

Jiang Chen and the dragon sword united. The Heavenly Dragon Sword was him while he was the Heavenly Dragon Sword. He swept away the universe, the eight sides of the world were shaking in thunder. As the sword defeated the long spear, the dragon’s mightiness was rolling. Jiang Chen managed to resist each of Li Shuai’s dreadful attacks. It can be said that Jiang Chen’s sword was able to resist hundreds of thousands of different kinds of attacks! 

“Third revolution, Forbidden Wind Strikes.”

“Fourth revolution…….” 

“Eighth revolution, Thousands Spears Strike The World!” 

“Look at my ninth revolution, the Heavens and Earth Great Shift!”

Li Shuai’s hair was dancing in the air, his round eyes were red due to rage. The ninth revolution of lord spear was indeed overpowering. Jiang Chen looked serious, using the Great Void Technique to shuttle himself into the void. He made no delay by using the Great Void Technique even if he was in the Divine Tomb. No one could stop this technique. He stepped into the void and stood with his sword like the Lord of the Nine Heavens with a mighty manner. 

“Azure Dragon’s Five Steps, ascend the sky in a step!”

Jiang Chen roared in fury. Each step of his Azure Dragon’s Five Steps was stronger than the last. The void was cracking inch per inch while wind rolled up and ear-spitting thunder storm erupted. Each of the steps turned the heavens and earth around. Despite the Nine Revolutions Lord Spear dreadfulness, it was crushed by Jiang Chen’s footsteps.

Li Shuai’s imposing manner was totally restrained by Jiang Chen. The final step even broke the void, blowing Li Shuai off. The Storming Purplish Golden Spear in his hand was shattered into pieces. 

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