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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2115

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Jiang Zheren and Jiang Zhejun were well-aware that this bastard was here for their youngest sister, Jiang Xinxin. In other words, he wanted to seize their sister as his own, in the name of the soul of Mo Yan. As her brothers, they would not allow Li Shuai to have his way.

“Guys, go to stop that despicable soul. I will handle the three of them here.”

Li Shua said calmly. In an instant, more than ten figures surrounded around Mo Yan and started attacking him, meanwhile Li Shuai blocked the way of Jiang XinXin.

“The first time I saw Lady Sovereign, I have been affectionate towards her. If you are willing to follow me, then I, the most handsome Immortal Sovereign, am willing to spare your life.”

“You are shameless! How do you dare proclaim yourself as the most handsome Immortal Sovereign. Hilarious! Hahaha. If you want to take my sister away, you have to get through me first.”

Jiang Zheren took the lead. His hand was holding a nine inch longsword and rushed in an earth-shaking manner. He broke through the void, the heaven and earth was like trembling in his path. Wherever his longsword passed through, there was a buzzing sound.

“Come right at me, but you pose no challenge to me at all.”

Li Shua shook his head, grinned and said.

As soon as he raised his hand, he managed to hold on to Jiang Zeren’s nine inch-led longsword and broke the void space. The sword was also smashed by Li Shua’s palm. Jiang Zheren’s countenance fell. He immediately shrunk back, however it was too late. Li Shua’s palm strike not only directly shattered his core divine weapon, the Nine Lock Chain Sword, but also hurt his body severely. 


Jiang Zheren spurted out a mouthful of blood, his face was pale. As soon as he stumbled and flew back, Jiang Zhejun and Jian Xinxin reached out and held his body. 

The two siblings looked at each other for a second and took a breath. No wonder Li Shua could lead these group of masters. Even though they’re all Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns, they were at Li Shua’s beck and call. Li Shuai was indeed extraordinarily skillful. How he caught the Nine Lock Chain Sword directly in the void of space had startled them. 

Only one strike! In only one strike Jiang Zheren was defeated. From this they could see that this guy’s strength was quite formidable. There must be strong and weak amongst the Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns. Obviously, Li Shuai was the outstanding one amongst them, and his strength was quite terrifying. 

“Are we really going to die like this? Young master Jiang Chen, where are you?”

Jiang Xinxin muttered to herself.

“Little sister, it seems like we have to fight with our lives on the line. Even if we lose, we will lose with dignity. Neither riches nor honour can corrupt us; neither poverty nor humbleness can make us swerve from our principle; and neither threats nor force can subdue us!” 

Jiang Zhejun said with a serious face. The three siblings held each other’s hand, battling Li Shuai together like how the three heroes fought with Lü Bu in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

“Are you three coming to me at once? That will not be sufficient. In my eyes, you guys as Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign are still way too weak.

Li Shuai laughed dryly and brandished both of his arms. The wind produced by waving his palm was like a storm, blowing the void of space around. It seemed like the entire sky was going to fall down. 

Jiang Zhejun and his sister were shocked. However, when an arrow is already nocked on the bowstring, it must be shot out. There’s no turning back. The three of them used up their strongest attack, wanting to put Li Shuai to death. At the same time, they also knew that Li Shua’s strength might not be weaker than young master Jiang Chen. Even if Jiang Chen displayed his utmost strength, he might not be able to withstand him.   

Li Shuai agitated the wide sky, then the dark wind and clouds howled. In the midst of the cloud, sand blew and pebbles were rolling while thunderstorm were billowing. 

“Nine Clouds Imperious Sword!”

Jiang Xinxin took the lead. Her White Jade Sword slashed out an abundance of sword shadows, sweeping the entire world away. Li Shuai was besieged by hundreds of thousands of sword shadows that filled the entire sky. Not to be outdone, Jiang Zhejun wielded the feather fan in his hand, tossing thunderstorms towards Li Shuai. Jiang Zheren caught up to them and the three of them joined together to attack Li Shuai.

These three shouldn’t be underestimated as their strength was actually not that weak. Instead, they could be considered as above average amongst Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns. However, confronting Li Shuai, the self-proclaimed most handsome Immortal Sovereign, they were slightly overwhelmed. Li Shuai was steady and his palm skill was extraordinary as he was able to evade each of their strike, not one was able to hit on him.

In a flash, Jiang Zhejun’s feather fan fell. Rocks cracked and an ear-splitting sound was heard. Li Shuai’s figure had vanished all of a sudden, so their attack landed on empty air. In the next second, Li Shuai appeared at the back of Jiang Zhejun.

“Weak! You can’t even withstand a single blow.”

Li Shuai said with disdain.

“How can this be possible?”

Jiang Zhejun’s face fell in shock. His backbone was hit by a terrifying palm seal and his whole meridian system was almost shattered. Suffering severe injury, he was extremely embarrassed.  

On the other side, Jiang Zheren could not escape misfortune as well. Like having the skill of foreseeing, after Li Shua left a heavy wound on Jiang Zhejun, Jiang Zheren was targeted immediately. Blotting out the heavens and earth, the incredibly powerful palm seal broke through the void of space. 

“Petals fell in riotous profusion, Big Luo Divine Palm!”

Li Shuai’s voice was as loud as the great bell, filling up the entire sky. An incomparably enormous palm seal fell down from the sky, hitting directly on Jiang Zheren. Jiang Zheren’s face changed drastically, and he retreated in an instant. However, he could not escape the disaster and was directly smashed by Li Shua. If his Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign body was not strong enough, he would’ve died right now.

Moreover, they all knew that Li Shuai hasn’t revealed his trump card yet, but the Jiang siblings has already been defeated. 

Now, Jiang Xinxin was the only one. While boundless sword rain was falling down from all over the sky, Li Shuai was still standing there with a golden light covering his body, like a turtle shell. This made Jiang Xinxin come to the end of her rope.

“Bundling Immortal Rope!”

Li Shuai simply threw up a blackish green long belt to tie Jiang Xinxin up. She tried to cut the belt with her sword, but suddenly lost all of her strength to defend herself and was caught by Li Shuai on the spot.

“Small trick! Lady Sovereign, if you are willing to be with me forever, I will always treat you nicely. Your brothers can also ascend to the Divine World with us. Otherwise, it would be extremely difficult for the three of you to go out of this place. Hehe.”

Li Shuai said faintly.

“Never! I would rather die than be your woman. We both are Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns, but I would rather die than submit to you.”

Jiang Xinxin’s words are powerful, convincing and extremely cold. This had finally made Li Shuai’s face fall.

“I have given you face but you don’t want it. Then I will let you be my slave forever and your brothers will be shattered into pieces.”

Li Shuai’s eyes were filled with ruthlessness. He moved one stepped forward and the surrounding air seemed to be frozen.

Jiang Xinxin’s face immediately changed. She was not afraid of dying. However, if she died, her brothers would be killed as well. Everything happened because of her. 

At the beginning, she entrusted her hope to Mo Yan. However, at this moment, Mo Yan was completely restrained. More than ten Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns took action to restrain him. All of them were even outstanding masters. Despite Mo Yan’s strength, it was still difficult for him to do something to counter the Immortal Sovereigns. Hence, he was completely restrained and facing the risk of falling in the Divine Tomb.

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