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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2113

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“Such terrifying sword Qi, to think that I cannot dare to take it head-on. Is this fellow truly a Seventh Grade Immortal Sovereign?” Heavenly God Hei Hu couldn’t help thinking of such a possibility, he then let out a breath of cold air. 

Jiang Chen’s blade pointed at the void, his aura couldn’t be stopped. The trio’s attack couldn’t leave any impression towards him. As a matter of fact, Jiang Chen, with his trusted Heavenly Dragon Sword, gave zero chance for the trio to rest. The combination of the Edifying Light and the Heavenly Dragon Sword gave him an absolute advantage towards them as they were weak against these things. 

“Terrifying! Young Master Jiang Chen is truly a heaven defying existence.” Jiang Zheren said. 

“You’re right. If we follow such a prodigy, we may be able to enter the Divine World.” Jiang Zhejun said with a sigh. 

“Why? Are you feeling sad? Little Sis. We all came from the numerous Immortal Worlds, yet the difference between us and Young Master Jiang Chen is so much. Heh.” Jiang Zheren laughed palely. 

It wasn’t bitterness but pure admiration. Such a person was fated to stand at the apex of the Heavens, no one would be able to stop his way.  

A single man, looking down upon the world! He was the absolute war god under the heavens, a being that was invincible! 

“Young Master Jiang Chen is truly exceptionally powerful.” Jiang Xinxin murmured. 

Jiang Zheren and Jiang Zhejun looked at each other. How could they not see through what their sister was thinking? Their sister who was arrogant and pampered had a high standard. She had never said such a thing before, thus one could see that she viewed Jiang Chen differently. 

Jiang Chen’s blade couldn’t be stopped. The terrifying Heavenly Dragon Sword was like an ancient dragon that had descended upon them. The trio were beaten black and blue. The sword qi emitted from Jiang Chen’s sword was filled with sacred and inviolable peerless prestige. The sword qi alone has already damaged their core, and their divine soul had suffered a major injury. 

“You guys, have no reason to continue existing. Let me edify you all.” Jiang Chen said plainly, as he fully unleashed the pressure of the Heavenly Dragon Sword!

“Lord Li Jun, save me…”

Heavenly God Hei Hu’s eyes were filled with horror. The trio couldn’t evade the attack, because Jiang Chen had locked onto every escape route they had. The prestige of the sword enabled Jiang Chen to kill the three of them in a single stroke. 

“Little boy, you dare?!”  

A deep and vigorous voice could be heard reverberating through the sky. A figure could be seen flying towards their location with a series of thunder and howling winds paving his path. 

“Nobody shall be able to stop me!”

The Heavenly Dragon Sword fell, the three figures were instantly cut and they disappeared completely. Three divine sparks fell into Jiang Chen’s hand. 

“Yo.. you.. You… How dare you! You dare not obey this king?!” 

A figure wearing a black Daoist robe arrived in front of Jiang Chen with extreme coldness and killing intent oozing out of him. 

“Divine King Li Jun!”

Mo Yan’s expression drastically changed. The trio were just foot soldiers, the real expert was behind them. 

“Divine King Li Jun?” Jiang Chen frowned. This person that appeared in front of them was the true soul of a Divine King. 

“Why aren’t you kneeling for forgiveness after knowing this King’s name?!” Divine King Li Jun said with a deep voice. 

His gaze was cold, he was the right-hand man of Divine King Hei Yan. Meaning that, after Divine King Hei Yan managed to collect the essence from 10,000 Immortal Sovereigns, reincarnate and rebuild his divine spark, Li Jun will then become the new ruler of the place. 

“Divine King Li Jun is exceptionally strong. I estimate that he possesses the strength of a Peak Early or Mid Void God realm. He’s the right-hand man of Divine King Hei Yan.” Mo Yan said silently. 

“Middle Void God realm? I wonder if I could fight a Middle Void God equally if I go all out.” Jiang Chen smiled without pressure. 

“You’re not qualified. If you kneel down and beg for forgiveness, I may probably be benevolent enough to forgive you.”

“Hmph, I, Divine King Li Jun, shall teach you a lesson after you’ve killed my men.”

Divine King Li Jun held a spear and pointed it at Jiang Chen with a terrifying black aura oozing out from him, as if he was prepared to fight Jiang Chen to death.  

“The Heavenly Dragon Sword is more than enough to cut you down!” Jiang Chen sneered. 

Not backing down, the Heavenly Dragon Sword slashed forward. The powerful qi slashed towards the air between them. In an instant, the clash between metals could be heard, shadows and sparks could be seen appearing here and there. Only the afterimages of the two could be seen, the terrifying shockwave they created has caused the floras to tremble within the radius of ten Li!

“Peak Swordsman!”

Jiang Chen roared. A giant golden dragon flew out from his blade, shattering everything in his path, vegetations and rocks became dust wherever the dragon passed. 

Divine King Li Jun dared not to dawdle. This fellow is terrifying, not even the trio was able to fight against him. Then, he must have a trump card in his arsenal.  Looks like this must be it. 

The dragon that came out from the Heavenly Dragon Sword was filled with dragon qi. The terrifying aura it created caused the Jiang siblings to quickly back away, trying to avoid getting affected by the battle. 

Divine King Li Jun spun the spear he had and unleashed an imposing pressure. The sword qis and shadows of the spear could be seen overlapping, and violent clashes could be heard. However, Li Jun was the one on the losing side, which he had never imagined before. The pressure emitted by the Heavenly Dragon Sword was very terrifying, and the ancient dragon that Jiang Chen unleashed has caused Li Jun’s option to be severely limited.

“Truly a terrifying fellow. This boy cannot be left alone!”

Divine King Li Jun thought. After increasing the shadows the spears, he did not retreat but pressed forward to take Jiang Chen head-on. However, Jiang Chen did not want to continue any longer, he wanted to end this fight quickly. Moreover, there’s a high chance for him to break through to the Eighth Grade Immortal Sovereign realm if he devoured a divine soul of a Divine King. 

This was Jiang Chen’s chance to breakthrough, a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“Dragon, Sword Unite! Die!” Jiang Chen harrumphed. 

The Heavenly Dragon Sword and the ancient dragon overlapped together and combined. Peerless. The Heavenly Dragon Sword was further enhanced and the terrifying pressure it created caused the surrounding space to crack. This had caused Li Jun’s attack to halt and at that moment, his body shivered and his expression drastically changed. 

“Trying to kill me? Don’t think you’re getting away with it!”

Divine King Li Jun roared. A wave of hysterical anger could be seen in his eyes. He had never thought that such a guy could stand toe-to-toe against him. 

“Heaven Piercing Snake Spear!”

Shadows of the long spear pierced the air, creating countless afterimages in the process. 

Yet, Divine King Li Jun still underestimated Jiang Chen’s sword strike. Countless cracks were created from the path of the slash, an unparalleled qi from the Divine Dragon could be felt from the blade and it finally pierced the divine soul of Li Jun. 


Divine King Li Jun’s expression changed, his gaze became extremely ugly. He knew that he was done for after his divine soul was pierced by the draconic sword qi. 

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