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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2111

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Jiang Xinxin’s appearance was simple yet beautiful like a true goddess, petite in size, causing others to naturally like her. Moreover she was also talented, having attained the Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign realm in less than a thousand years. Hailing from the Jianghuai Immortal World, she entered the Divine Tomb along with her two brothers. 

Her brothers had put great effort and energy in paving her cultivation path and once again they’re going to use their own lives to ensure she could move further. 

“Shut up! This is our only chance! Leave! Otherwise, the three of us are going to die together.” 

Jiang Zheren said furiously with a determined look in his eyes. 

“Haha, trying to run away? Aren’t you guys too optimistic?” 

Heavenly God Sui Lan who was in the front took a step forward, unleashing his terrifying aura, sending a punch forward, causing the sky to tremble. They still possessed the strength of a peak Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign, except for the fact that they could not fly. Moreover, they have adapted to the environment in the tomb compared to these Immortal Sovereigns that has just entered the realm, giving them another edge. 

Jiang Zheren roared and looked at Jiang Zhejun. After readying themselves to lay down their lives, they rushed towards the four Heavenly God divine souls. 

“Thunder Nine Slashes!”

“Explosive Heavenly Tyrant Dragon Strike!”

“How can the light of a firefly compete with the brilliance of the moon? Overconfidence, hmph… hmph!” 

Heavenly God Sui Lan harrumphed coldly. His punch forcefully shoving the Jiang brothers back and he then attacked them without giving them a single chance to retaliate. 

“Sister, why aren’t you running away now?! What are you waiting for?” Jiang Zheren roared thunderously, while he pushing Jiang Xinxin away. 

The two brothers fought the four enemies with their lives on the line. But at this moment, the two of them were hit by Heavenly God Sui Lan’s attack and flew backwards by a few hundred metres, causing them to be gravely injured. 

“Where are you running to? Little girl! Kaka!”

The other three Heavenly Gods caught up to Jiang Xinxin. But at this moment, Jiang Xinxin unleashed her most powerful attack. 


Layers of water curtains were created and water droplets flew up towards the skies as if it was a rainstorm. 

However, this was instantly broken by the trio’s combined effort. 

“Has the Heavens forsaken us, siblings?”

Jiang Xinxin’s expression became dark, it won’t be long before she loses her dignity and life. The brutality of the Divine Tomb was much more terrifying than the siblings had expected. 

“You dare?! Scram!”

At this moment, a single shout could be heard. Heavenly God Mo Yan roared and forced the three of them back. Heavenly God Sui Lan’s gaze became serious, and his expression changed, looking straight towards Mo Yan. 

“You? Mo Yan, don’t you know that we’re Divine King Hei Yan’s men? Quit meddling around with other’s affair, don’t invite trouble to yourself. Divine King Hei Yan wants you to work for him, that’s why he didn’t bother killing you. If you dare to go against us, I believe the Divine King shall eliminate you without fail.” Sui Lan said. 

“You guys are unworthy.” Heavenly God Mo Yan said indifferently. 

“You…  You’re digging your own grave, Mo Yan!” Sui Lan replied. 

In this part, Heavenly God Mo Yan still had some influence, even though it was lesser compared to Divine King Hei Yan, but his strength was real, at least it was more than enough to deal with these four Heavenly Gods without trouble. 


Mo Yan respectfully bowed towards his back, and Jiang Chen slowly and calmly walked towards him. A malevolent qi could be felt between his brows. 

“Mo Yan, to think you would bow under a human? Hahaha, truly hilarious. Mo Yan, you’ve truly disappointed Divine King Hei Yan.”

“So what if I’m a human? You four are still unqualified to harm humans! Bah. Mo Yan, kill them all, completely destroy their Divine Spark, killing them for real.” 

Jiang Chen said with a cold gaze. These beings that were barely living should all die in this place. If they continued to live, the Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns that they’re going to kill will become endlessly more. 

He felt a shred of sorrow filling him. If it wasn’t for his strength, he would’ve ended up as someone else’s meal in this place?

Those that had entered the Divine Tomb were all from the Human Worlds. They’ve worked hard to enter the Divine Tomb, yet they were hunted down like prey by these half-dead divine souls, truly saddening. 

“Yes, Master.” 

Mo Yan received Jiang Chen’s order and fought against the four. The four couldn’t even compare with the Late Heavenly God divine soul of Mo Yan. 

“Mo Yan! You cannot kill us, Divine King Hei Yan will definitely never forgi… ARGH!”

Mo Yan easily defeated them. Even though he wasn’t a match for Jiang Chen, killing off these four was a piece of cake. He eliminated the four in an instant, their divine soul dissipated into the Divine Tomb and a thumb-sized black crystal was dropped from their bodies. 

“This is…? Their Divine Sparks!” Jiang Chen’s expression moved. 

“Yes. After their divine souls have been destroyed, their divine spark will slowly dissipate. Divine Souls cannot devour each other. Otherwise, the Divine Tomb would’ve become something else.” Mo Yan said. 

But at this moment, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda within Jiang Chen’s body had a reaction, it was due to the four divine sparks. 

“Could the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda be able to absorb these divine sparks?” Jiang Chen murmured, his finger moved and the four divine sparks entered the pagoda.  

In an instant, the divine sparks changed into pure Heavenly God energies and flowed into the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, causing the pagoda to glow brilliantly. Jiang Chen was extremely happy, to think that the divine sparks could have such a wondrous effect on the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. He understands that the current 74th floor of the pagoda would have a hard time increasing further. 

If he were to calculate the energy that was needed to open the upper floors, then it would be as vast as the sea, extremely huge. 

In less than a few seconds, the four divine sparks were completely devoured by the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. The pure energy of the Divine God was integrated into the pagoda, but no changes could be felt. Looks like it would be extremely hard to open up the 75th floor. 

But Jiang Chen made a decision. Since the divine souls here hunted human Immortal Sovereigns, then why not he hunt these beings as well? The more divine souls he killed, the more divine sparks and pure heavenly god energy he could get, and the higher the possibility for the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda to improve further. 

Jiang Chen let out a long sigh of relief and his heart relaxed. He only then remembered about Jiang Xinxin’s existence. 

“Are you alright?”

Jiang Chen looked at Jiang Xinxin. She was extremely gorgeous. Even he had his heart slightly tremble as he looked at her. Especially those beautiful blue eyes that could make others dote on her. 

“Many thanks for Young Master’s graciousness in saving us. We’re Immortal Sovereigns from Jianghuai Immortal World. ”

Jiang Xinxin was pleasantly surprised. But being a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign, she didn’t fluster and thanked Jiang Chen respectfully. 

“No matter. It was no trouble at all.”

“Many thanks for the help of Young Master.”

Jiang Zheren and Jiang Zhejun said solemnly. Their eyes were filled with respect and admiration towards Jiang Chen. They easily saw through Jiang Chen’s strength, Seventh Grade Immortal Sovereign realm, but able to command a Peak Heavenly God divine soul , how powerful could he be? 

Having been able to reach the Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign realm and enter the Divine Tomb, they weren’t your average joes, they could gauge how powerful one was. This youngster was unique. 

“No matter, now that your crisis has been averted. I shall take my leave. Goodbye.” Jiang Chen said and left. 

The siblings looked at each other. Jiang Xiixin’s heart moved and followed him. 

“Young Master, us siblings only possesses an average strength. It is hard for us to move further in this Divine Tomb. It’ll be extremely hard for us to enter the Divine World. Please allow the three of us to follow Young Master.”

Jiang Xinxin said while clenching her teeth. As one who has reached the Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign realm, this was her first time begging for someone else’s help. But she knew that Jiang Chen was no ordinary person and the divine soul beside him was not something that they could contend against. 

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