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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2108

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Currently, the Sovereign Domain was extraordinarily quiet. Everyone, including Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan, were looking at the elder who had appeared suddenly.

The elder looked like he was in his fifties. His physique was average and was also average in height. His appearance was ordinary, yet his benign face made him approachable. 

However, the elder’s very powerful. Even a powerful cultivator like Jiang Chen could feel the unstoppable pressure that was unintentionally released through the elder’s mightiness.  

The qi released by the elder was absolutely something that had transcended the existence of the Immortal Dao Law.

“This is a true god as he had transcended the existence of the Immortal Law”  

Big Yellow said in great shock. 

He only whispered it, but the elder actually heard what he said clearly. He looked at Big Yellow and said, “You’re right, I am indeed the messenger of the Divine World.” 

“Messenger of the Divine World?”

After the elder stated his identity, everyone was dumbstruck.

Divine World is a really serious term. Especially for the Immortal World that had had an incomplete Heavenly Dao Law, Divine spirit only stayed at the ancient legends. However, the Heavenly Dao Law had been complemented and the messenger of the Divine World appeared. That’s why it’s not hard to imagine how shocked the people were now. 

Other than shock, many of them actually felt thrilled, particularly Jiang Chen and his friends. The arrival of the messenger of the Divine World signified that they had the opportunity to enter the Divine World and pursue higher level of divine Dao.

This opportunity was indeed very rare. Even though Jiang Chen, Dragon Shisan and the others’ cultivation base had not reached the Ninth Grade Great Sovereign realm, their strength had actually reached the pinnacle of the world. It would be extremely difficult for them to make a little more improvement. 

However, at this particular moment, the arrival of the messenger of the Divine World undeniably opened a way for Jiang Chen and the others to advance their cultivation realm.

“I know that you guys have a lot of doubts in your hearts. I am here today for the opening of the Divine Tomb that will happen three days later.

The messenger of the Divine World said. 

“The opening of the Divine Tomb? What’s that?” Jiang Chen asked out of curiosity.

“The Divine Tomb is a mystical space that connects the innumerable planes of the Immortal World to the supreme Divine World. The Divine Tomb only opens once every thousand years. Each opening, there will be countless of Ninth Grade Great Sovereigns who enter the Divine Tomb. They will cultivate and explore the brutal Divine Tomb to seek for an opportunity to enter the Divine World. You guys are lucky to catch up with the opening of the Divine Tomb this time as the Heavenly Dao Law of the Nine Regions of the Immortal World was just complimented.”

The messenger said. 

“Listen carefully. I will only explain the situation of the Divine Tomb once. The Divine Tomb is the only path to enter the Divine World. Anyone who would like to enter the Divine World form the lower planes must go through numerous deadly trials. What kind of deadly trials will you face in the Divine Tomb? You will know when the time comes. I will come back again three days later to help you to open the passageway of the Divine Tomb. One thing you should know, if you don’t have the strength of a Ninth Grade Great Sovereign, don’t attempt to challenge yourself and enter the Divine Tomb. However being a Ninth Grade Great Sovereign doesn’t guarantee success, most likely eight or nine out of ten will fail and fall in the Divine Tomb forever.”

After finishing his words, the messenger of the Divine World looked at Jiang Chen. “Young lad, you are doing well. I hope you will choose to enter the Divine Tomb. And the two of you are also precious geniuses of the Heavenly Dao. You won’t find anything challenging in this world anymore. If you miss out on this golden opportunity, you have to wait for another thousand years.” 

The messenger of Divine World was talking to Jiang Chen, Dragon Shisan and Big Yellow. After that, he disappeared. 

The arrival of the messenger of the Divine World had brought great shock to many people. The opening of the Divine Tomb also triggered many people’s emotions. This was also the first time many of them heard the name “Nine Regions Immortal World” from the messenger’s mouth, then they came to know it’s the name of this Immortal World.

The Heavenly Dao had been in an incomplete state for too long and turned this place into a confined world. That’s why many people have forgotten the name of the Immortal World. 

However, this was not important. What mattered was that the Heavenly Dao Law was now complete and the numerous Nine Grade Great Sovereigns have found a new path for cultivating. 

A day later, many people gathered at a spacious garden in Sovereign Domain.

Jiang Chen, Dragon Shisan, Big Yellow, Han Yan, Tyrant, Old Ancestor Green Lotus, Wu Ningzhu, Yan Chenyu, Jiang Zhenhai, Zuo LingEr, Nangong Wentian, Golden Ancestor, and the eight major leaders of the Immortal World…..

The significant figures of the Immortal World were all there. Since they had eliminated the Barbarian Race, there should be a joyous and jubilant atmosphere. However, the present atmosphere was slightly tensed.

The Divine Tomb concerned many of them.

“Brother Chen, you should go. I’ll stand by you.”

Yan Chenyu said in a smile. She knew what Jiang Chen was thinking. He was not a person that would stop at his current stage. He finally stood at the top of the Immortal World, now he needed to go out of this world to become more powerful.

“Just go, nothing should make us feel melancholy. You will go first, then we will go there a thousand years later.”

Wu Ningzhu said without feeling burdened, even though she was reluctant to let Jiang Chen go. However, they had already experienced this when Jiang Chen ascended to the Immortal World from Saint Origin World.

Although separation was depressing, they would still reunite one day in the future.

“That’s right, Little Chen. You, monkey and Big Yellow will go first. We’ll follow you after a thousand years.”

Han Yan said with a smile. Han Yan and Tyrant’s faces showed slight regret. They really wanted to join the three of them and enter the Divine Tomb together. Unfortunately, they were not powerful enough to enter. As the messenger had said, entering the tomb without sufficient strength would be no different from courting death. 

“The Divine Tomb is full of danger. I have read from an ancient record that the Divine Tomb was where the divine souls from the Divine World were exiled. After the divine humans of the Divine World die, their soul will be sent there to search for an opportunity to be reborn. Inside the tomb, danger and crisis are everywhere while evil spirits are rampant. If someone wants to move forward to the Divine World, the Divine Tomb is the only way to go. Entering the tomb is a choice of life and death. Once one goes through it, he will reach the Divine World and base there. Our cultivation realm has already reached the peak of the Immortal World. There are only two ways in front of us now. One, stay here forever. Two, enter the Divine Tomb and fight for opportunities and move forward to a higher world.”

Sovereign Tai Xu said.

“Jiang Chen, the Divine Tomb will open two days later. It’s your choice to enter or not. However, I am afraid that we won’t be able to enter with you guys as we have suffered severe injuries during our fight against the twelve old ancestors. They have injured our essence.”

Sovereign Ling Tian said. What he said was right. There would be no difference from courting death if one was not confident and ready to enter. If this was the case, they would be willing to wait for another thousand years. 

To these old men who have lived for so long, waiting for another thousand years was not a big deal.

Jiang Chen remained silent. However, he knew that he must go to the Divine Tomb. He had already seen this through the Great Divination Art, and he could not sense the breath of Yan Qingchen in the Immortal World. He guessed that Yan Qingchen had been brought away by the Divine Phoenix and was no longer in the Immortal World.  

However, Jiang Chen was not worried as well because if Yan Qingcheng was following the mystical Divine Phoenix, she would not face any danger.

Two days later, the messenger of the Divine World appeared in the sky of Sovereign Domain. 

Jiang Chen, Dragon Shisan and Big Yellow were standing in a row. There were many people who came to bid them farewell, standing opposite of them.

Jiang Zhenhai, Yan Chenyu and the others’ eyes were filled with sorrow. They knew that the next time they see Jiang Chen, Dragon Shisan and Big Yellow would be a thousand years later. This time they would really be separated by worlds. 

At the same time, they were proud of Jiang Chen as his future was meant to be boundless. 

“Dad, I am sorry.”

Jiang Chen gave a deep bow to Jiang ZhenHai. 

“Don’t say such nonsense”

Tears were glowing in Jiang ZhenHai’s eyes. This moment was the biggest pride in his life.

“Little rain, sister Ning, take good care of my dad. Ah Yan, Tyrant, Ah Nan, we’ll wait for you in the Divine World.”

Jiang Chen made some orders in front of the public, then jumped high into the sky with Dragon Shisan and Big Yellow.

Jiang Chen didn’t like the atmosphere of bidding farewells. The longer he stayed in this atmosphere, the more unwilling he felt to leave.

The messenger of the Divine World waved with his big palm, splitting out a crack in the void. An enormous black gateway appeared in front of Jiang Chen, Dragon Shisan and Big Yellow.

“Are the three of you ready? There is no return in this way.”

The messenger of the Divine World asked.

“Don’t waste time on talking nonsense.”

Dragon Shisan did not talk much, stepping into the passageway, disappearing completely. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow also entered into the passageway.

Later, both the messenger and the passage disappeared as well. A huge votex of space was left behind in the sky.  

Countless gazes were fixated in the votex and they all had mixed feelings.

Since then, Nine Regions Immortal World welcomed a new chapter in its existence. The figure of the white-clothed young lad would be sealed in its history and passed down for generations.

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