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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2107

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The guy standing in front of him right now had took away his Barbarian Divine Bloodline along with all of his hopes. Old Ancestor Wuke really regretted not killing Jiang Chen right away when he was at the Wuke Family.

And when they waged war against the Immortal World, because of Jiang Chen, countless barbarian experts had died. Now, things had become worse as the twelve chiefs were killed under Jiang Chen’s hands as well. The barbarians’ hatred towards Jiang Chen would never be erased. It could even be said that Jiang Chen had been the greatest enemy of the Barbarian Race for hundreds of thousands of years.

“Old Ancestor Wuke, I am sorry you won’t have such chance anymore.”

As soon as Jiang Chen spoke these words, his Heavenly Dragon Sword cleave on the old ancestor. Innumerable sword light formed up a sword web, enshrouding the heavens and earth. The Old Ancestor was trapped inside instantly.

“How can this be possible?”

Old Ancestor Wuke’s facial expression changed after realizing that his movement was slowed down under the cover of Jiang Chen’s sword web. In a battle between experts, a single delay was fatal.

* Ah….. *

Expectedly, Jiang Chen directly cleaved Old Ancestor Wuke into half and the old man died tragically on the spot. 

“What a pity.”

Jiang Chen shook his head, expressing his regret as the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was still in hibernation. Or else, it surely wouldn’t miss out on a figure like Old Ancestor Wuke.

However, fortunately Jiang Chen had already absorbed the light of Heavenly Dao to help him advance to Seventh Grade Great Sovereign realm. The seventy-fourth floor of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda has also been completed. These advancements were already sufficient for him to deal with the current catastrophe. 


Seeing how Old Ancestor Wuke was easily killed by Jiang Chen’s sword, everyone exclaimed out of shock. The remaining eleven old ancestors and the eight major leaders of the Immortal World were all dumbstruck. They could not believe what they had just seen with their eyes.

They all knew very well how powerful Old Ancestor Wuke was. However, such a terrifying existence was easily killed by Jiang Chen with just a single strike. No one would believe it if they did not see this by themselves. 

“He’s a son of Heavenly Dao. He’s truly an unrivalled genius. His achievement is destined to overcome everyone. Our Immortal World is now safe.”

Sovereign Tai Xu was sentimental. The Golden Old Ancestor and the eight leaders looked at Jiang Chen to express their appreciation and compliment. 


While everyone was still dumbfounded, Dragon Shisan transformed into a violent ape and casted out the Exterminating Symbol Art with his iron staff, hitting on Old Ancestor Wulan’s head suddenly. The peerless Old Ancestor’s head was smashed on the spot, and died in a violent way. 

The people were once again surprised. At this critical moment, there were so many heaven-defying existences appearing. A single Jiang Chen was already terrifying enough, but now, out of nowhere, an Eighth Grade Demon Sovereign monkey appeared. He had eliminated a Ninth Grade Barbarian Sovereign as easy as killing a chicken.  

* Ah… *

As soon as one of them died, there was another blood-curdling scream that rose up. Big Yellow transformed into a dragon horse and crashed into one of the Ninth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns to death with his incomparably vigorous body. 

Until now, although the battle has just started, the Barbarian Race had already lost three old ancestors, and only nine were left. Their facial expressions were filled with fear, they had already lost the pride they had at the beginning. Each of them looked at the three unexpected visitors like seeing ghosts.


Golden Ancestor suddenly laughed out loud. Following suit, the eight major leaders of Sovereign Domain also burst into laughter. Their tension turned to relief, and they even took off their guard. 

They had already foreseen that they did not even need to take action in the coming battles. These three vigorous guys are enough to overcome the remaining nine old ancestors.

“Hahaha! Little Chen, Big Yellow, each of us get one. Let’s see who acts faster!”

Dragon Shisan laughed and screamed to Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

“Gaga, great.”

Big Yellow turned his body towards an old ancestor and crashed into him. 

Upon hearing how the opponent treated them like ants and decided their destiny with mere few words, the remaining nine old ancestors had an impulse to spurt out blood. 

Being figures of old ancestor level amongst the Barbarian Race, they had never been humiliated like this before. This was indeed unbearable for them.

* Shua! *

Not talking much, Jiang Chen immediately showed his Heavenly Dragon Sword that spread endless sword brilliance and killed an old ancestor in a flash.

* Ahhhhh! *

Simultaneously, Dragon Shisan and Big Yellow did not play second fiddle to Jiang Chen, immediately killing another two old ancestors.

This was an undeniably horrifying scene. The Ninth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns were like tiny ants that were killed helplessly. 

If the scene were to be witnessed by everyone, they would definitely be startled by what’s happening now. The eight leaders of Sovereign Domain and the Golden Ancestor had been dumbstruck, opening their mouths wide upon seeing this. They even found it difficult to breath.

It could only be said that the twelve old ancestors were unlucky. They had been preparing for hundreds of thousands of years for this catastrophe. When the catastrophe finally arrived, they unfortunately encountered these three monstrous guys. The three of them had changed the destiny of the Immortal World.

* Ahhhhh! *

While the eight leaders of Sovereign Domain were still stunned,  blood-curdling scream arises again. Another three old ancestors had died. 

The moment the world barrier was completed and the Heavenly Dao Law was complemented, those old ancestors didn’t have a chance to escape anymore.

It had been only around few minutes since Jiang Chen entered the extraterritorial battlefield, but nine out of the twelve old ancestors had already been killed. The remaining three were looking at them opponent in great fear. Their eyes were filled with complete despair as they knew that death would welcome them today.


Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan shouted simultaneously, and rushed towards their last remaining opponents. 

* Ah! *

Following the last blood-curdling scream, everything came to an end. The twelve old ancestors of the Barbarian Race had all died. The remaining barbarians had became vestiges. Since the Immortal World was at the height of power and splendour right now, the only ending for the Barbarian Race was extinction. 

From now on, perhaps there would be no more Barbarian Race in the world. 

The extraterritorial battlefield disappeared. The battle in Sovereign Domain lasted for another two hours. Blood flowed like rivers and every place, corpses were piled up. The Barbarian Race had been exterminated . No barbarian had managed to survive.

Numerous people from the Immortal World looked up to the three figures who were standing above the sky. These three figures were incomparably huge in their heart as they were the heroes of the Immortal World.

“They have eliminated the Barbarian Race. Their achievement was even greater than Immortal Execution King and Sovereign Zang Xian’s achievement.”

“That’s right. Especially Jiang Chen, he has an unrivalled monstrous talent that no one had in the past thousands of years. Incredible. If he had not been here this time, the Immortal World would have faced a true crisis. We would not know how to deal with the catastrophe.”

“This is an event that is destined to be known by future generations.”


Countless people would worship and respect them. This was their boundless brilliance.

*Shua! *

At this moment, there was a dazzling ray of light filled with sacred colour coming out from the sky. The ray looked like coming from outside of the domain. When the ray appeared, everyone’s spirit started trembling. It seemed like that ray of light was a supreme existence that had transcended the law of the Immortal World.

In the next moment, the ray of light transformed into an elder who was wearing a set of golden robe. His physique gradually became more and more solid, appearing in innumerable eyes. 

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