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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2106

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Innumerable eyes were looking forward for something to happen. Finally, the Immortal Mark combined with the enormous crack. The two had become one. The crack disappeared completely. The Heavenly Dao is now complete. Boundless golden Immortal light showered on the land from the sky. 

“Oh… I can’t sense the breath of the Barbarian World anymore. The law of the Immortal World has been completed. We can’t run away anymore.”

“Motherfucker! We are trapped. The world has been completely sealed, so we can only slaughter them now.”


The barbarians’ countenance fell. Because of the completion of the Heavenly Dao Law, the world law of the Immortal World became complete. The barbarians right now had no competence to break out of the Immortal World, which was now under the protection of the complete law.

Therefore, the barbarians here could not escape anymore. This situation had also provoked their fury and drove them even crazier. As there was no other alternative, what they could do right now was to completely slaughter their enemy.  

Inside the extraterritorial battlefield, the Immortal Sovereign Lords and the Barbarian Sovereigns both realised the situation. 

“Haha. The Heavenly Dao has finally been complemented. Just like I’ve anticipated, Jiang Chen was really the turning point of this catastrophe. Look at what he has become. It’s said that the completion of the Heavenly Dao Law would bring out countless immortal light and essence to the land, providing the cultivators of the Immortal World unimaginable benefits.”

Sovereign Taixu burst into laughter. Regardless, the completion of the Heavenly Dao Law was a great news to the Immortal World.

“Old Ancestor Wuke, we are trapped here.”

Old Ancestor Wulan was panic-stricken.

“That’s fine, since we don’t have any plans to run away. Let us kill all these Ninth Grade Great Sovereign and invade the Immortal World.”

Old Ancestor Wuke was holding a black staff and his killing intent was towering.

“That’s right, we are not leaving here.”

Filled with boundless killing intent, Old Ancestor Wulei had a black wheel on his head.


Someone amongst them shouted out loud. The twelve ancestors had become even more vigorous and more brutal than before. They started attacking the Ninth Grade Great Sovereigns madly. Under their mad attacks, the Ninth Grade Great Sovereigns suffered injuries in a very short time.

Crash! Bang! 

The moment when the Heavenly Dao Law was complemented, there was a bright sun appearing in the sky. After the sun appeared, it gave out unlimited brilliance, and each ray it shone out was like essence and silk, lavishing on everywhere in the Immortal World.

All of the black clouds were blown away, even the black airwaves had disappeared. No matter how strong the barbarian qi was, it could not overshadow the light of Heavenly Dao. 

The light of Heavenly Dao fell on every individual of the Immortal World. At this particular moment, everyone was baptised by the light of Heavenly Dao.

“Ah…. I have advanced!”

“Oh my god, I have advanced to the Fifth Grade Great Sovereign realm!” 

“Such a powerful light of Heavenly Dao. I have also advanced!”


Not only in Sovereign Domain, the people from each domain of the Immortal World had been baptised by the light of Heavenly Dao. All of the experts who were under the Eighth Grade Great Sovereign realm had advanced a level higher in their cultivation realm. Some of the talented masters even advanced two or three realms.

This situation had made everyone very excited. This was the radiance of the Heavenly Dao, that’s why human of Immortal World could obtain such benefits.

In this sense, the strength of the Immortal World had improved greatly. The Barbarian World had become even less threatening now.

The only disappointment was that all of the Ninth Grade Great Sovereigns did not obtain the baptism of the light of Heavenly Dao. That’s probably because they had been standing at the top of the heavens and earth. The light of Heavenly Dao was not beneficial to them.

Same thing happened to the Eight Grade Great Sovereigns. They did not advance to the Ninth Grade Great Sovereign realm even after receiving the light of Heavenly Dao.

Each’s potential, talent and fortune was limited, so not everyone could obtain great benefits under the light of Heavenly Dao.


A roaring sound erupted as Big Yellow had gone through a transformation under the baptism of the light of Heavenly Dao. He turned into an incomparably mystical dragon horse. His cultivation realm advanced to the Seventh Grade Great Sovereign realm in a blink of an eye, then advancing madly to Eighth Grade Great Sovereign. 

On the other side, Dragon Shisan had also gone through the same process. His bloodline was stimulated fully. He managed to advance to Eighth Grade Great Sovereign realm.

Jiang Chen transformed into a real dragon. Under the baptism of the light of Heavenly Dao, the Qi Sea in his body was rolling fiercely and the number of dragon marks was increasing. In an instant, the number reached two million and his cultivation realm advanced to Seventh Grade Great Sovereign. 

This situation had uplifted Jiang Chen. Before this, he was worried about how to advance to the Seventh Grade Great Sovereign realm. Unexpectedly, he obtained the baptism of the light of Heavenly Dao. There was no better way of advancing one’s cultivation realm than this. 

Han Yan, a Seven Grade Great Sovereign. Tyrant, a Seven Grade Great Sovereign. Nangong Wentian, a Seven Grade Great Sovereign……

Everyone had obtained great benefits. Jiang Chen, Dragon Shisan and Big Yellow’s combat strength had advanced the most, compared to others.

“Little Chen, those twelve old ancestors had become crazy at the extraterritorial battlefield. Except for the Golden Old Ancestor, the eight major leaders have been injured severely. We have to take action now.”

Dragon Shisan said loudly, his fiery golden eyes sent out radiance.

“Alright, let’s go kill those twelve old ancestors.”

Jiang Chen expressed his imposing manner, then rushed to the extraterritorial battlefield with Dragon Shisan and Big Yellow.

Looking at three of them entering the extraterritorial battlefield, the people of Immortal World heaved a sigh of relief. The three of them were aggressive men and Jiang Chen alone would be able to turn the situation around and change everything. 

Dragon Shisan and Big Yellow, who were now Eighth Grade Demon Sovereigns, were vigorous as well. It would not be a problem for them to kill a Ninth Grade Barbarian Sovereign.

Not to mention Jiang Chen, he had become the greatest enemy of the twelve old ancestors after becoming a Seven Grade Great Sovereign.

As long as the three brothers entered the extraterritorial battlefield, the last day of the twelve old ancestors had arrived.

At the moment, the eight major leaders had suffered injuries. One of Sovereign Ling Tian’s arms had been chopped off, but he was still fighting madly. Golden Ancestor might be the only one who could withstand the attacks as his bloodline was able to restrain the Barbarian Race. However, he had also suffered some kind of injury.

Facing a situation like this, each of the Sovereigns from the Immortal World felt despair. After knowing the completion of the Heavenly Dao Law, the twelve old ancestors of the Barbarian Race went berserk. They must now invade the whole Immortal World, that’s why their actions were extremely brutal. 

However, the extraterritorial battlefield was ripped open by someone. Three silhouettes flew into the battlefield through the opening. 

“It’s Jiang Chen. He has already advanced to the Seventh Grade Great Sovereign.”

Sovereign Tai Xu exclaimed. His desperate eyes suddenly started glowing. 

“Old Ancestor Wuke, I have been doing well these days.”

Jiang Chen was holding the Heavenly Dragon Sword, blocking off Old Ancestor Wuke.

“Damn it! Bastard, it’s a mistake not being able to kill you last time, that’s why my Barbarian Race has suffered such enormous losses right now. But today, I am going to kill you!”

Old Ancestor Wuke saw Jiang Chen, the man he hated with every fiber of his being.

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