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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2104

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1.95 million dragon marks. Sixth Grade Great Sovereign. The word ‘dreadful’ was not enough to describe Jing Chen’s cultivation realm. His brutal combat strength was overwhelming. The entire space of the Heaven Barbaric Mirror rang out with a cracking sound, and it seemed like it was about to collapse anytime.

Wuke Manjun’s countenance fell. After all, his breath was connected with the Heaven Barbaric Mirror. Right now, he was even inside the Heaven Barbaric Mirror. If the mirror was broken, he couldn’t imagine what would happen. That would definitely bring unimaginably great damage and loss to him.

However, since Jiang Chen had already advanced to Sixth Grade Great Sovereign, Wuke Manjun was no longer able to deal with him anymore.

Their gap suddenly became huge. Even though he had the assistance of the mirror, he would still not be able to cause any damage to Jiang Chen.

“Wuke Manjun, today is your final day.”

Jiang Chen went berserk. His Heavenly Dragon Sword was taken out and the terrifying Sword Qi spread out uncontrollably. Then, there was a loud roaring sound, and immediately, the Heaven Barbaric Mirror was imprinted with a huge hole.

Outside of Quicksand City, Yang Julong was really nervous. Suddenly, he saw the Heaven Barbaric Mirror craving in and a dazzling sword light shone out.


Soon, the mirror was shattered and became countless shards. Two silhouettes jumped out from the shards. One was a dazzling dragon man holding a sword in his hand with unparalleled imposing manner. The other guy was Wuke Manjun, he was extremely embarrassed. Blood was everywhere on his body and his breathing was weak. He lost most of the brilliance of an Eighth Grade Great Sovereign.

“Oh my god, how did he make it out?”

Yan Junlong opened his mouth wide. He could not believe what he was seeing with his eyes. He really doubted how Jiang Chen, who was currently only a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign, managed to do it. 

That was Heaven Barbaric Mirror, but unfortunately it was destroyed by Jiang Chen without much resistance.  

The collapse of the Heaven Barbaric Mirror also signified the death of Wuke Manjun. Not to mention the severe injury Wuke Manjun suffered, even if he was still in his optimal condition, he would not be a match for Jiang Chen. The Sixth Grade Great Sovereign Jiang Chen was not someone Wuke Manjun could confront. They were completely not on the same level.


In an instant, Jiang Chen took action and chase up to Wuke Manjun, then he cleaved Wuke Manjun ruthlessly with his Heavenly Dragon Sword.


Following the shrill blood-curdling scream, Wuke Manjun was cleaved into half on the spot, dying tragically under Jiang Chen’s sword.

Hu Hu…..

The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda silted open, devouring Wuke Manjun. The clan chief of Wuke Family completely fell down.

The war of Sovereign Domain has just started. The fall of Wuke Manjun was undeniably an enormous loss to the Barbarian Race. It was even an unimaginably hard hit to the barbarians’ fighting spirit,

“Things are not going well.”

Jiang Chen suddenly frowned after absorbing Wuke Manjun because he realized that the gate of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda had shut down unexpectedly.

“Since we have started the battle with Barbarian World, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda has been devouring energy madly. However, tt shut down itself right now, seemingly not wanting to help me increase my strength in this insane way anymore. I think I have to figure out another method to advance to the Seventh Grade Great Sovereign.” Jiang Chen said to himself. 

He had been using the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda to advance his cultivation realm for quite a long time. However, this method of plundering seemed like going against the original intention and true meaning of the dragon transformation skill. Therefore, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda chose to shut down at this important moment when he was going to advance to the Seventh Grade Great Sovereign realm.    

In the following days, Jiang Chen had to find other fortuitous encounter in order to advance to the Seventh Grade Great Sovereign realm.

With his current cultivation base, it was a piece of cake for Jiang Chen to eliminate an Eighth Grade Barbarian Sovereign. However, it might still be a bit difficult to confront a Ninth Grade Barbarian Sovereign even though he normally could kill an enemy three levels higher than him.

Unfortunately, it was a different case when dealing with a Ninth Grade Great Sovereign. That was a very challenging threshold to cross over. Even Jiang Chen, who was a freak  needed to advance to the Seventh Grade Great Sovereign in order to kill a Ninth Grade Great Sovereign. He was now only a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign right now, and the best he could do was to confront a Ninth Grade Barbarian Sovereign.

“Jiang Chen, you have killed Wuke Manjun. That’s incredible. It seemed like your brilliance is unstoppable now.”

Yang Junlong gave Jiang Chen high compliment.

“Senior, Wuke Manjun has already died. Now, I have to go to kill the other clan chiefs of the Barbarian Race. Once those chiefs are killed, their twelve old Ancestors will take action. Not long after, the ultimate battle will kick start.” Jiang Chen said.

“Alright, you go and kill them now, and leave the things here aside.” Yan Junlong answered in a lofty tone.

While Jiang Chen was killing Wuke Manjun, Dragon Shisan also managed to kill an Eighth Grade Barbarian Sovereign in a violent manner.

Dragon Shisan’s Battle Saint Ape bloodline had become more and more terrifying. Although it was still a bit difficult for him to kill someone like Wuke Manjun with his present strength, it would not be a problem for him to kill a normal Eighth Grade Barbarian Sovereign.

Since Dragon Shisan, Big Yellow and Tyrant had participated in the battle, they had prevented Sovereign Domain from falling into a disadvantageous position.

The news about Wuke Manjun’s death under Jiang Chen spread through the Sovereign Domain very quickly. To the people of the Immortal World, it was undeniably a very exciting news. However, it was a huge strike to the Barbarian Race’s fighting spirit.

The barbarian’s fighting spirit had been under attack ever since the catastrophe started, and this was because of Jiang Chen. Countless barbarians already hated Jiang Chen to the core.

In the coming days of battles, nightmare was spreading out amongst the Barbarian Race because Jiang Chen would appear at different battle field. Moreover, he would come to the battlefield to target each of the clan chief of the Barbarian Race.


The chief of Wuhong Family was killed by Jiang Chen.

In just a day, the twelve clan chiefs were killed by Jiang Chen. The Barbarian Race was in complete chaos.

This blow was indeed too heavy to the Barbarian Race. The twelve clan chiefs were all well-known people in the Barbarian Race, but now all of them had fallen. They had been all peerless existences just below the Ninth Grade Great Sovereigns. However, they were not killed by a Ninth Grade Great Sovereign, instead, they died under the Sixth Grade Great Sovereign’s hand.

This ignited the Barbarian Race, who had hibernated for hundreds of thousands of years, have the impulse to spurt out blood together.

The collapse of the Barbarian Race was inescapable. However, there was a great pressure filling the air of Sovereign Domain. Everyone had a feeling that the twelve old ancestors of the Barbarian Race would take action very soon after the twelve clan chiefs were killed.

Ho long…

There was a crack in the sky and twelve silhouettes appeared.

At this moment, there were also nine formidable figures who came out of Sovereign Domain. The eight major rulers and the Golden Old Ancestor were there. In total there were nine Ninth Grade Great Sovereigns.

As soon as they all appeared, they did not say anything but immediately delimited a battle field outside of the domain.

This was a battle between the pioneers, and also the ultimate battle of the catastrophe. This battle would directly determine the destiny of the Immortal and Barbarian World.

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