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    Magic Gems Gourmet (WN)

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    It was a completely different world inside the Heavenly Barbaric Mirror. It was like hell, where it was extremely dark, and terrifying evil spirits roam the ground, roaring, screaming, violently attacking Jiang Chen. 

    “Jiang Chen, today shall be the day you die. All the evil spirits here are undying and I’ve already given them the command to attack you. Plus, the time here moves ten times slower compared to the outside world, 10 hours here only means an hour has passed on the outside. The strongest spirits here is as strong as an Eighth Grade Barbarian Sovereign. Enjoy your time here. It’ll be your death when you finally couldn’t take it anymore.”

    Wuke Manjun’s voice echoed through the world of the Heavenly Barbaric Mirror. Then, the terrifying evil spirit army started attacking Jiang Chen ferociously. 

    Jiang Chen held the Heavenly Dragon Sword in his left hand and the Golden Feather Fan in his right. He then started sweeping through the battlefield, only moving forward, those Seventh and Eighth Grade Barbarian Sovereign realm evil spirits couldn’t even withstand a single attack from him. His weapons and flames were the bane of these evil spirits. Wuke Manjun was terribly wrong to think that these spirits could hold Jiang Chen down. 


    Thousands and thousands of evil spirits perished under Jiang Chen’s hand. Yet, these spirits would reappear once again in a short amount of time, causing tremendous frustration to Jiang Chen. It was as Wuke Manjun had said, even if he continued killing off these evil spirits for a hundred years, these evil spirits would still come back to haunt him, and his stamina would dwindle over time. Even if his strength was boundless, such consumption was still too much to handle. 

    “Hmph! There must be a trick for these evil spirits to keep on respawning. I couldn’t feel the slightest energy coming from these spirits after they’re killed, not even the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda could absorb them. I need to find out what is the trick that makes these spirits undying. As long as I destroy that source, these spirits will not be able to resurrect anymore. I could even reach the Sixth Grade Great Sovereign realm if I could absorb all of these evil spirits, and the 72nd floor of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda will also be completed. Wuke Manjun, you’re giving me a fortune.” Jiang Chen harrumphed and his expression changed into excitement. 

    The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda could absorb anything. Even though these evil spirits only contained a meagre amount of energy, their number was enough to cover the quality of the energy. A hundred thousand evil spirits, there are even those who were comparable to Seventh and Eighth GradeBarbarian Sovereigns. If these spirits were to be absorbed and refined… Jiang Chen was sure that he could break through to the Sixth Grade Great Sovereign realm just from the energy he received. He could easily kill Wuke Manjun with a snap of a finger the moment he reached the Sixth Grade Great Sovereign realm. 

    Immediately after, Jiang Chen’s attention started to shift away on killing off these evil spirits. Because he knew that it was pointless for him to continue killing them as he could not stop them from resurrecting. 

    Jiang Chen unleashed the Great Void Technique and continuously evaded the attacks of the evil spirits. He then unleashed the Great Soul Derivation Technique and the Great Divination Art, and found out where the source almost effortlessly. 

    At the centre of the world of the Great Barbaric Mirror, an invisible and ethereal altar was detected. It was invisible to the naked eye, but it couldn’t mask its existence away from the Great Divination Art. 

    Jiang Chen tried to kill off several evil spirits and found out that those spirits respawned from where that invisible altar was. 

    “So, it’s here. I’ll destroy your altar and see how do you guys resurrect later.”

    Jiang Chen’s figure moved and appeared in front of the altar. He then struck it with the Heavenly Dragon Sword. A loud bang was heard and the altar instantly crumbled. 


    Wuke Manjun exclaimed in shock. Obviously, he didn’t expect Jiang Chen to find out where the altar was under the onslaught of those evil spirits, and for it to be THIS fast. 

    Now that the altar has been destroyed, the evil spirits have lost the source of energy to be resurrected and became a single entity. 

    “Haha, Wuke Manjun, thanks for granting me this fortune.” Jiang Chen laughed.

    He then swept through those spirits with the Golden Feather Fan, slaying countless evil spirits. This time, the energy that came out from those slain spirits were absorbed into the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda before they were dispersed. 


    Jiang Chen was extremely ferocious. The Golden Feather Fan and Heavenly Dragon Sword was the bane of these evil spirits. Twenty thousand spirits were killed off by Jiang Chen in just mere minutes. 

    “Fucker. How did this kid find out my altar?!”

    Wuke Manjun’s eyes were almost bleeding, his expression changed into worry because of the fact that Jiang Chen had the capabilities to kill these evil spirits and convert them into energy, allowing him to grow stronger. 

    Wuke Manjun could feel Jiang Chen growing stronger by the minute, and was closing onto the Sixth Grade Great Sovereign realm. He knew that if Jiang Chen manages to reach the Sixth Grade Great Sovereign, what awaited him was only death. 

    Jiang Chen had zero interest in how shocked Wuke Manjun was, he focused only on his slaughter. Now, Jiang Chen wouldn’t even leave even if Wuke Manjun wanted him to. 

    This is a great fortune! 


    The Golden Feather Fan was like a slaughter machine, exterminating evil spirits unceasingly. 

    In only a short while, more than half of the evil spirit army has been exterminated. At this moment, Wuke Manjun finally couldn’t take it and tried to throw Jiang Chen out of the mirror, but to no avail. 

    “Jiang Chen, prepare to die!” Wuke Manjun shouted. 

    His gigantic body appeared in the Heavenly Barbaric Mirror with a black combat sword in his hand, rushing towards Jiang Chen while unleashing his Eighth Grade Barbarian Sovereign aura. 

    Yet Jiang Chen paid zero attention to him, evading him with the Great Void Technique. The Golden Feather Fan and the Heavenly Dragon Sword in his hands did not some of his harvest on those evil spirits. 

    This further infuriated Wuke Manjun. These evil spirits were his life’s work. Losing them one by one was like cutting off his flesh piece by piece. But he couldn’t do anything to stop it, he has lost the control on those evil spirits after the altar was destroyed. In fact, it was already miraculous that these evil spirits did not attack him. 


    The evil spirits roared and rushed straight towards Jiang Chen, trying to kill him. Unfortunately for them, they were the ones who got killed without resistance. 

    In mere minutes, every spirit was ‘harvested’  by Jiang Chen. At this moment, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda unceasingly rumbled. The 72nd floor was completed and the dragon marks on Jiang Chen’s body has already reached 1.95 million. He was ready to breakthrough to the Sixth Grade Great Sovereign realm. 


    A mad dragon roared. Jiang Chen changed into his draconic body and his energy became wild. The strength of a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign could be described as Heaven-splitting and Earth-shattering. Whereas, Wuke Manjun’s eyes were starting to be filled with fear. 

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