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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2102

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It was punch from a peak Eighth Grade Barbarian Sovereign expert. The energy it contained was enough to destroy a piece of the sky, and tidal waves were formed from his endless barbarian Qi, almost locking down the whole battlefield on this outskirt of the Sovereign Domain. Jiang Chen was locked onto by the technique, he didn’t have any chance to evade and must take it head-on. 

Of course, Jiang Chen had no plans to evade it. He could just use the Great Void Technique if he really wanted to avoid the attack from Wuke Manjun, easily. 

However, it was pointless to evade in a battle of life and death such as this. Jiang Chen had no plans of running away and Wuke Manjun was not someone who could force him to runaway. 

Jiang Chen’s current power was more than enough to kill Wuke Manjun without any problem if he were to use everything he has. 

Jiang Chen performed a hand-seal with both hands, then a dragon roar that shook the earth could be heard. A fire dragon appeared as if it was a mad dragon descending upon the land. Flying through the sky with its giant body, causing a sea of flame wherever it travels, it crashed into Wuke Manjun’s punch.


The heaven and earth shook, terrifying Qi waves were caused by the clash. Wuke Manjun’s giant fist that could easily destroy a piece of the sky was decimated by the fire dragon’s attack. 

“Shit! This fellow is getting stronger and stronger, making me slightly pressured while fighting him. Most importantly, the flame and Qi he emits could suppress me greatly. I can only unleash half of my original strength. Truly vexing!” Wuke Manjun couldn’t help but curse. 

This wasn’t his first time fighting Jiang Chen. But each time, Jiang Chen always surprised him, Jiang Chen had become stronger after each time. Such heaven-defying speed of growth… 

Therefore, Wuke Manjun understood Jiang Chen’s real potential and he must never be left alive. If not… he’ll continue to grow until he becomes a threat that not even the twelve Great Ancestors could control. 

Yang Junlong was shocked beyond belief but felt relieved at the same time, seeing as Jiang Chen could fight against Wuke Manjun and was even able to slightly gain the upper hand too. As Wuke Manjun was the patriarch of the Wuke Family, one of the strongest Eighth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns of the Barbarian Race. 

There’s bound to be a person *who smiles and stands tall in this Heaven and Earth* in each era. There are some people who would leave their name in the books of history in each era. Whether it was the Immortal Execution King from the Ancient Era, Golden Sovereign, Great Sovereign Zang Xian or even Void Sovereign. These people are famous and legendary, their names will still be known for millions of years to come. 

Whereas Jiang Chen was fated to be such a person, unparalleled, surpassing even those of the legends. 

Because not even the powerful Immortal Execution King could fight against an Eighth Grade Barbarian Sovereign when he was just at the Fifth Grade Great Sovereign realm. The difference between these two wasn’t just a point or two. 

“Heavenly Barbaric Mirror!”

Wuke Manjun dared not to look down on Jiang Chen anymore. He then roared and a giant mirror appeared on top of his head. It was a black mirror, its design was extremely hideous where it was covered with pictures of devils and ghosts. 

The terrifying mirror sent out a boundless pressure that could cause people’s souls to tremble. 

“Jiang Chen, be careful. That’s the Heavenly Barbaric Mirror, do not let it suck you in. It’ll be hard for you to come out if you got sucked in.” Yang Junlong quickly advised Jiang Chen after seeing the Heavenly Barbaric Mirror.  

Jiang Chen looked at the mirror without a shred of fear; instead, he unleashed a terrifying combat intent. He knew that Wuke Manjun would show his trump card and that Heavenly Barbaric Mirror was without a doubt be extremely powerful. 

“Jiang Chen, it’ll be your fortune to die under my Heavenly Barbaric Mirror and  become my 100,000th ghost.” Wuke Manjun spoke loudly and with extraordinary prestige. 

After that, the mirror suddenly enlarged itself, engulfing the whole battlefield. Jiang Chen was incomparably small in front of the mirror, hence, he was caught in it too. 

*Weng…. Weng….*

Countless black rays of light shot out from the mirror. Each ray of light was like a sharp blade. The Heavenly Barbaric Mirror was like the Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram of Wuke Tianxiang, sealing off everything. The area covered by the mirror was completely cordoned off, it was like a different world. In this world, the Heavenly Barbaric Mirror was the supreme ruler. 

Wuke Manjun injected every ounce of his energy into the mirror. The Heavenly Barbaric Mirror unleashed an extremely powerful suction force, trying to suck Jiang Chen into the mirror. 

*Roar… Roar… Arwoo… Arwoooo…*

Creepy roars could be heard from within the mirror. Hideous and terrifying beings with weapons in their hands poured out from within the mirror, rushing straight towards Jiang Chen without a shred of fear. 

“Jiang Chen, rumour has it that Wuke Manjun has cultivated an evil secret technique. By using the Heavenly Barbaric Mirror, he could absorb a person’s soul and sacrifice it, changing it into one of his slaughter ghosts. If I’m correct, he had already collected 99,999 souls into his mirror. He aims to have you become his 100,000th. As your soul is extremely strong, he plans to refine your soul and change it into his key soul. Once the 100,000 souls is completed, there’s a high possibility that he’ll break through the Ninth Grade Barbarian Sovereign realm.” Yang Junlong said. 

“Really? Then, I’ll just destroy these ghosts.” 

The Gold Feather Fan appeared in Jiang Chen’s hand, and he then swept it towards the densely packed ghost that was rushing towards him. 

A loud crash was heard and at least 1000 ghosts died. Yet, more ghosts poured out from the mirror. 

The strength of those ghosts was insignificant for Jiang Chen. But such a scene could easily distract a person. With the boundless evil spirits, it’ll certainly affect the person mentally. 

“Haha, Jiang Chen, it’s futile. These evil spirits are unkillable after I refined them. They’ll resurrect in the Heavenly Barbaric Mirror after you destroy them. Feel free to kill my hundred thousand evil spirits, you’ll surely become tired sooner or later.” Wuke Manjun laughed. 

“Then, I’ll just destroy your Heavenly Barbaric Mirror. ” 

Jiang Chen’s aura spiked as he transformed into a True Dragon. He then rushed towards the Heavenly Barbaric Mirror, slipping into the mirror in the blink of an eye. 


Both Yang Junlong and Wuke Manjun exclaimed. One of them was feeling worried while the other was feeling excited. 

“Aiya! How can you be so reckless?”

Yang Junlong slapped his thigh anxiously, thinking that Jiang Chen was too reckless. Jiang Chen was surely oblivious about how terrifying the mirror was. Everyone was scared to be sucked into the mirror when they have fallen into the mirror’s range. Yet, Jiang Chen willingly rushed into the mirror, instead.

“Haha, Jiang Chen, you are truly arrogant. To think you dared to go into my Heavenly Barbaric Mirror willingly, you’re truly seeking your own death. Then, this one shall fulfil your wish to die!”

Wuke Manjun laughed continuously, it was truly an unexpected surprise. At first, he was worried whether he could trap Jiang Chen into the mirror, and had never thought that Jiang Chen would go into the mirror willingly. 

*A play in words by the Author that originates from The Smiling, Proud Wanderer*

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