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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2101

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“Quickly. Ask Wuke Manjun to come here.” The Wulei Family leader said hastily. 

“Alright. I’ll send a signal to him now. Wuke Manjun said that he’ll personally kill Jiang Chen to avenge Wuke Tianxiang.”

The other Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign quickly took out a black talisman and crushed it, sending out the message that Jiang Chen was here. 

Moreover, the Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign understood the urgency of the matter. If Wuke Manjun does not come here fast, their very lives would be in great danger. Jiang Chen was a true God of Death for them. They’ll surely die a quick death if he unleashed all his strength.

Wuke Tianxiang was the number one prodigy of the Barbarian Race, he was also the son of Wuke Manjun. All this while, he was the pride of Wuke Manjun, but unfortunately, he had fallen in the hands of Jiang Chen. 

It was a hatred that couldn’t be resolved. Wuke Manjun swore that he’d kill Jiang Chen with his own hands, to avenge his son. As a matter of fact, before attacking Sovereign Domain, Wuke Manjun had announced his conviction and given out many signalling spiritual talismans. Any sighting on Jiang Chen must be immediately reported to him via the spiritual talisman. 

Now that Jiang Chen has appeared on Quicksand City, the leader quickly informed Wuke Manjun at a moment’s notice. 

“Jiang Chen, Patriarch Wuke will be here shortly. You’ve caused a tremendous loss for our race. Today shall be the day of your death.” The Wulei Family leader shouted.

“I’m not sure whether today will be my death, but I’m certain that today, you guys are going to die here.” 

Without talking any further, Jiang Chen’s combat sword changed into a true dragon; he then lunged towards his enemies. 

It was an unparalleled slash, an extremely fast attack, leaving the opponent no chance to evade. Their Qi was locked on the moment the sword was out of its scabbard. 


The Wulei Family leader let out a blood-curdling scream and was instantly cut in half. With Jiang Chen’s Fifth Grade Great Sovereign cultivation realm and the suppressing effect he had towards barbarian while in his Dragon Transformation form, instantly slaying a Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign was as easy as cutting a pie. 


The other two Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereigns were extremely shocked, their faces were full of fear while looking at Jiang Chen as if they had seen a ghost. This person was too terrifying. One thing was certain, the current Jiang Chen had become stronger compared to time he fought against Wuke Tianxiang. Even them being Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereigns, they weren’t a match against him.  

“Motherfucker. How can this monster be so terrifyingly powerful?!” A Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign couldn’t help but curse. 

Both of them were scared shitless. They originally thought that Wuke Manjun would be here shortly and Jiang Chen was sure to die, but they never imagined that Jiang Chen would act so decisively. If things were to develop further, both of them would certainly die before Wuke Manjun could reach here. 


Jiang Chen wasn’t thinking of giving the opponent a chance. The longsword vibrated once again after one was slain. Then, a giant sword web was unleashed and trapped the other two Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereigns inside it, not giving them a chance to run away. 

*Argh! Argh!*

Both of them died there and then after letting out a blood-curdling scream. The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda then opened up a crack and absorbed the three Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereigns. 


The 71st floor of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda started shaking and dragon marks started to form. 

But at this moment, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda had started to become immune in absorbing a crazy amount of energy, the further expansion of the pagoda and its healing effect for Jiang Chen had become extremely slow. 

Jiang Chen shook his head helplessly: “The demand for energy has become bigger and bigger. Looks like the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda needs to absorb several Eighth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns for me to reach the Sixth Grade Great Sovereign realm.” 


The tragic deaths of the three Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereigns had given the people of Quicksand City a giant boost in morale, causing the whole battle to instantly change.

Yang Junlong came to Jiang Chen’s side and his gaze toward Jiang Chen was filled with pride and appreciation. His judgement in the past was truly accurate, he did not misread the person in front of him. 

Other than appreciation, Yang Junlong also felt a surge of emotion. He still remembered the day he first met Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen was just an Immortal Venerable, but now he has already become a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign in just a short amount of time, and could stand his ground in this catastrophe. 

Yang Junlong also felt rejoiced, rejoice that he and Jiang Chen had a deep friendship. This friendship has saved his life and saved Quicksand City. 

“Jiang Chen, I had never imagined that you would grow so fast, this is truly shocking. I’ve known about the feats you have done in the Immortal World. It is all thanks to you that the Immortal World was able to gain a total victory against the barbarians, and delivered a tremendous blow towards the Barbarian Race.” Yang Junlong said. 

“Senior is exaggerating. Fighting against the Barbarian Race is what I should do.” Jiang Chen smiled. 

“But we must not be negligent. Now that the battle of the Sovereign Domain has started, the horns of the ultimate battle have been blown. The Barbarian Race is not an easy foe. you managed to kill Wuke Tianxiang, Wuke Manjun would certainly not let you off. Wuke Manjun would surely come in a short while.” Yang Junlong said.

“It’ll be great if he comes. Killing Wuke Manjun would deal an unimaginable blow towards the Wuke Family.” Jiang Chen said with extreme confidence, completely looking down on Wuke Manjun. 

As a matter of fact, the Jiang Chen right now was much stronger than before. He now has enough strength to fight against Wuke Manjun and eliminate him. 

Wuke Manjun was extremely important for the Wuke Family. If Jiang Chen could kill off Wuke Manjun from the get go, he’ll deal a much greater damage to the Wuke Family compared to when he killed off Wuke Tianxiang. 


After he finished speaking, a black-light came rushing in with a blast of Qi wave, instantly reaching the skies of Quicksand City. The invader was none other than, Wuke Manjun. 

After Wuke Manjun appeared, he saw the defeat suffered from his side and the three Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereigns from his side has disappeared. Without a guess, the three of them had already fallen in the hands of Jiang Chen. 


A powerful surge of anger like a tsunami poured out from Wuke Manjun’s body, causing the sky to quake. Wuke Manjun’s venomous gaze fell onto Jiang Chen. If a gaze could kill someone, then Jiang Chen would’ve died there and then. 

“Jiang Chen, it was my greatest fault for letting you escape back then. You’ve killed my son. Today, I shall avenge him, shredding your corpse into thousands of pieces.” Wuke Manjun looked at Jiang Chen and said fiercely. 

“Haha, Wuke Manjun. Since you love your son so much, why not join him down there.” Jiang Chen loudly laughed, completely ignoring Wuke Manjun’s anger. 

“Seeking your own death!” 

Wuke Manjun’s killing intent was off the charts, he did not want to waste his time anymore. He then swiftly attacked, and a terrifying punch was struck towards Jiang Chen. 

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