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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2099

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In this battle, Wuke Tianxiang and two Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereigns died tragically, and countless barbarian foot soldiers were massacred. Their losses were astronomical. The remaining barbarians could only run back to the Barbarian World through the portal in the void. 

The people of the Immortal World were cheering. This was an unimaginably huge victory for the Immortal World. Such a victory had given them a great boost of morale. 

The lands of the Immortal World was peaceful for the next few days. No further attacks were launched by the Barbarian World after suffering a tremendous loss. 

However, they knew that the catastrophe was far from over. The barbarians could launch a much fiercer attack at any time. The next attack could possibly become the decisive battle and the next battlefield may shift towards the Sovereign Domain. 

Fengchi Immortal Court!

Everyone has gathered together. Jiang Chen, Dragon Shisan, Big Yellow, Han Yan, Tyrant, Ancestor Greenlotus, Heavenly Peng, Jin Yuancun, and the Sovereign Lords of the nine great Immortal Courts. Countless high ranking officials had gathered together, and all of their gazes fell upon Jiang Chen. 

Even though Jiang Chen was just a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign, he had already become the whole Immortal Court’s commander, the pillar of the Immortal World. Even the great Sovereign Lords have to listen to his command. 

Everyone knew that if Jiang Chen wasn’t here, the Immortal World may have truly fallen in this catastrophe. It was unclear how many of them were worthy to speak here, the nine great Sovereign Lords too, were saved by Jiang Chen and his party, 

Jiang Chen was once the number one wanted enemy of three Immortal Courts, but their enmities were completely gone. All grudges have become meaningless in such a critical moment. It was vital for them to stay united, to protect the Immortal World. 

“Jiang Chen, the Barbarian World has not launched any attacks for the past few days. What should we do next?”  Radiance Sovereign Lord said. 

“The Barbarian World would surely launch another attack. I’ve used the Great Divination Art and divined that they might launch their next attack on Sovereign Domain. The Immortal World is temporarily out of danger.” Jiang Chen said. 

“Oh? Wouldn’t that mean that skirmishes wouldn’t happen in the Immortal World anymore?” Ethereal Sovereign Lord said. 

“No. The Sovereign Domain is part of the Immortal World. When the battle on Sovereign Domain starts, it’ll mean that the war against the whole Immortal World has started. The portal between the two worlds will be completely opened, the barbarians have the advantage in numbers when the final battle starts in Sovereign Domain, they may still attack the Immortal World. Furthermore, Sovereign Domain is still weak if we’re to compare them with the high ranking experts of the Barbarian World. Once Sovereign Domain fell, the Immortal World will still face the devastating end of destruction.” Jiang Chen said. 

Everyone frowned after hearing this. They knew that Jiang Chen was stating the truth. The Immortal World and the Sovereign Domain was of a single entity. There’s no difference between having the catastrophe descending on the Sovereign Domain or the Immortal World since the final goal of the Barbarian World was to take over the Immortal World. 

Hence, if Sovereign Domain really fell, the Immortal World would certainly be doomed. There was no doubt about it. 

“Brother, then, what should we do now?” Heavenly Peng asked. 

“I’m prepared to move to Sovereign Domain and I’ll surely join the final battle against the Barbarian World. Fellow experts of the Immortal World, I think we should move towards Sovereign Doman together. Once the final battle starts, we could at least to contribute to the cause. At that time, Sovereign Taixu will personally open up the portal towards Sovereign Domain. We could monitor the situation here from there, if the Immortal World is in peril, all of you can come here in a moments notice.” Jiang Chen said. 

“Alright. Towards the Sovereign Domain and kill those barbarians it is.”

Dragon Shisan was the first to agree. Big Yellow and Han Yan were the same, they were wearing an expression of excitement. These fellows were fearless, battle junkies. Since the final battle was about to start, it’ll be excruciatingly harsh for them if they couldn’t participate in it. 

“I’ll go too. I must contribute towards the battle against the Barbarian World.” Heavenly Peng said. 

“How could I not be part of this.” Mi Luo Sovereign Lord also said. 

After that, the other experts were also unwilling to show weakness and stated their willingness to join Jiang Chen towards the ultimate battle in Sovereign Domain. Each and every one of them was wearing an expression of excitement and resoluteness. 

None of them were sure if they themselves could walk out with their lives still intact. However, none of them chose to cower at such a moment, the people present here were powerful Great Sovereigns, none of them were gutless. For these people, even if they were to die there and then, their death would still be meaningful. 

“Great! Then please go back and make preparations. We’ll depart tomorrow. Towards the Sovereign Domain. ” Jiang Chen said. 

The people then left one after another, going back to their respective Immortal Courts to make their preparation towards the Sovereign Domain. 

On the next morning, Jiang Chen led all the high ranking experts of the Immortal Courts and disappeared into the portal towards the Sovereign Domain, The ultimate final battle would surely begin soon. 

It was all quiet in Sovereign Domain until now, but the people on the Sovereign Domain were well informed on the situation of the Immortal World. Even the battle between Jiang Chen and Wuke Tianxiang was broadcasted through the Great Thousand Mirror. 

The people of the Sovereign Domain now knew about Jiang Chen. Even those Ninth Grade Great Sovereigns like Sovereign Taixu were full of praise for him, citing him as an unprecedented prodigy in thousands of years. 

Sovereign Taixu even said that the fate of the Immortal World could probably lie in the hands of Jiang Chen, a terrifying one that could change the whole situation around. 


An intense thundering sound suddenly erupted in the skies of the quiet Sovereign Domain. Immediately after, the whole sky turned dark, and an army of barbarians has descended upon them, countless incomparably powerful barbarian Qi could be felt, putting pressure upon the Sovereign Domain. 

“The barbarian army has finally come. Everyone, prepare for battle.”

“The ultimate battle has finally come. The purpose of Sovereign Domain has finally come into use.”

“It finally came. I’ve made all the necessary preparations to slaughter these barbarians.”


A great battle has descended upon them, the Sovereign Domain has been roused, each and every great city was on maximum alert. 

The division of power in the Sovereign Domain was different from the Immortal World. There were dozens of great cities in the domain, those cities that were closest to the centre are much more powerful than those farther, this too applied to the city lords. Most of the city lords were Eighth Grade Great Sovereigns. 

The great battle had now started, and they were well prepared for it. As for people like Sovereign Taixu, they would not take any action in the meantime, they are keeping the twelve Great Ancestors of the Barbarian World in check, and the same goes for the great barbarians, mutually keeping each other in check. 

In other words, Ninth Grade Great Sovereigns like Sovereign Taixu would not join the battle of the great cities. Their goals were the opponent’s Ninth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns, the battle below will be settled by those below themselves.

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