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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2097

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Unceasing thunder could be heard above the sky, devastating airwaves could be seen everywhere, the brilliance of the Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram has formed a world of its own. Those that were trapped within would suffer the unceasing powerful attacks from the chakram, and would also be affected by the environment, risking losing oneself from within, further dwindling one’s battle prowess. 

“Jiang Chen, let me see how your death is going to be now that you’ve fallen into my Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram!”

Wuke Tianxiang’s voice echoed within the world created by the divine chakram. The voice came from every corner of the world, making Jiang Chen unable to pinpoint its source. 

In such a situation, Wuke Tianxiang could easily launch a sneak attack. 

Jiang Chen stood within the Divine Chakram World, with the Heavenly Dragon Sword and Gold Feather Fan in his hands. His confidence was off the roof and unwavering, his dragon eyes shone brightly and his powerful spiritual strength poured out from his body, as if he wasn’t affected by the Divine Chakram World. 

Originally, Jiang Chen wanted to unleash the Great Illusion Realm to counter the Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram, but he eventually gave up the idea. 

Because the world created by the divine chakram was real, it wasn’t an illusion. Furthermore, Wuke Tianxiang could freely launch an attack on him, even if he unleashed the Great Illusion Realm, and it would not help him in breaking through the Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram. 

Jiang Chen did not want to do wasteful things. He decided to use brute strength to destroy the Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram, demonstrating his prowess in the process. 


Wuke Tianxiang unleashed his attack. By relying on the Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram, a jet-black ray of light that was like a sharp blade could be seen piercing towards Jiang Chen, closing onto Jiang Chen’s skull in an instant. 


Jiang Chen’s arm moved, the Heavenly Dragon Sword was unleashed and pierced through that black ray, completely disintegrating it.  


Right after, countless black rays pierced out from the Divine Chakram, each of those rays was filled with devastating energy, destroying everything in sight that was trapped within the Divine Chakram World. 

Jiang Chen was fearless, he stood tall like an unparalleled war god, unleashing the full strength of the Golden Feather Fan. Countless rays of golden light were unleashed from the fan, illuminating the dark Divine Chakram World in an instant. Countless seraphic brave Golden Crows could be seen flying through the sky. 

Each of those Golden Crows was created from the essence of the Golden Feather Fan, causing great damage towards those black rays of light created by the Divine Chakram World. 

Since the start of the first catastrophe, the Golden Feather Fan was the greatest bane of the Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram. Now that the Golden Feather Fan was in Jiang Chen’s hand, he was the least bit fearful towards the Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram. 


The Golden Crows encircled the heavens as the True Dragon roared the earth. The whole Divine Chakram World suddenly became unstable, large cracks could be seen throughout this world, as if on the verge of breaking at any moment. 

“Jiang Chen, my Divine Chakram could endlessly launch various kinds of powerful attacks. The omen of death has already fallen upon you the moment you’re trapped here. So what if you possess the Golden Feather Fan?! Let’s see how powerful that fan of yours is?!”

Wuke Tianxiang was extremely arrogant. He was extremely confident towards his Divine Chakram. From his point of view, even if Jiang Chen was able to use the Golden Feather Fan, the energy needed to use it would build up over time in a prolonged battle. Whereas he could constantly unleash series of powerful attacks by relying on the Divine Chakram.  

Wuke Tianxiang believed that once Jiang Chen displayed weakness, he’ll be able to pinpoint Jiang Chen’s flaw and eliminate him. 

“Come! I’ll show you how I’ll destroy your Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram with brute force alone!”

Jiang Chen shouted. He unleashed a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering dragon roar, and then completely change into a full-blown dragon under the countless shocked gazes. 

A blood-coloured sky dragon, with the height of a dozen zhang, appeared, unleashing a divine prestige like a true ancestral dragon. 

“Unification of the Heavenly Sword! Unification of the Heavenly Dao! Unification of Law!”

Jiang Chen’s thundering voice shouted the three unifications. His giant dragon body completely changed into a sharp sword and the Heavenly Dragon Sword changed into a dragon. 

At this moment, the sword and the dragon had become one.

Immediately, a shining bright law appeared above Jiang Chen, a single law, like it was the Heavens and Earth. It was a supreme existence, it was the personification of the Great Dao. 

Under the effect of the Great Dao Law, the Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram began to tremble greatly. All shall tremble in fear under the Great Dao!

Dragon Sword, Law, Heavenly Dao and in addition to the giant Golden Feather Fan.

At this moment, thousands of true dragon shadows encircled Jiang Chen’s figure, those true dragons were created by the dragon marks in his body. 

The scene was extremely magnificent; the world of the Divine Chakram was unable to withstand Jiang Chen’s brilliance. 

At this moment, Jiang Chen had unleashed all of his energy—the Law of the Great Dao, the Heavenly Dragon Sword and the Gold Feather Fan. He had completely merged all of these things together. He had become a big ball of energy, the shockwaves he created was enough to destroy everything in sight. 

“My God! What kind of attack is that? It’s extremely overbearing!!”

“It’s Jiang Chen’s trump card. He has used everything in his arsenal. The Divine Chakram World couldn’t confine him anymore.”

“That’s an energy that could destroy everything in existence. Nothing could withstand such energy. Wuke Tianxiang is as good as dead if Jiang Chen destroyed the Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram.”


The people of the Immortal World was once again boiling in excitement. The scene of thousands of dragons dancing through the sky was too shocking, a spectacular scene, extremely unrealistic. 

No one would believe such a scene if they didn’t witness it themselves. 

“Shit. How did he gather such a massive energy? Plus, his energy is of the purest Yang energy. With the Gold Feather Fan strengthening him, my Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram may not be able to take it.” Wuke Tianxiang’s expression drastically changed. 

He had never imagined that Jiang Chen would possess such a powerful trump card. The Divine Chakram world was trembling heavily, with a possibility to collapse at any moment. 

At such a critical moment, Wuke Tianxiang did not dare to dawdle. He unleashed the maximum power of the Ancient Barbarian Combat Physique and injected an infinite amount of energy into the Divine Sun Extinguishing Chakram.   

Wuke Tianxiang could see that this was Jiang Chen’s ultimate attack. This attack could possibly break his Divine Chakram World. He would surely receive a grave backlash if the Divine Chakram World was broken. At that moment, he would lose completely. 

At the same time, as long as he managed to get through this and the Divine Chakram managed to withstand Jiang Chen’s ultimate strike, it would be Jiang Chen’s end. 

Therefore, the most crucial moment has finally come. No matter if it was Wuke Tianxiang or Jiang Chen. They were both going all out, holding nothing back. 


The Divine Chakram rotated fiercely, making the Divine Chakram World become much more indestructible. 


Jiang Chen crazily shouted. His draconic body danced through the sky, the Golden Feather Fan bore extremely powerful energy in addition to his draconic body, the Heavenly Dragon Sword and the law he possesses. Violently clashing with the Divine Chakram. 

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