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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2093

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Sharp blood-curdling scream came out from the elder, like a ghost screaming. He was like experiencing the cruelest torture ever in the world. The heartbreaking scream sent chills down people’s spine. 

Big Yellow’s Universe Invincible Fart was really terrifying. Not only was it unbearably smelly, it also came with unparalleled lethality.

Take what had happened as example. A while ago, the elder lost one of his arms and his battle strength deteriorated. Then later, he fumed and fainted after suffering from Big Yellow’s Universe Invincible Fart. Eventually, his body was torn up by the terrifying strength of the fart. 

Numerous people were dumbstruck as the elder was killed by a fart. The Immortal Court was flooded with silence. Everyone was dumbfounded, not knowing whether they should laugh or cry.

This might be the most embarrassing death for a Seven Grade Barbarian Sovereign. The elder probably was turning his grave because of the way he died. 

It’s too tragic being killed by a fart. Perhaps there was no any other way of dying more embarrassing than this.


Big Yellow laughed. He shook his body and reverted into his original look. Looking at his yellow fur, it was difficult to imagine him being the valorous dragon horse.

Nangong Wentian gave a thumbs up to Big Yellow.

“Salute. You have my admiration.”

Nangong Wentian said this from the bottom of his heart. Perhaps Big Yellow was the only one in the Immortal World who could kill a Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign with a fart. 

Countless gazes of admiration fell on Big Yellow. 

Big Yellow was feeling smug, and he enjoyed the feeling of being the center of attention in public.

Since the Barbarian World had started the war, they had been suffering great losses. Particularly, it had lost eight Sixth Grade Barbarian sovereigns at Fengchi Immortal Court. Now, a Seventh Grade collapsed here. Even though such a loss could not cause much damage or trouble to the powerful Barbarian Race, it had successfully affected their fighting spirit. 

In the meantime, the Barbarian Race had to rebuild their fighting spirit before launching the second military attack. If they attacked again with their low fighting spirit, they would not gain any benefits from that.

In the evening, Jiang Chen, Han Yan, Dragon Shisan, and Tyrant all were back and had gathered at the Fengchi Immortal Court. Peace was temporarily restored in the Immortal World. They had also temporarily turned Fengchi Immortal Court as their base camp and gathered here.

“Little Chen, although the Barbarian Race has been defeated, they have not returned to their world yet. They are now based at the west peripheral zone of the Immortal World. Shall we rush over there and kill all the remaining barbarians?” suggested Dragon shisan.

“I don’t think we have to do so. The barbarians there will not be able to cause any trouble for us. They are rebuilding their army. However, since they chose to build their base there, that means they are not afraid of fighting us. If I am not wrong, I guess there must be a spatial channel that’s connected to the headquarters of the Barbarian World. Even if we attack them there, they could run away anytime or call for a very powerful expert to back them up. This catastrophe will definitely not take a short time to end. Since the Barbarian World is regrouping their army, we, the Immortal World, will also need to make some adjustments.”

Jiang Chen said, “Don’t forget that this catastrophe had arrived all of a sudden. It was something out of expectation for most of the places and people of the Immortal world. They didn’t have any preparation to face this catastrophe beforehand, that’s why the Immortal World also suffered some losses. However, the Barbarian World was defeated because of our arrival. This has strengthened the Immortal World’s motivation and fighting spirit. Now, everyone in the Immortal World knows about the catastrophe. Let’s give them some chances to adjust and gain knowledge. This will benefit the Immortal World. We don’t need to break the peace in such a short period of time.”

“Little Chen’s right. Many people of the Immortal Court hasn’t yet adapted into dealing the sudden arrival of the catastrophe. Now it’s the time for them to adjust themselves to adapt to the current situation,” said Nangong Wentian.

“No fun.”

Big Yellow said that in an uninterested tone. He had been ready for the war and had never expected to take a rest now. Isn’t it exasperating?

“Don’t worry, once the Barbarian World attacked again, it will not stop. They will take action very soon but the Immortal World might not be their only target. There might be wars taking place at Sovereign Domain as well,” said Jiang Chen. 

He knew the Barbarian Race’s brutality and mindset all too well. Once they started the war with the Immortal World, they would never flinch. Since they had suffered such great losses, it was undeniable that their next military attack would definitely be much stronger.

Waiting, they could only spend the time waiting. Waiting for the Barbarian  Race’s second action.

The entire Immortal World was anxious, but everyone was ready for battle. They were unlike before, without any preparation which brought them enormous losses. 

Moreover, the Barbarian Race’s slaughter had provoked the Immortal world’s courage and fighting spirit. They wanted to take revenge on the barbarians for the people who died. They wanted to safeguard the land of the Immortal World. They wanted to fight for their territory, and for their dignity.

Seven days later, a letter of challenge flew to the sky of Fengchi Immortal Court from the west.

Through the Immortal Court, the content of the letter was spread to every domain and everyone knew about it.

The peerless genius of the Barbarian Race, Wuke Tianxiang, wanted to challenge the genius of the Immortal World, Jiang Chen, a day later. He wanted to have s life-and-death battle with Jiang Chen.

The letter had created noise among the Immortal World.

People might not know anything about Wuke Tianxiang, however, they were sure that he was not weak at all, being the number-one genius of the Barbarian World.

The people of Immortal World were not fools. They knew what the Barbarian World’s intention for challenging Jiang Chen after waiting for so long.

For the Immortal World, Jiang Chen was their backbone, representative, and the symbol of their fighting spirit.

The previous defeat was what made the Barbarian World’s fighting spirit plunged to its lowest point.    

There were two reasons why Wuke TianXiang wanted to challenge Jiang Chen. Firstly, he wanted to kill Jiang Chen to raise the Barbarian Race’s fighting spirit. Another reason was to cut the Immortal World’s fighting spirit off.

As Jiang Chen had been playing a significant role in the Immortal World, as long as Wuke TianXiang killed Jiang Chen off, the Immortal World would suffer a heavy blow. By that time, the Barbarian World would launch their second military attack madly. 

“Who’s this Wuke TianXiang? Do you know what’s his cultivation realm?

“I guess he would be at least at the Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign? Don’t know if Jiang Chen can defeat him.”

“Don’t worry, we have to be confident in Jiang Chen. He has created so many miracles.”

“The Barbarian Race has been very sinister. They want to use this kind of dirty way to damage our fighting spirit to raise their own”

“I have absolute faith in Jiang Chen.I believe we will never be able to find a second Jiang Chen whether be it amongst the young generation of the Immortal or Barbarian World.”


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