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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2092

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As soon as the Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign arrived, his gaze landed on Nangong WenTian, owing to the allure of the Ancient Elephant Bloodline within him. Meanwhile, the Barbarian Race also had a very sharp sense on detecting the Ancient Elephant Bloodline. 

“How dare the Immortal Court cause enormous loss to my Barbarian Race! Where’s that Jiang Chen?” 

The elder of the Barbarian Race said ruthlessly. He was a peerless Barbarian Sovereign of the Barbarian World. Only one more step and he would become an Eighth Grade Barbarian Sovereign, so couldn’t be compared to an ordinary Seventh Grade Sovereign Lord. 

If he was a normal Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign, Nangong Wentian could overcome him alone easily. However, seeing that the old guy standing in front of him was only a step away from Eighth Grade Barbarian Sovereign realm, Nangong Wentian had no confidence to win.

The fact that he immediately looked for Jiang Chen the moment he arrived showed his understanding of what had happened seven days ago. The reason why the Barbarian World suffered a great loss was because of a person named Jiang Chen. There were two purposes for him in coming here today: First, for the Ancient Elephant Bloodline, and the second was to rip Jiang Chen out, root and stem, for the future of the Barbarian World.

“Jiang Chen’s not here, you will have to fight me.”

Nangong Wentian drew out his weapon in an instant, and faced the elder of the Barbarian race. He was high-spirited, filled with imposing manner. Despite facing a powerful Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign and without any confidence to win, Nangong Wentian did not show even a shed of fear on his face.

“He isn’t here? Okay, he’s lucky. Then let me to kill you first and take out your Ancient Elephant Bloodline. I will kill Jiang Chen later.”

The elder was expressing a very strong killing intent. His dreadful breath then formed up a huge cage, covering Nangong Wentian.

“You’re fortunate that Jiang Chen’s not here. If I were you, I would not have come here to die. Isn’t staying well at your own world good enough?” Nangong Wentian said calmly.

“I am not here to bullshit with you. If you are willing to surrender your Ancient Elephant Bloodline, I will consider sparing your life,” said the elder.


Unfortunately, as soon as the elder finished speaking, Nangong Wentian had launched his attack with the Million Stars Ruler, hitting on the elder’s head. The elder was not here to waste his time talking nonsense, but Nangong Wentian was even lazier to waste his time on hearing nonsense.

“Don’t refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit. You’re courting death!”

The elder was enraged and his imposing manner of Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign was displayed fully. An incredible broadsword was in his hand and used it to charged towards Nangong Wentian.

Ho Long…..

The two of them started a battle that was out of the domain. They were fighting fiercely.

From the scene, one could see that the elder wanted to kill Nangong Wentian but was having a hard time accomplishing the task. On the other hand, Nangong Wentian was at a disadvantage since the beginning of the battle. Perhaps he was not a match for the elder.

“What are we going to do? It seems like Heaven Sovereign is not a match for the old guy.”

“Let’s take action now and see how much we could help. There’s no way they could fight an opponent like this as Jiang Chen’s not here.”

Ling Liqun and Feng Jingyang said. They immediately released their formidable imposing manner and airwaves started rolling around. The sovereign weapon in their hands were giving out boundless glowing spirit. They were ready for battle.

Both Ling Liqun and Feng Jingyang were Sixth Grade Great Sovereigns. Although Heaven Sovereign was at a disadvantage, they would be able to make some contribution if they took action at this moment. 


While Feng Jingyang and Ling Liqun were readying themselves to help, a heaven-shaking and earth-shattering roar came out from the inner part of the Immortal Court. A second later, everyone saw a dragon horse appearing in the sky.

The dragon horse was incredibly valorous and his body was radiating golden light. Scales were all over his body and the single straight horn between his forehead was conspicuous.

“Look! It’s valorous. Is that Big Yellow?”

“Yes, he’s Big Yellow. He is actually a dragon horse. Or I should say a formidable transformed dragon horse. He has eaten up all of the herbs in the Immortal Court, that’s why his cultivation realm has advanced so much.”

“He is a Sixth Grade Demon Sovereign now. A Sixth Grade Demon Sovereign dragon horse . His combat strength will definitely be incomparably dreadful. Perhaps even a Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign is not a match for him.”


The people of the Immortal Court became extremely excited after witnessing the sudden arrival of Big Yellow. This was the first time they felt they should celebrate that the herbs were all eaten up, as it managed to raise a Sixth Grade Demon Sovereign.

“Big Yellow, quickly take action.”

Seeing Big Yellow coming out from cultivating, Nangong Wentian was surprised and shouted immediately.

He was not able to handle the Seven Grade Barbarian Sovereign by himself. Even if Feng Jingyang and Ling Liqun came to help at this moment, they would not make much contribution. However, if Big Yellow took action, that would be different.

Others might not know how strong Big Yellow was, but Nangong Wentian was especially clear about this. It’s just a piece of cake for the Sixth Grade Demon Sovereign Big Yellow to overcome a Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign.

“Gagaga…. I am here!”

Big Yellow laughed out loud. For him, it was exciting to have a battle right after he finished cultivating.

This guy had nothing to worry about, onlying worry if there’s no commotion in the world. He just advanced to the Sixth Grade Demon Sovereign. If he had nothing much to do, perhaps he would get sick out of boredom. 


Big Yellow roared like a dragon as his giant body was enlarged to the extreme, turning into a light. In a blink of an eye, he rushed towards the elder and crashed him down with his huge head. 

The elder’s face showed subtle changes after feeling the strong air wave released by Big Yellow. When he came here, he only knew about Jiang Chen in the Immortal Court. It was out of his expectation that there was such a powerful Demon Sovereign here.

When he saw Big Yellow using its weak head to attack him, the corner of his mouth was filled with a cold smile. 

From his perspective, attacking by using one’s head was no different from courting death. 

Unfortunately, Big Yellow’s head was not fragile at all. Over ages, people who had similar mindset with the elder had faced tragic consequences. 

“It’s time for you to die!”

All of sudden, the elder slapped heavily on Big Yellow’s head. He thought that this strike of his would immediately shatter Big Yellow’s head and the dog would die on the spot. 

Unfortunately, the elder would never ever forget what happened later. 


The dog’s head and the elder’s palm collided together in a fierce way. 

The scene where Big Yellow’s head was shattered on the spot did not happen. Instead, under the strong collision against the dog’s head, the elder’s arm was smashed directly and blood was spurting out insanely. 


The elder exclaimed and could not believe what had just happened. He fell into a state of great shock.

On the other side, Big Yellow left no chance for the elder to feel shocked. He immediately turned his body and aimed at the elder’s head with his fat butt.


Heaven Sovereign originally wanted to attack, however, after seeing this, he immediately sped far away from them. Before he left, he gave a pitiful gaze to the elder.

Ho Long…….. 

The elder was still perplexed, not knowing what was going to happen. When he heard a loud bang, a green air wave burst out, bombing on the elder’s body.

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