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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2089

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Since Tyrant arrived, he killed two Sixth Grade Great Sovereigns and overturned the situation of the battle.

Two of the eight Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns had died. The remaining six Barbarian Sovereigns were looking at the mad tyrannical monk with eyes showing deep fear. As the Eight Sided Tisura Formation was broken and six of them were severely injured by the God Suppressing Monument, they had lost their imposing manner when facing the aggressive monk. 


Tyrant waved his arm, then the giant God Suppressing Monument flew up to the sky. The divine stele was situated at about three metres high from the ground. It was emitting boundless divine light that formed into a glowing huge net to seal up every single space in White Dragon Temple. Under the seal of God Suppressing Monument, the Barbarians were not able to escape so easily. None of them could run away today.

“The space has been sealed. We won’t be able to escape. Let’s take action together to kill that little monk, or else we would die here today.”

One of the people of Wuke Family shouted. The six Barbarian Sovereigns face were extremely fierce as they crushed towards Tyrant aggressively.

“Let’s take action as well.”

Old Ancestor Green Lotus also took action. Holding the Buddhism Law Seal, he smashed it towards one of the enemies. The other two buddhas also rushed towards their opponents at the same time.

Although these three old guys might not be as strong as Tyrant, they couldn’t just do nothing and watch Tyrant fight against the Barbarian Sovereigns alone. Since they were going to turn defeat into victory, they wanted to release all of their aggrievance on the opponents.

“Dao Light Buddha Body!”

Tyrant yelled. His body then transformed into a huge buddha like a giant mountain, and pressed on one of the Barbarian Sovereigns.


How could the Barbarian Sovereign withstand the pressure of the Dao Light Buddha Body? Of course, he was smashed into ashes on the spot. With Tyrant’s present strength, even if he encountered a Seventh Grade Barbarian Sovereign, he would still be able to kill the opponent easily without any doubt. Currently, his opponent was just a Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign, the same cultivation realm as him. Moreover, the cultivation of Buddhism had an absolute restraining effect on the Barbarian Race, so eliminating a Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign was indeed an easy job. 


Screams of agony were coming out continuously. The Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns all died in battle within a few minutes. Tyrant’s divine might was fully expressed and killed everyone in all directions. The only remaining barbarians were the defeated soldiers who could not pose any threat to White Dragon Temple. 

Tyrant appeared next to Old Ancestor Green Lotus and held his palms together: “Master ancestor. ”

“Great. It seems like you have gained unimaginable opportunity from the Suppressing God Monument. The current catastrophe was exactly the moment for you to have a great show.”

Old Ancestor nodded and said. Seeing this disciple of his, he felt satisfied from the bottom of his heart, and he had nothing to nitpick about. 

At this particular moment, Tyrant suddenly felt a sense of calling, making him full of smiles.

“Master ancestor, Little Chen is calling for me. I have to go now.”

Tyrant said. The calling he felt came from Jiang Chen. With Jiang Chen’s current strength, it was easy for him to call for his brothers. 

“Alright. You have to go now. Everything in White Dragon Temple is settled. You can go and overcome the catastrophe. You and Jiang Chen will become the important figures this time,” said Old Ancestor Green Lotus.

Tyrant then turned his body, and disappeared from White Dragon Temple. 

At the same time, Han Yan and Dragon Shisan received Jiang Chen’s call as well, and they happened to have finished their battle. So, they immediately flew to the location where Jiang Chen called for.

In the sky above a desolate mountain range, Jiang Chen was gripping the Gold Feather Fan. There was no one from the Barbarian Race within the range of ten thousand miles because all of the barbarians had become corpses. Beneath the mountain range, it could be seen that the broken corpses of barbarians were everywhere. They all died under the attack of the Gold Feather Fan.

The restraint of the Gold Feather Fan was really strong towards the Barbarian Race. The barbarians were extremely vulnerable and was swept away by the Gold Feather fan, like a strong wind blowing the fallen leaves away.

Sou Sou Sou!

Three silhouettes appeared from three different directions all of a sudden. One of them wore a yellow robe with a wavy black and white hair. The second one was a black-clothed, white-haired young man holding a staff. The last one was holding a stele and wearing a set of golden cassock.  

They were Dragon Shisan, Han Yan and Tyrant who received the summons of Jiang Chen.

“Little Chen!”

Their faces were filled with joy as soon as they saw Jiang Chen. It was not easy for them to gather at this critical moment. 

The four of them looked at each other. They first felt shocked after realising each others’ cultivation realm, then burst into laughter.

“Amazing. It seems like all of you have experienced extraordinary adventure. The current catastrophe is also critical for our growth. The destiny of the Immortal World is in our hands. We had not wasted our time going through so many challenges these past few years. That’s how we managed to obtain our great achievement today,” Jiang Chen said passionately. 

“Where’s Big Yellow? Why don’t I see him here?” Han Yan asked out of curiosity.

“I have already summoned Big Yellow. Since he hasn’t showed up, that means he is still cultivating. Let him be. I believe that you guys have gone through the great war and witnessed the strength of the Barbarian Race,” replied Jiang Chen.

“You’re right. The Barbarian Race is too powerful. Their top families of are incomparably formidable and stronger than the Immortal World’s top experts. It’s hard to overcome them. If I had not shown up in Demonic Immortal Island, they would have been screwed.”

Dragon Shisan said. Despite his ego, he still had to admit the Barbarian Race’s great strength. 

“It was the same on my side. White Dragon Temple has just gone through a great catastrophe,” added Tyrant.

“Ethereal Immortal Court experienced the same. I have helped them solve their crisis,” said Han Yan.

“Yes, the number of higher-ups deployed by the Barbarian World is higher compared to ours, especially the Immortal Court. White Dragon Temple, Demonic Immortal Island, Fengchi Immortal and Ethereal Immortal Court have temporarily solved their crisis. We don’t know when will the Barbarian Race’s second attack will come. However, they definitely will modify their deployment as their previous military strategy had been a mistake. What we have to do now is to help the Immortal Court to overcome the first military strike of the Barbarian World,” said Jiang Chen.

“Little Chen, what should we do? We will listen to you.” Tyrant said.

“Let’s not talk about White Dragon Temple, Demonic Immortal Island, Ethereal Immortal Court and Fengchi Immortal as the other seven major Immortal Courts might still be facing a crisis now. Monkey, hurry to Ling Long Immortal Court and Yellow Spring Immortal Court. Monk, you go to Everlasting Immortal Court and  Fulfillment Immortal Court. Ah Yan, you go to Measureless Immortal. As this place was further, you only need to go to one place. I will handle Mi Luo Immortal Court and Radiance Immortal Court,” said Jiang Chen. 

He would go to Mi Luo Immortal Court and Radiance Immortal Court despite the past grudges. It was also a way for him to tie up the loose ends with them.

“Alright. Let’s go now.” 

The three of them nodded. As the Immortal World was in a crisis right now, it was not time for them to shoot the breeze. Each of those Immortal Courts was a great resource to confront the Barbarian Race. Losing any one of them would be a great loss, and that would truly be a crisis for the Immortal World. 

What they needed to do now was to solve the crisis that each major Immortal Courts was facing right now. As for the Golden Clan, Jiang Chen was not worried at all because the Golden Clan had been the biggest rival of the Barbarian Race. 

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