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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2088

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Looking at the Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign who was charging towards him, the corner of Han Yan’s mouth displayed a cold smile, but his facial expression remained calm. He used his staff to point at the void in front of him. Instantly, the void was frozen solid, seemingly locked by the hellish spiritual seal filled by boundless devil might. The staff emitted devil light, and hitting the Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign heavily. 


The formidable Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign had never encountered an attack like this before. His chest was damaged severely and only half of his life was left.

Before the leader of the barbarians had a chance to let out a cry of alarm, Han Yan had already appeared above his head and smashed his head with the staff.


Everything was crushed. One could already imagine what happened to the leader of the barbarians. It was inevitable that his consequence was to die a tragic death.

“Let’s kill them all!”

Seeing how Han Yan had killed two Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns in such a short time, Ethereal Sovereign Lord who had lost his fighting spirit suddenly became excited. He called out loud and held his sword, and rushed to kill a Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign.

The other two elders of the Immortal Court also acted the same. Being in high fighting spirit, they vowed to kill all the enemies.

Those barbarians who were originally filled with towering imposing manner, however their fighting spirit had now faded. Fighting spirit actually played a very important role in a war like this.

White Dragon Temple! 

Usually, White Dragon Temple was always filled with Buddha Radiance. However, it had also fallen into boundless darkness at this moment. A glowing Buddhist pagoda was now like a lamp in the darkness. Although the pagoda could still give out unlimited brightness, it failed to cast the darkness away.


The eminent monks were reciting and Buddhist praise was rolling in.


The barbarians roared as they were bombarding the White Dragon Temple insanely. 

Those powerful experts had already appeared while Old Ancestor Green Lotus was standing in the middle of the battlefield. He was a peerless buddha with a benign expression, yet he was counter attacking the enemy with his extraordinarily strikes at the moment.

Old Ancestor Green Lotus was handling three of the enemy alone, but was able to gain the upper hand and his big buddha palm kept blasting out assaults that restrained the Barbarian Race. 

As Buddhism was indeed powerful, the number of highers up who were deployed by the Barbarian Race to attack White Dragon Temple was also much higher. Their number was almost double the number of eminent monks of White Dragon Temple. There were at least eight Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns!

Eight Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns were almost the exact same number of Sovereigns deployed to the Fengchi Immortal Court. Those who came to attack White Dragon Temple were Wuke Family and Wulei Family.

Currently, three of the Sixth Grade Great Sovereigns of White Dragon Temple were confronting eight Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns. If they did not have the privilege of being a Buddhist, they would not be able to  match enemy.

“Mother fucker! These old donkeys of Buddhism are so strong. Even though we have eight of us here, we are still not able to overcome them.”

The higher-ups of the Wuke Family showed their resentment. 

Buddha light and Barbarian Qi were surging in the sky above White Dragon Temple. The colour of the heavens and earth had been turned over completely. This was truly a catastrophic war. There would be life or death instead of losing or winning.

“Don’t waste time anymore. Form up the Eight Sided Tisura Formation to pin down these three donkeys.”

The head of the Wuke Family shouted.

The eight Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns immediately spread out and stood separately at eight different locations. Old Ancestor and another two buddhas were being besieged by the Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns whose breaths were connected. 

“Abbot, they have formed up the Eight Sided Tisura Formation to deal with us. We are behind the eight ball.”

One of the Buddhas said.

“Amitabha. Be merciful. Life and death is on a whim. What’s the difference between life and death. Even if we die in this battle, we would make a contribution for ourselves in the catastrophe.”

The Old Ancestor’s facial expression was solemn without a sign of fear. 

He had the highest level of state of mind in Buddhism, which was seeing through life and death.

“Eight Sided Tisura Formation, put them down!”

The leader of the Wuke Family shouted while displaying his ferocious weapon. The other seven Barbarian Sovereigns gave out their strongest attack. Under the Eight Sided Tisura Formation, the eight Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns’ battle strength were accumulated and became much stronger than ever before.

“Buddha Dharmakaya.”

Old Ancestor Green Lotus and the other two buddhas casted Buddha Dharmakaya. Their bodies turned into enormous peerless buddhas.  

Their bodies were covered with golden brilliance and their heads were full of complex Sanskrits that rippled layers of praise for Buddha.


The attack from both sides clashed together. This was a competition between darkness and light, the most contrasting colour between the heavens and earth. 


The three buddhas spurted out blood at the same time. Despite their formidability, they were not able to withstand the attack of the Eight Sided Tisura Formation by the eight Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns. If this was three versus three, the Barbarian Sovereigns would die undeniably. Unfortunately, reality is always cruel.

“Hahahha, old donkeys, can’t stand it anymore, right?”

The higher up of Wulei Family laughed.

“Passing away in sitting posture.”

Old Ancestor Green Lotus’s face was filled with melancholy. The surface of his body started burning in golden flame.

Upon seeing this, the other two buddhas also looked depressed. Then, there was also a fire burning on the surface of their bodies.


Numerous eminent monks started grieving upon seeing this scene because they knew that Old Ancestor Green Lotus and the two buddhas were burning their own life. It was the fire of life.

They are passing away in sitting posture to die together with the enemy.


At this moment, there was a sudden burst in the void. An awe-inspiring little monk suddenly emerged from the void.

He was a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign, the youngest buddha who had just been born to the world. Moving his forehead, he erupted with unparalleled buddhist might. His hand was holding a large stele.


The little monk commanded in a sound voice. The God Suppressing Monument turned into infinitely huge in size, crushing towards the center of the Eight Sided Tisura Formation.

Ho Long…..


Following the heaven-shaking and earth-shattering roar, the Eight Sided Tisura Formation was smashed directly under the strike of the God Suppressing Monument. Although the eight Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns joined hands, they were not able to withstand the attack. All of them were shaken by the attack and their mouth spurted out blood.

The eight Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns were defeated by a single attack and they were severely injured now. Such formidable attacking power was indeed shocking.


Old Ancestor Green Lotus stopped burning his fire of life, and his eyes were blazing. He knew that White Dragon Temple would be saved by the arrival of the little monk.

“Who’s that? Why is there such a powerful monk in White Dragon Temple?”

The leader of the Wuke Family was shocked and pissed off.

However, the monk did not show interest in what he had just said. He looked at the stele and used it to smash everything. In a blink of an eye, the stele came in front of a Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign and fell on his body heavily.


With his blood-curdling scream, the Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign was smashed into pieces and died tragically.

“Acala Seal.”

The monk turned his body and attacked another Barbarian Sovereign with the powerful Acala Seal. The enormous seal was like a giant mountain, smashing on the Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign, causing him to die on the spot. 

A Sixth Grade Sovereign monk was almost unbeatable when fighting against the Barbarian Sovereigns with the same cultivation as him.

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