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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2086

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Having the fiery-eyes golden-gaze that could see through everything in the world and the iron staff that could break through the sky, the peerless Monkey King was born with his Sixth Grade Demon Sovereign cultivation realm.

“Look! The Chosen One is born.”

“We finally have a solution. The Chosen One has advanced to the Sixth Grade Demon Sovereign realm. With his current strength, he definitely can save our Demonic Immortal Island from this crisis.

“The heavens has spared our Demonic Immortal Island.”


Seeing the arrival of Dragon Shisan, the people of Demonic Immortal Island who had been in despair just now showed great excitement on their faces. They were very familiar with Dragon Shisan. He was truly an unparalleled maniac and a peerless demon. Now, he had appeared once again with a supreme posture, and his iron staff could turn the heavens and earth around easily. 

Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign and the elders’s eyes finally gave out brilliance and they began to feel hopeful. They understood how dreadful Dragon Shisan was. If the present cultivation realm of Dragon Shisan was only at the Fourth or Fifth Grade Great Sovereign, they might still feel worried. However, right now Dragon shisan would be able to sweep away everything.


Dragon Shisan took a big step, immediately appearing somewhere not too far from the six Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns.

“Kill him!”

The leader of the Wuchi Family frowned and said. At this moment, a Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign was crushing towards Dragon Shisan immediately while holding a black battle spear in his hand.

Dragon Shisan raised his eyes. A simple gaze by his fiery golden eyes was enough to see through everything. This terrified the Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign who was now absent minded.  


Dragon Shisan raised the iron staff up high, hitting on the Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign without wasting his time. This strike had directly torn everything apart. Terrifying radiance emitted from the iron staff turned into a huge web with dreadful destructive power, pinning the Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign down.


The Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign was filled with towering killing intent just a minute ago, but now the color of his face had suddenly changed. He felt that he was completely chained by an enormous power. Under such constraints, he had lost all his energy to move despite being a powerful Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign.


The iron staff hit him fiercely, and the only thing he could do was to scream in pain. Under Dragon Shisan’s vigorousity, he was crushed into minced meat and died a tragic death.

“How possible is this?”

The other five Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns were in a state of shock. Their eyes seemed to be infused with blood. For them, seeing Dragon Shisan now was like seeing a devil.

Although they knew there was disparity between them and Dragon Shisan, the disparity was unexpectedly huge. The powerful elder of the Wulan Family was easily overpowered and was put to death directly by the opponent. If they had not seen this with their own eyes, they would never believe what had happened just now. Dragon Shisan had subverted their perception. 

“Hahahha, long live to my Demonic Immortal Island!”

Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign laughed out loud. His mood suddenly brightened up. He now began feeling thankful that the Saintess had chosen this being. Because of the existence of Dragon Shisan, the Demonic Immortal Island had escaped the catastrophe and being exterminated. 

“Every one of them has to die!”

The corner of Dragon Shisan’s mouth was overflowing with a cold smile. He was holding the iron staff and his gaze aimed at one of the Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign. 


Another Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign was hit to death. Facing the strike of Dragon Shisan, he had no strength to resist at all.

Dragon Shisan was too powerful right now. Once he targeted someone, that guy won’t even have a chance to escape, not to say fight back.

With Dragon Shisan’s cultivation realm and strength, in addition to the terrifying constraint of his Battle Saint Ape bloodline towards the Barbarian Race, he could easily kill an Eighth Grade Barbarian Sovereign, let alone these Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns.

“Why would a monstrous devil be in Demonic Immortal Island?”

The leader of the Wuchi Family almost spurt out blood. The result of the battle was supposedly without any suspense. However, because of the birth of a monstrous devil, the situation was turned around. How could he not be pissed off? 

The key was not the anger that they felt right now; instead, it was the fear. The remaining four Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns were in deep fear that was caused by the absolute pressure.

“Elder, what should we do right now? Shall we withdraw?”

Someone asked.

“Withdraw? None of you can escape today.”

Dragon Shisan’s imposing manner was ice cold. His fiery golden eyes spouted out flames that soon turned into an enormous fire web, enshrouding the four Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns. In other words, the imposing manner released by Dragon Shisan had locked up every space of the Demonic Immortal Island, leaving no chance for the opponents to escape.

The demonic qi was towering. The imposing manner erupted by Long Shisan was overly powerful. Even Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign felt cold,  as if he was facing an Eighth Grade Demon Sovereign. The boundless pressure had greatly affected their spirit. 


A second later, Dragon Shisan displayed his invincible might, and used his iron to strike the four Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns to death. The whole process was not sloppy at all. The four of them intended to run away, yet they were incompetent to so do because there was a great difference between their strenght. Dragon Shisan’s strength was in a completely different level compared to their’s.

“Eek …our leaders have been killed. We’re screwed.”

“Mother fucker. How could such a heavenly defying guy appear here. Let’s withdraw.”

“Everyone listen, withdraw right now!”


All of a sudden, there were massive changes on the battlefield. The death of the six Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns created a strong impact on the Barbarian Race’s fighting spirit. All of them lost their desire to fight, and started to flee in different directions.

However, Dragon Shisan had already sealed off every single space in Demonic Immortal Island. With their strength , escape was a mission impossible.

“Kill! Kill all of these Barbarian Race and leave none of them alive.”

Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign shouted. He moved his wing, crushing into the middle of the Barbarian Race’s group and brought great chaos among them.

Although Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign was not able to handle the joint forces of the six Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns, it was a piece of cake for him to deal with these small potatoes. Dealing with them was as easy as squashing ants. 

Ethereal Immortal Domain, Northern Profound Domain and Profound Yin Cult!

Currently, the Profound Yin Cult was attacked by a huge number of Barbarian Race army. The entire Profound Yin Cult was confronting them with their utmost effort.

The Barbarian Race had assessed the strength of each place in Immortal Court, then they deployed army with different strengths, and launch a military attack to different places according to their assessment.

The Barbarian Race was ferocious, yet Profound Yin Cult was still able to resist them.

When the battle came to its most intense stage, the sky was suddenly ripped open and a white haired young guy who was in black clothes appeared.

The young guy was carrying boundless devil might. This was truly the advent of a demon king. As soon as he arrived, the chaotic battlefield suddenly became static. The terrifying aura of a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign caused great pressure that made everyone’s spirit to tremble. 

“Look, he is the Chosen One. He has come back from the Demon Mountain.”

“Such a formidable aura. This is a peerless Great Sovereign. The Demon Mountain really does exist, and the Chosen One has found it.”

“This is so powerful. Under such mighty pressure, I can feel my spirit shivering fiercely .”


The entire Profound Yin Cult was shaking. The white haired young guy was no stranger. He was Han Yan who had just came back from Demon Mountain.  

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