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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2085

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Blood-curdling screams filled the whole island, spreading as far as the outer seas. The whole outer sea was boiling, the colour of the sky had changed. It was a cruel battlefield, a true hell of Asura. 

Many great demons reverted to their original forms, some of them were as tall as hundreds of zhang. Whereas the barbarians too, had turned into their original forms, making them as large as a mountain. The battle that ensued was truly a sight to behold, fights of the scale of Godzilla could be seen everywhere, and violent energies coming from the battles could be felt everywhere too. 

The bodies of both demons and barbarians were extremely strong, as both races are extremely savage. With the war between the two worlds having started, the demons have a greater advantage compared to humans when it comes to battle. 

But the barbarians were also large in number, plus many experts had also joined the fray. The Barbarian Race had rested, and had built up their strength for tens of thousands of years. Where their overall strength has reached a terrifying level. 

Those that appeared on the island were from the Wulan and Wuchi Family. They were attacking to kill, trying to deal a fatal blow towards their enemy. 


Suddenly, a Sixth Grade Demon Sovereign screamed in agony, one of his arms was ripped away by his opponent, causing a fountain of blood to flow. 

The two Sixth Grade Demon Sovereigns were locked in battle with three Sixth Grade barbarian Sovereigns, with the barbarians gaining the upper hand. These two demon sovereigns were antiques of the Demonic Immortal Island, existences equalling the Supreme Elder of the other powers. However, they had been inactive for much too long, and had lost their edge in battle. 

The opponents were too powerful and had the advantage in numbers. In just an hour, an elder was unable to resist further and was seriously injured. 

“Haha. Kill him.”

An expert of the Wuchi Family held an iron mace, while wearing a vicious expression on his face. The iron mace was then swung towards the skull of the elder who had lost an arm. 


That elder let out a blood-curdling scream and died tragically. 

The morale of the residents in the Demonic Immortal Island had further dwindled after the death of a Sixth Grade Demon Sovereign, further worsening the situation. 

Furthermore, with the death of the elder, there’s only one Sixth Grade Demon Sovereign left on the island’s camp, forcing him to face three opponents like Heavenly Peng. But he wasn’t Heavenly Peng, he did not possess Heavenly Peng’s terrifying strength, and thus, he’ll follow his partner’s foot step if the battle were to continue. 

Heavenly Peng could see what was happening, he saw the imminent danger the elder was facing and wanted to help him, but the three powerful opponents were holding him back, not giving him the chance to help his comrade. 

“Fuck.” Heavenly Peng cursed. 

He turned into a scarlet-golden heavenly bird. He then broke through the encirclement and rushed towards the elder’s side with his extreme speed. 

“Surround them.” The Wuchi Family leader shouted. 

In an instant, six Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereigns coordinated together and surrounded Heavenly Peng and the elder. 

“Island Lord, our Demonic Immortal Island is doomed.”

The elder was dejected and has even lost the will to fight. 

“What are you talking about?! A bunch of barbarians wanting to destroy my Demonic Immortal Island?! Dream on!” 

Heavenly Peng was at his peak, even when faced with such a dangerous situation, his expression did not have a shred of fear. 

“Kaka…. Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign. A wise man adapts himself to circumstances. Your Immortal World is a lost cause, I can ensure the safety of your people as long as your Demonic Immortal Island surrenders to us barbarians.” A barbarian elder let out a sinister laugh and said towards Heavenly Peng. 

“Funny. To have me, Heavenly Peng, surrender. What are you guys thinking?”

Heavenly Peng snorted with contempt. This was war, it was a matter of honour, and there’s only life or death after a battle, there’s no surrender. He’ll never surrender to the barbarians, he’ll fight to his last breath. 

“Hmph! You seem to prefer a rough treatment, don’t you? Then, there’s no need to be courteous. Attack them with everything you’ve got, kill them! The Demonic Immortal Island shall fall once they’re both dead. At that moment, all the resources on the island and the outer seas shall be ours!” An expert from the Wulan Family harrumphed and said coldly. 


The barbarian leader shouted, and the six of them simultaneously unleashed a powerful attack. The terrifying energy they produced was enough to destroy everything in sight, closing in on Heavenly Peng and the elder. 


Heavenly Peng flapped his wings and let out a screeching howl towards the skies, attempting to fend off the six on his own. 


The Heavens and Earth trembled, the skies shattered and countless tidal waves coarse through the sea. 


Heavenly Peng suffered a heavy injury, and coughed out a pool of blood. No matter how powerful he was, one versus six was still too much for him to handle. 

Any normal person would’ve been shredded into pieces and die tragically then and there. This was only feasible because it was Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign. 

“The Demonic Immortal Island has been forsaken by the Heavens!” The Demon Clan elder faced the sky and exclaimed. 

He knew that the Demonic Immortal Island was truly in imminent danger, most likely, they’d be massacred, the opponents were too strong, not even Heavenly Peng could fend them off. How could they even continue fighting in this war?! 

“Haha, Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign. This is your last chance. Surrender now!” The leader of Wuchi Family said while laughing. 

“Come and get it! I’ll drag one or two of you down to hell with me!”

Heavenly Peng was determined. In the final moments of a life and death situation, his blood was pumped up and was ready to unleash everything he had. 

“Such being the case… Let’s assist him in his goal.”

That barbarian leader was also determined, preparing to attack Heavenly Peng. 

On the island, Xiao Wangqing and the saintess were also locked in a bloody battle. Xiao Wangqing had already become a Third Grade Great Sovereign. He would’ve been as strong as Yang Junlong if it weren’t for him wasting his life away for 300 years, as he was as talented as Yang Junlong. 

After joining the Demonic Immortal Island, Xiao Wangqing became determined and his mood became better. And with the enormous resources of the island, he reached the Third Grade Great Sovereign realm in a short amount of time. 

However, a Third Grade Great Sovereign couldn’t contribute much towards this war, he could barely even protect himself. 

The current Xiao Wangqing and saintess saw the danger Heavenly Peng was in. They were furious, but they couldn’t do anything to help him, they could only pray for a miracle to happen. 


As the Barbarian Sovereigns were about to attack Heavenly Peng, and the people of Demonic Immortal Island were in despair, the tomb of the Demonic Immortal Island suddenly unleashed a loud rumbling sound. 

The whole battlefield was shocked by the massive voice, countless of gazes swept towards the source, including the Barbarian Sovereigns. 

Everyone saw a yellow-robed youngster walked out of the tomb. 

The youngster’s face was handsome, his hair colour that was a mix between black and white was awfully catching, his hand was holding an iron stick, awe-inspiring, his whole figure was covered by a dazzling golden brilliance, so dazzling that the others couldn’t look directly in his direction. 

*Pew… ….* 

Two rays of scarlet-golden light that was as hot as the sun, shot out from his eyes, the Golden Eyes Fiery Pupils shredded void, countless of barbarians died in just a single gaze, causing many of them to let out a blood-curdling scream, disrupting the barbarians camp. 

The peerless Monkey King has emerged. 

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