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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2078

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Eight powerful Ninth Grade Great Sovereigns gathered together in a deep layer of space in Sovereign Domain. 

Sovereign Lingtian, Sovereign Xuanfeng, Sovereign Tianming, Sovereign Taichong, Sovereign Taixu, Demon Sovereign Tianliang, Sovereign Liehuo and Sovereign Leiting. Eight Great Sovereigns. Each of them was an existence at the Ninth Grade Great Sovereign realm. They were the eight great rulers of the Sovereign Domain. The ones controlling the Sovereign Domain, and defending against the Barbarian World. 

“This junior, Jiang Chen, greets seniors.”

Jiang Chen greeted all eight of them. 

“Sovereign Taixu, Sovereign Leiting. This one just came back from the Barbarian World and managed to snatch the Barbarian God Bloodline from the Wuke Family’s sacrificial altar. He had made a great contribution to our Immortal World,” said Sovereign Lingtian.

“I’ve looked into Jiang Chen. He’s the most outstanding prodigy in our world for the past thousand years. He was able to obtain the acknowledgement of the Golden Feather Fan and become its new owner after the Golden Clan’s re-emergence. He could easily kill off a Sixth Grade Barbaric Sovereign while being just a Third Grade Great Sovereign. The Qi and flame he emit are the barbarian’s greatest bane. His strength even surpasses the Golden Clan,” Sovereign Xuanfeng added. 

They could easily dig up a person’s background with the power they possess. 

They viewed Jiang Chen with greater importance after knowing about his past. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have allowed Jiang Chen to join such a meeting. 

Sovereign Taixu and Sovereign Leiting were obviously higher ranked in the Sovereign Domain. They were the survivors of the last catastrophe and have lived since long ago. Their status and position was higher compared to the other rulers. 

Sovereign Taixu was an old Daoist. A hint of appreciation could be seen from his gaze towards Jiang Chen, saying: “En. Pretty good, young man. To be able to stay calm in the presence of the eight of us. Truly remarkable. This old man looked into Heaven’s fate, according to the divination, this catastrophe is the biggest catastrophe the Immortal World shall ever face, only one shall be able to change the Immortal World’s fate, and That person is not one of us, and not the Golden Ancestor either. Looks like it’s probably you, Jiang Chen.”

Upon hearing this, the others gaze towards Jiang Chen changed once again. The divination of Daoist Taixu was quite accurate, and the others greatly trusted it. 

Sovereign Taixu rarely commends a person. Since he has said it, it meant that Jiang Chen was extraordinary. Just like what Sovereign Taixu had said, Jiang Chen was probably the one that could change the fate of the Immortal World. 

“This time, Jiang Chen managed to snatch the Barbarian God Bloodline. He has already changed the situation to a certain degree. Next, the Barbarian World will surely start a war to get the bloodline back. We need to get ready as soon as possible.”

“In my opinion, the ultimate war in the Sovereign Domain will not arrive just yet and Jiang Chen’s cultivation is only at the Third Grade. He still needs some tempering before reaching the peak. I think Jiang Chen should temporarily return to the Immortal World. The situation in the Immortal World needed someone to take control of it.” Sovereign Xuanfeng said.

“Return to the Immortal World? Won’t the Barbarian World attack the Sovereign Domain first?” Jiang Chen was slightly shocked. 

“You’re wrong, Jiang Chen. This is a war, a catastrophe. No matter if it’s the Barbarian World or the Immortal World, it will be an unprecedented grand war. No one would be able to get away from this war unscathed. Once the catastrophe arrives,  the barbarians will open up countless portal towards our world. The barbarians is a race who like to battle, desiring to utterly destroy the Immortal World after the war starts. Hence, the decisive battle will not start in the early stage of the war. They will spread out to all corners of the Immortal World and let all levels of barbarians battle to the death, spreading the flames of war until the final stage, which will be on the Sovereign Domain.” 

Demon Sovereign Tianlang paused and then continued: “Therefore, that moment is the perfect time for you to grow. You’ll have the qualification to join the final battle the moment you’re strong enough. If you’re unable to grow in time, then the final battle will rely on these old bones.”

“This junior understands. I shall not disappoint you.”

Jiang Chen’s expression changed, a feeling of heroicness flowed out from his body with the prestige of a king mixed within. The eight rulers silently nodded while looking at Jiang Chen. This monster will achieve limitless achievements if he’s given enough time to grow.


Sovereign Taixu’s blade-like finger stroked upon the void and a portal was created: “Jiang Chen, leave now. The Immortal World’s situation will be secured with your presence and we can rest easy about it. As for the little girl possessing the Barbarian God Bloodline, we will protect her for you. This is the safest place for her to be.”


Jiang Chen did not hesitate and stepped forward, he then disappeared into the crack. Sovereign Taixu was correct, Zuo Ling’er is too important with her bloodline. The eight rulers will not let the barbarians get a hold of her and would protect her with their lives. 

Perhaps there wasn’t any place where one could find eight peak sovereigns protecting her. There was no reason for Jiang Chen to be worried. 

Jiang Chen knew that his return this time would be different. This time, he’s tasked with an enormous mission. As the war will come without warning.

*Dong…. Dong…. Dong….*

Shortly after Jiang Chen’s departure, a vigorous yet ancient bell rang across the skies of Sovereign Domain. The bell that hasn’t rung for tens of thousands of years. 

That was the sound of an alarm. An alarm that signified the coming of the catastrophe. 

Accompanying the distant bell, restlessness engulfed all of the major cities of Sovereign Domain. 

“The catastrophe is coming. The Barbarian World will attack.”

“Motherfucker. It’s bound to come sooner or later. Let’s give them hell.”

“Come. This one has already waited for this moment for many years. It was a pity that I didn’t manage to join the last catastrophe.”


Many people displayed extreme excitement. The people who managed to enter Sovereign Domain were all powerful experts and they also knew why they’re here in Sovereign Domain. The existence of Sovereign Domain was to fight against the Barbarian World, a place created to defend against the second catastrophe. 

With the catastrophe arriving soon, everyone adjusted their mentality quickly and made all the necessary preparations. 

“It finally came.”

Yang Junlong wore an indifferent expression. For people like him, it was an honour to be in a battle of such a catastrophic level. Even if he died in the process, it’ll still be a worthwhile death. 

Immortal World. The Golden Clan. 

After Jiang Chen’s return to the Immortal World. He first went to the Golden Clan, he must first inform the clan about the upcoming war. From the looks of it, all clan members of the Golden Clan with the cultivation above Sixth Grade Great Sovereign will have to go to the Sovereign Domain once the war starts. Otherwise, the barbarian experts may attack the Immortal World with a much stronger force due to their existence, them staying here will not serve any protection but might cause more harm for the Immortal World, instead. 

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