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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2077

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Since ancient times, the Barbarian World and Sovereign Domain were always going against each other. Therefore, Ancestor Wuke knew very well about the eight great rulers of the Sovereign Domain. In fact, the Barbarian World was constantly preparing for the new war that was to come and that preparation includes finding information about the experts of the Immortal World. 

“The high ranking officials of the Barbarian World are truly shameless. So many Ancestors are needed to chase down a Third Grade Great Sovereign, aren’t you guys ashamed?”

A middle-aged man who was wearing a white battle-robe said coldly. He was Sovereign Xuanfeng, possessing a peak Ninth Grade Great Sovereign cultivation and he’s someone on par against the ancestors of the Barbarian Race. 

“Sovereign Xuanfeng. Enough rubbish, hand over the boy. Otherwise, the Barbarian World and the Immortal World shall go into war!” Ancestor Wuke shouted. 

“If you want war, then bring it! Do you think that we’re afraid of you guys?! The Barbarian World has long been preparing for war, it makes no difference if we go to war now!” The sharp-looking Sovereign Ling Tian said in an imposing manner. 

He didn’t have a shred of fear, at the same time he looked at Jiang Chen who was behind him and asked: “Did you manage to snatch the Barbarian God Bloodline?”

The Barbarian God Bloodline was the four Great Sovereign’s greatest concern. This was also the reason why they did not hesitate to come to Desolate Ancient Land to rescue Jiang Chen. It’s going to be a disaster for the Immortal World if the barbarians managed to get ahold of the Barbarian God Bloodline. 

“Relax, seniors. I’ve managed to get it.” Jiang Chen said.

“Good lad.” Sovereign Lingtian cannot help but compliment. 

The other three Great Sovereigns gazed at Jiang Chen in shock and praise. A Third Grade Great Sovereign managed to sneak into the headquarters of the Wuke Family, snatched a person out from their sacrificial altar and managed to reach this place. It was a miracle that none of them could easily accomplish.  

When they heard the news from Yang Junlong, they immediately gave him a scolding. They were almost sure that Jiang Chen would certainly die. But never in their wildest dreams had they thought that Jiang Chen would give them such a big surprise, where he’s alive and kicking, and even managing to get away without suffering a single injury. 

“You’re Jiang Chen right? You’ve done a great deed for the Immortal World. We’ll hold back these old ancestors here. Go ahead and leave this place.” Sovereign Taichong who was wearing a Daoist robe said to Jiang Chen. 


Jiang Chen nodded and dared not to dawdle. He then vanished in a blink of an eye the moment he unleashed the full strength of the Great Void Technique. 

Jiang Chen is a smart man. He knew that there’s no reason for him to stay here any longer. As he could do nothing in a battle between Ninth Grade Sovereigns.

“That’s the Great Void Technique. To think the boy managed to get the inheritance of the Void Sovereign.”

“To create such a miracle with just a Third Grade Great Sovereign cultivation. I’ve never thought that our Immortal World has such a monstrous genius in this generation. Truly remarkable.”

“Yes. Such talent must be cultivated.”

The four sovereigns were all praising Jiang Chen’s performance. They were happy that a genius of his calibre was born in the Immortal World. At the same time they felt relieved that there’s such a prodigy in their ranks when the war against the barbarians is close at hand, such a talent is surely needed in such a time of need. 

“Stop that boy! Do not let him escape.”

Ancestor Wuke shouted when he saw Jiang Chen disappeared. He had experienced first hand how powerful Jiang Chen was; in addition, that kid possesses unparalleled speed. Not even a Ninth Grade Barbaric Sovereign could dig him out the moment he got out of their range. It’ll be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

“Are we invisible to you guys?”

Sovereign Xuanfeng too shouted. The four sovereigns took their positions in four different directions, terrifying qi waves enveloped the surrounding void completely, engulfing the whole Desolate Ancient Land completely. Not giving the five ancestors a chance to kill Jiang Chen. 


These Sovereigns fought furiously in that piece of void, causing the whole void to be in tatters due to the battle that ensued. 

The five ancestors of the Barbarian World wanted to get away from the four rulers wholeheartedly to chase Jiang Chen. However the four were not an easy foe, completely blocking their way towards Jiang Chen. 

In the end, the nine of them fought for dozens of minutes without a conclusion in sight. At this moment, Jiang Chen had already left and was out of their range of detection. The five ancestors reluctantly gave up and stopped fighting. 

“Sovereign Xuanfeng, Sovereign Lingtian, Sovereign Taichong, Sovereign Tianming! Patiently wait for our invasion of the Immortal World! Our Barbarian World army shall invade the Immortal World soon! This time, we’ll make sure all lives will be extinguished and become a vassal land of the Barbarian World.” Ancestor Wuke said sternly. 

“Very well. We’ll be waiting.” Sovereign Xuanfeng and the other three sovereigns disappeared, they then flew back towards the direction of the Sovereign Domain. 

However, they wore an ugly expression. Because they knew that Ancestor Wuke’s words was a fact. With the loss of the Barbarian God Bloodline, the Barbarian World would certainly advance their attack to take back the lost bloodline. 

The Barbarian World had long been preparing for this war and was ready to attack soon. Now, the fuse of war has been lit with Jiang Chen snatching Zuo Ling’er away, the prophesied war was about to set off and could happen anytime. 

“Let’s go back and hold the twelve family congress. Three days later, we shall go to war.” Ancestor Wuke’s walking stick unleashed a quiet glow and said in an extremely cold voice. 

In the Sovereign Domain, outside of Quicksand City. Yang Junlong walked back and forth with a worrisome expression 

At this moment, a figure suddenly came out of the void. It was Jiang Chen. 

“How is it? Did you succeed?”

Yang Junlong quickly walked towards him and said anxiously. In fact, he had already guessed the result after seeing Jiang Chen coming back alive. 


Jiang Chen nodded, he ripped open a crack on the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda and released Zuo Ling’er. 

Zuo Ling’er’s expression was still in shock from the events that had just transpired. Even though she was hiding in the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, she could see what was happening outside clearly. The whole process was soul-stirring for her, and made her blood boil with adrenaline. Only Jiang Chen could manage to go through such events unharmed.

“Thank you, Big Brother.”

Zuo Ling’er had a hard time masking her excitement as her gaze towards Jiang Chen was filled with boundless gratitude. 

“Silly girl. What are you talking about? I, Jiang Chen, would have to live the rest of my life in lament if I couldn’t save you”

Jiang Chen traced Zuo Ling’er’s beautiful cheek. Now that Zuo Ling’er was safely rescued, a certain weight has been taken off of his mind before the war begins. 


At this moment, a crack exploded out from the void and the four rulers walked out from within. 

“Greetings. Four Great Sovereigns.” Yang Junlong quickly walked towards them and gave them a deep bow. 

“The barbarian army will attack soon. The second catastrophe of the Immortal World is about to arrive. Immediately summon the other four rulers and hold a meeting. Jiang Chen. You’re to participate too.” Sovereign Xuanfeng said solemnly.  

“Has it finally come?”

Jiang Chen’s pupil lit up with splendour. He had waited for a long time for this catastrophe and there wasn’t a shred of fear on his face. 

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