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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2076

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“Boy! Where are you running to?”

Wuke Manjun was the fastest, and he managed to catch up to Jiang Chen in no time. He was a peak Eighth Grade Barbaric Sovereign and just a step away from the Ninth Grade. As the patriarch of the Wuke Family, Wuke Manjun was undoubtedly fearsome. 

Furthermore, Wuke Manjun instantly caught up with Jiang Chen after he ran away from the scene. 

“Unparalleled Barbaric Devil.”

Wuke Manjun’s killing intent pillared the skies, instantly throwing out a devastating attack. The Barbaric Devil instantly became a hundred zhang tall, it possessed a fearsome expression and has locked onto Jiang Chen’s Qi. It then attacked Jiang Chen aggressively. 

“Fuck!” Jiang Chen couldn’t help but curse. 

The Golden Feather Fan unleashed an unceasing colour and swept towards the Barbaric Devil. 

The powerful Golden Feather Fan was the greatest bane of the barbarians. But Jiang Chen couldn’t unleash its full potential with his current strength. He could only fight an average Seventh or Eighth Grade Barbaric Sovereign by relying on the Golden Feather Fan.

Jiang Chen paled in comparison when it comes to a peak Eighth Grade Barbaric Sovereign like Wuke Manjun. 

However, Jiang Chen obviously did not want to stay here any longer. Because he felt that there were Ninth Grade Barbaric Sovereigns hot on his tail. It’ll be disastrous for him if he was caught by a Ninth Grade Barbaric Sovereign. 


The golden light unleashed by the Golden Feather Fan significantly weakened the strength of the Barbaric Devil. Plus, the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour appeared on Jiang Chen body the moment he took out the Golden Feather Fan. 


The Barbaric Devil’s attack struck upon the dragon armour. 

However, the defensive capabilities of the armour had no problem taking on the powerful strike of the Barbaric Devil. 

Jiang Chen also took this chance to get away from the force of the attack. 

In fact, he flew backwards into the void from the force of the Barbaric Devi’s attack and completely disappeared. 

“Sneaky boy. How could this fellow have so many treasures on him?! He’s a potential threat to us. He must be eliminated!” 

Wuke Manjun’s black eyes flashed, his killing intent became much fiercer than before. He took a step out and continued his hunt from the trail Jiang Chen had left behind. 

At the same time, Ancestor Wuke brought the other four ancestors from the four families and caught up to Wuke Manjun. 

“Where is he?” Ancestor Wuke looked at Wuke Manjun. 

“Gone. That boy has so many treasures on him.” Wuke Manjun said. 

“Kill him. We cannot allow him to go back to the Immortal World. That boy is a threat. He has methods that specifically suppress us, and he could absorb the essence of us barbarians to increase his cultivation. Our Barbarian Race will become his nourishment when the war starts. Not to mention that the Barbarian God Bloodline is also in his hands.” Ancestor Wuke said. 

“Ancestor Wuke. How clumsy of you…. To even lose the Barbarian God Bloodline….” Ancestor Wulei ill-humoredly said. 

“Enough of me. Let’s chase him down first.”

Ancestor Wuke was boiling with madness. A Ninth Grade Barbaric Sovereign like him suffered a loss in the hands of a boy. Not only did he lose the Barbarian God Bloodline, he even suffered an injury from the Golden Feather Fan. 

Jiang Chen unleashed the Great Void Technique to its maximum and continuously appeared between the cracks of the space. 

“Shit. I’ve been locked onto.” Jiang Chen couldn’t help but curse once again.  

The barbarians’ reaction time was faster than he had expected even though he had already unleashed everything he had in his arsenal. Now that he has been locked onto by a Ninth Grade Barbaric Sovereign, he’s not going to be able to get away from them even if he continuously moved between the cracks of space.

What Jiang Chen needed to do was to run back to the Sovereign Domain before those Barbaric Sovereigns tailing him could catch him. He’ll be safe in the Sovereign Domain as there were eight great rulers defending the domain. Not even those Barbaric Sovereigns would dare to attack the Sovereign Domain. Unless they want to start a war. 

*Su… Su… Su….*

Jiang Chen’s body was like a swift flying dragon, appearing here and there like an elusive ghost with the help of the Great Void Technique. 

“How is this bastard so fast?!” Ancestor Wulei cursed. 

They were powerful Ninth Grade Barbaric Sovereigns and they only viewed those Third Grade Great Sovereigns like a speck of dust, it’s impossible for a Third Grade Great Sovereign to get away from them. 

However, the five of them who were working together were still unable to catch up to the human who was only a mere Third Grade Great Sovereign. This is truly preposterous! 

However, this situation also made the old ancestors of the four families understand the threat that Jiang Chen bore, a huge potential threat. Many barbarian warriors will surely fall in the hands of Jiang Chen the moment the war erupted if they do not eliminate him while they still have the chance.

“Inescapable net of the Heavens and Earth.”

Ancestor Wufeng became mad. Wild black waves of wind erupted from his body, causing the whole void to be filled with violent hurricanes in an instant. 

The devastating hurricane formed a large net and engulfed the whole void altogether. 

It was truly an inescapable net, there’s no chance of running away if one were to be caught by it. 

“Shit.” Jiang Chen said. 

The difference between him and a Ninth Grade Barbaric Sovereign was astronomical. Now that he’s trapped in a net made by these winds, it’ll be extremely hard for him to continue his escape. 

“Boy, let’s see how you can escape from this.”

Ancestor Wuke and the other ancestors appeared above Jiang Chen from several thousands of layers of space away. 

“Big brother.”

In the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, Zuo Ling’er saw what was happening outside and was extremely worried. 

However, at this critical moment of life and death, a large golden divine hand suddenly rushed out from countless voids away. That hand had a devastating strength, instantly ripping apart the net that Jiang Chen was trapped into. 

Meanwhile, four incomparably radiant light came from the other side. They then turned into four majestic figures, appearing in front of Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen finally breathed out a sigh of relief after seeing these four figures. The Qi emitted from them was as strong as the five ancestors of the Barbarian Race. They were the apex experts of this world, all of them were powerful Ninth Grade Great Sovereigns. 

Without Jiang Chen guessing, they must be the great rulers of the Sovereign Domain. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have come and save him on such a critical moment. 

Jiang Chen knew that it must be Yang Junlong who’s worried about him that told these Ninth Grade Great Sovereigns about him. After hearing from Yang Junlong, these Ninth Grades had finally realised the severity of the situation, which caused them to depart to the Desolate Ancient Land immediately. Luckily they bumped into Jiang Chen who was being chased down by the five ancestors of the Barbarian Race and managed to save him from them. 

“Sovereign Xuanfeng, Lingtian, Taichong, and Tianming. Great. The four Great Sovereigns of the Immortal World has appeared. Looks like this IS one of your schemes.” Ancestor Wuke fiercely said. 

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