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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2075

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The expression of most people of Wuke Family changed drastically, including Old Ancestor Wuke. Even those that have never seen the Gold Feather Fan had at least heard about its legend. They fear the fan from deep within their hearts, as their peerless Old Ancestor was killed by that very fan in the past. 

It was the bane of the whole Barbarian Race. A scar that no barbarians wanted to talk about. But now, the Gold Feather Fan has emerged once again, causing them tremendous psychological damage. 

However, Ancestor Wuke felt relieved from the fact that it wasn’t Golden Sovereign that held the Gold Feather Fan that has sown terror within the hearts of his people, but just a slightly powerful boy. 

Therefore, Ancestor Wuke made a decision that he has to kill the dragonman today no matter what, then thoroughly destroy the Gold Feather Fan and be rid of this threat toward his people. 

At this moment, a majestic figure suddenly appeared. That elusive figure stood under the Gold Feather Fan as if it was an unparalleled war god. The imposing aura that the figure unleashed was one with the Heavens and Earth. 

“Golden Sovereign!”

Ancestor Wuke shouted out loud, he almost jumped. His throat felt like it was choked by someone as soon as he saw the sudden appearance of that figure. 

“Golden Sovereign died in the last catastrophe, right? How come he’s here now?”

Wuke Manjun was also greatly shocked, his eyes were suddenly filled with fear when he saw the figure of Golden Sovereign. 

It was a legend, a legend of a generation. The name of the Golden Sovereign is as powerful as it was in the past.  

But, the man that should’ve vanished into the tales of the past appeared in front of their eyes once more, making them tremendously shocked. 

The Immortal World was incomparably prosperous in the past, where people like Golden Sovereign, King Zhuxian, Sovereign Zhang Xian, Void Sovereign and many others were born. However, in that age the barbarians also had their experts, enough to rival King Zhuxian. But all of those unparalleled heroes vanished after that catastrophe. 

“No. That’s just a divine sense left behind by Golden Sovereign.”

Ancestor Wuke quickly saw through it and breathed out a sigh of relief. He would’ve immediately summoned all the Ninth Grade Barbaric Sovereigns here and fight if the real Golden Sovereign were to come. 

“Just a divine sense. How powerful could it be?”

Ancestor Wuke’s killing intent filled the skies, he lifted up the walking stick in his hand and slammed it down upon the Gold Feather Fan and the image of Golden Sovereign. 


The void immediately shattered from that strike. The whole world was on the verge of crumbling. A powerful attack from a Ninth Grade Barbaric Sovereign was enough to destroy a world. The whole Wuke Family would’ve vanished if it wasn’t for the battlefield created by Ancestor Wuke.

Golden Sovereign lifted his eyes when the powerful attack approached him. His face was expressionless, his eyes were like two scorching hot suns with a glittering phantom of the Golden Crow Divine Bird. 


Golden Sovereign raised his large hand and picked up the Gold Feather Fan. At this moment, the divine bird etched on the Gold Feather Fan became alive, where it howled and circled around the void. 


The Gold Feather Fan unleashed it’s most powerful aura in the hands of Golden Sovereign. It then turned towards the walking stick of Ancestor Wuke.  


The colour of the Heavens and Earth changed. The void completely collapsed and the residual energy from the clash dispersed from within, destroying many buildings of the Wuke Family. There were even some members of the family who were burnt into nothingness from not being able to evade those energies. 

“Hot Damn.” Jiang Chen grinned.

He had now truly experienced the attack of a Ninth Grade Great Sovereign. That devastating energy that could destroy the Heavens and Earth was impossible to control. 

*Boom… Boom… Boom…*

Ancestor Wuke could only steady his figure after being forced to take a dozen steps back from the attack of Golden Sovereign. His expression became pale white and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. The hand that held his walking stick shivered fiercely. 

Whereas on the other side, the figure of Golden Sovereign gradually disappeared after unleashing that powerful attack. It was the last brilliant ray of light that was left behind by Golden Sovereign in this Heaven and Earth. From now on, no one would be able to see Golden Sovereign again. 

Jiang Chen felt slightly emotional from it. However, he had no choice but to expend it to increase the chances of saving Zuo Ling’er. Only by doing so, would he have a slim chance of survival. 

“This is it.”

Jiang Chen’s reaction was fast and he quickly grabbed the Gold Feather Fan and unleashed the full power of the Great Void Technique, vanishing in the blink of an eye. 

The attack of the Golden Sovereign ripped the blockade created by Ancestor Wuke and it was Jiang Chen’s only chance to run away. 

Jiang Chen would not and dared not to continue fighting. Nothing was more important than running away with his life at this moment. 

“Hunt him down. Do not let him escape!” Ancestor Wuke shouted. 


Wuke Manjun’s aura spiked and he was the first to pursue, with many other Wuke Family experts following behind him. They realized that Golden Sovereign could only attack once, and that Draconian must be stopped. The danger he may cause would be enormous if he managed to get away. 

Meanwhile, Ancestor Wuke took out a black talisman and threw it into the void: “Wind, Rain, Thunder, Lightning. Four Families. Quickly go to the Desolate Ancient Land and pursue the man from the Immortal World.”

The Wuke Family was in good terms with the other four families (Wind, Rain, Thunder and Lightning). Now that he was injured by Golden Sovereign, it’s better to call upon the other four ancestors to pursue the boy. This only showed how serious Ancestor Wuke was when facing Jiang Chen. 

It was also due to the fact that Jiang Chen’s actions were too mysterious. In addition to the Gold Feather Fan, he had no choice but to be serious about it. 

Most importantly, Zuo Ling’er was taken away by Jiang Chen. The prosperity of the barbarians lied upon the bloodline of the Barbarian God and they must get it back. The barbarians would be able to eliminate the Immortal World with the help of that bloodline. But all the things they’ve done would be gone to waste if the bloodline is lost.  


Four extremely powerful Qis appeared from four different locations after Ancestor Wuke sent out his summon, and moved towards the Desolate Ancient Land with extreme speed. 

Four Old Ancestors. Four Ninth Grade Barbaric Sovereigns. 

Ancestor Wuke knew that Jiang Chen was attempting to retreat back to the Immortal World, and he must go through the Desolate Ancient Land first. Now, what they needed to do was to stop Jiang Chen in his tracks in the Desolate Ancient Land before he runs back to the Immortal World. 

Meanwhile, Ancestor Wuke re-adjusted his condition and gave pursuit too. 

Just like what Ancestor Wuke had guessed. The current Jiang Chen was relying on the Great Void Technique to run into the Desolate Ancient Land without looking back, trying his best to return the Immortal World. 

With unceasing pursuers behind him, Jiang Chen had a premonition that the catastrophe will truly come after all the chaos he had created in the Wuke Family. 

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