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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2074

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A Fourth Grade Barbarian Sovereign was killed just a second after he appeared. Seeing what had just transpired, all the masters of the Wuke Family was in a state of great shock. The expression in their eyes as they looked at Jiang Chen had also changed. 

For ages, the Barbarian Race had always had the upper hand when fighting against the people of the Immortal World. If they were at the same grade, the Barbarian Race would always win against the opponent. However, the Fourth Grade Barbarian Sovereign was just killed by a Third Grade Great Sovereign. It was absolutely unimaginable without witnessing this with one’s own eyes. 

Moreover, everyone could sense a strong spiritual pressure coming out from Jiang Chen. The Qi of purest Yang that was released by Jiang Chen terrified them. It seemed like they had encountered their natural enemy.

“Human! Where have you taken our Saintess to?”

Old Ancestor Wuke looked at Jiang Chen and asked. Before killing Jiang Chen, he must find out where the Saintess was right now. Zuo LingEr was the most important thing for him right now. 

“I have already sent her away from Wuke Family. Don’t expect to look for Saintess anymore.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“You are courting death!”

A Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign took action, rushing in front of Jiang Chen in a blink of an eye. He casted a wide range of black traps, trying to lock Jiang Chen up. 


Jiang Chen snorted, he then immediately took out the Heavenly Dragon Sword, and sent out a sword strike. Immediately, the dreadful sword Qi was condensed into a sword web that destroyed all the attacks from the Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign. The sword web even engulfed the opponent completely. More importantly, Jiang Chen’s sword web was carrying boundless firewave, causing unbearable pressure to the barbaric sovereign.

“Damn it! How can this guy be so strong? This flame is exactly my nemesis. I can only display half my strength in front of him.”

The Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign’s countenance fell. Before taking any action, he had full confidence as his cultivation realm was three grades higher compared to Jiang Chen. It was just a piece of cake for him to eliminate a Third Grade Great Sovereign. 

However, the moment he fought Jiang Chen, he realised how amusing his confidence was. Simply an attack from Jiang Chen’s sword had made him feel the sense of death. 

“Go to hell!”

The sword web was torn out fiercely. Even a Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign could not withstand Jiang Chen’s powerful strike and was torn on the spot.

Hu hu…….

The golden wind was howling and it was the strength of devouring. The Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign was immediately devoured by the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda as soon as he died.

Ho Long…

The contribution brought by the Sixth Grade Barbarian Sovereign was undeniably huge. It helped the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda to condense its sixty-seventh floor. At the same time, Jiang Chen gained another ten thousand new dragon marks on his body. His battle strength was much more terrifying than before.

The experts of Wuke Family saw Jiang Chen’s instantaneous changes. They dared not to neglect this. All of them were startled and their faces turned green. They could see that the man who was standing in front of them was no ordinary human, he was monstrous. He even had something that could especially restrain them. He was exactly the Barbarian Race’s biggest threat.

This threat was much stronger compared to the Golden Clan. The bloodline of the Golden Clan could also restrain the Barbarian Race, however, the Golden Clan could never eliminate anyone from the Barbarian Race who was three grades higher than them. The Golden Clan could not do something like what Jiang Chen had done just now. Moreover, he could eliminate someone who was a Great Sovereign.

“Old ancestor, we must eliminate this guy. Not only can he restrain us, he can even absorb our spiritual Qi to strengthen himself. Everytime he kills one of us, his becomes stronger. In this sense, we are allowing him to grow himself, and the Barbarian Race will die in his hand in the end.”

Wuke Manjun said in an extremely serious tone. He finally recognized Jiang Chen. Back in Desolate Ancient Land, he could have killed Jiang Chen if Zuo LingEr had not threatened him with her death.

Wuke Manju vividly remembered that Jiang Chen was only an insignificant Immortal Venerable when he first him. It was not too long ago, but now he had advanced to the Third Grade Great Sovereign realm. The speed of his advancement was actually quite shocking.

Looking at Jiang Chen now, Wuke Manjun began to feel regret letting him go that day. However, fortunately Jiang Chen now came into Barbarian World by himself, so they could eliminate him now, leaving no future troubles.

“Let me restrain him. Before killing him, we have to find the Saintess first.”

Old Ancestor Wuke said coldly. He was not an idiot, he had realized how mystical this dragonman was. He could not let a person like Jiang Chen go without paying any price. If Jiang Chen managed to run away from Wuke Family today, he would become a nightmare to the Barbarian Race in the coming catastrophe.


A boundlessly formidable airwaves burst out from Old Ancestor Wuke’s body. It was like a strong tide flooding towards Jiang Chen madly. If those airwaves managed to crash over Jiang Chen, he would either die on the spot or be injured severely. Once he was trapped in the airwaves, he would be in Old Ancestor Wuke’s complete control. If this was really the case, it was impossible for him to escape.

Jiang Chen’s pupil became dazzling, he dared not confront with a Ninth Grade Barbarian Sovereign face-to-face despite his confidence. At this moment, he immediately cast the highest level of Great Void Technique, trying to escape from Wuke Family. Jiang Chen knew that he could not pester them anymore after killing two Barbarian Sovereigns. There were no benefits to be gained if he kept pestering the family. The most urgent thing for him to do now was to bring Zuo LingEr out and escape.

“You are fast, but don’t even think about running away from Wuke Family. In your dreams. ”

The Old Ancestor’s facial expression was apathetic and his killing intent was towering. He took up the crutch in his hand and pointed it to Jiang Chen. A black radiance flowed out immediately. That black radiance was like the most vicious thing in the heavens and earth. 

The entire void was imprisoned and the world was frozen. The black radiance was aiming towards Jiang Chen, leaving no place for Jiang Chen to escape.

A strong sense of danger welled from the bottom of Jiang Chen’s heart. Under the imprisonment of the black radiance, he could sense that his body was out of his control. It had been a long time since he last felt this kind of threat of death.

A Ninth Grade Great Sovereign was simply too terrifying. He was incomparable to an Eighth Grade Great Sovereign as he was the most formidable under the heavens and earth. Any strike from a Ninth Grade Great Sovereign could destroy everything.

“Golden Feather Fan, it’s all on you.”

Jiang Chen waved his arm and the huge Golden Feather Fan appeared in an instant. It was floating above his head. The Golden Feather Fan was his only hope now. He clearly knew that he had only one chance and that was Golden Sovereign’s full strike which was sealed inside the Golden Feather Fan. He had to rely on this full strike to defeat Old Ancestor Wuke and break free from the imprisonment. Then he would escape with his Great Void Technique.

The Golden Feather Fan was the source of Jiang Chen’s current confidence. He believed that Golden Sovereign’s strike was absolutely not something Old Ancestor Wuke could withstand easily.   

Hu Hu……

The size of the huge Golden Feather Fan was around hundreds zhàng. As soon as the huge fan appeared, it gave out infinite golden brilliance and flames, illuminating the entire sky above the Wuke Family.

“Damn it! The Golden Feather Fan! Why did this fan reappear in this world?”

Looking at the Golden Feather Fan, Old Ancestor Wuke couldn’t help exclaiming. He was too familiar with this treasure as he had witnessed its might in the previous catastrophe.

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