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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2070

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For the remainder of the time, Jiang Chen led the people of Wuke Family and exterminated the prodigies of the Wuzi and Wuhuang Family from all over the place. As a result, the prodigies all over the Desolate Ancient Land started to fear the name, Wuke Shan. Especially the people of the Wuzi and Wuhuang Family, as nearly a thousand experts from their family had died in the hands of Wuke Shan. 

It was the first time that such a high number of deaths had happened in the Desolate Ancient Land. Jiang Chen’s aim for doing this was to deepen the hatred between the families. 

This was also what he truly wanted to see. Since the Barbarian World will attack the Immortal World soon, it would be great if he could incite hatred and dispute within the internal structure of the Barbarian World. It was undoubtedly great news for the Immortal World. 

“The trial is ending soon. Motherf**ker. The pressure of this trial is too much. A madman has appeared in the Wuke Family, killing off people here and there, disregarding others.”

“Alright. Stop talking. No one had expected Wuke Shan to suddenly become so powerful. Luckily he only picked the people of Wuzi and Wuhuang Family. We’ll be fine as long as we don’t annoy him.”

“Yeah…. The Wuhuang and Wuzi Family lost too much this time. To have so many prodigies die in a short amount of time, I wonder if the two families would take any action after the trial.”


Many people were discussing, and the name of Wuke Shan was in the spotlight. Prior to the event, Wuke Shan was just an ‘okay-ish’ prodigy; he wasn’t really famous among the prodigies of the Barbarian World.  However, he became an existence that couldn’t be ignored after the trial in the Ancient Desolate Land. 

The trial was ending and the attendees had almost stopped their activities of killing each other. At the moment, they were standing by in a vast flat terrain. A gateway would open in a short while. They would then leave this place and return to their families. 

The twelve different families, twelve different camps. No matter what killings had happened here, everyone must stop and await the opening of the gateway. 

It was one of the processes of the trial since the past. Those who have died would stay dead, this only showed their incompetence. Now that the trial has ended, all killing automatically stopped too. 

The people of Wuzi and Wuhuang Family wore a pale expression. Their numbers were obviously lesser compared to the others, and all of these was due to the rise of Wuke Shan.  

Suddenly, several experts of the Wuke Family appeared from afar. The leader was none other than Jiang Chen, who was disguised as Wuke Shan. 

The others behind Wuke Shan was in high morale with their expression filled with arrogance. Their gaze towards Wuke Shan was of worship. After following him and killing many enemies for a day, they felt exhilarated. It was their best day in the whole trial. 

“Look! Wuke Shan is coming. He has become extremely violent after his advancement.”

“Yeah. His methods are extremely cruel. He’ll definitely be valued by the Wuke Family after he returns. Perhaps he’ll even gain focused training from his family.”

“Obviously! He’s THAT ruthless even towards us barbarians. The moment we attack the Immortal World in the future, he’ll be even more cruel and will probably be the main force of the attack.”


Everyone’s gaze was focused on Wuke Shan. No matter what, on this day, he had become a celebrity. 

“Halt! Wuke Shan.”

At this moment, a loud shout was heard. Everyone then saw two buffed men blocking Jiang Chen’s way. 

They were at the First Grade Barbaric Sovereign realm and were from the Wuzi and Wuhuang Family. They were the same as Wuke Shan, managing to raise their ranks during the trial. 

At this moment, their killing intent had filled the sky. Looks like they weren’t going to let this matter go. 

If this was in the past, no killing and battles were allowed after the trial has ended. 

But this time was different, the people of the Wuzi and Wuhuang family faced a massive loss, and their honour was tarnished. As experts from the two great families, it wouldn’t be right if they didn’t try to regain some of their honour. 

“Brother Shan. What now?” Wuke Hong asked. 

“You guys go ahead. I’ll face them myself.” Jiang Chen said.

“Then… Be careful Brother Shan.” 

Wuke Hong waved his hand and led the others to stand on their family’s camp. Their expression was filled with arrogance and pride. They were extremely confident towards Jiang Chen after witnessing his strength in the last 24 hours. 

“You two better not raise your hands against me, otherwise… You’ll die a horrible death.” Jiang Chen said to the two. 

“Enough bullshit. Wuke Shan. You’ve become a Barbaric Sovereign and according to the rules, you cannot touch those who are under the Barbaric Sovereign realm. However, you didn’t just attack them, you even killed many of our brothers. This debt must be paid!” The prodigy of the Wuhuang Family said. 

“Who are you to clamour in front of me?! Foolish ant!”

Jiang Chen immediately raised his aura and then struck that First Grade Barbaric Sovereign. 


That person gasped in surprise. He had never thought that Wuke Shan would strike without warning. Furthermore, the attack looked extremely terrifying, he could feel an imminent threat from the attack alone. 

The prodigy from the Wuhuang Family shouted as he countered the attack with a strong qi wave. 



Jiang Chen’s palm overpowered the prodigy’s attack without effort and was utterly destroyed. After that, the prodigy let out a blood-curdling scream after one of his arms was torn away by Jiang Chen, causing a fountain of blood to burst from his shoulder. 


Everyone gasped. Such a scene was too shocking for them. For Wuke Shan to be THIS powerful even though they were both at the First Grade Barbaric Sovereign realm was just too much! 


A violent qi wave and pressure was unleashed from Jiang Chen’s body. It was the aura of a Second Grade Barbaric Sovereign. 

“Look! Wuke Shan is already a Second Grade Barbaric Sovereign, and not a First. What fortuitous encounter did that fellow bump into?! For him to jump straight to the Second Grade?!”

“No wonder he’s so powerful. He’s already a Second Grade Barbaric Sovereign… a true prodigy it is…”

Countless people couldn’t control their feelings. As the gap between a Second Grade and First Grade Barbaric Sovereign wasn’t small.

It was also because the strength Jiang Chen had unleashed was just too powerful, he had to purposely let out the cultivation of a Second Grade Barbaric Sovereign. Now, this would reduce the suspicion placed on him. Otherwise, everyone would suspect how Wuke Shan became so powerful, instantly killing others of the same cultivation level. 

In this case, people would start to think of Wuke Shan’s past talent and start to suspect him. 

However, it’ll be different if he was a Second Grade Barbaric Sovereign. They would think that he got an extremely great fortuitous encounter and raised two levels of cultivation realm, and this will certainly not raise any suspicions. 

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