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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2068

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A mountainous pressure came crashing upon him, causing his expression to become pale white. Even though he’s a Half-step Great Sovereign, he couldn’t move a finger. 

“Answer my question, or else you’re going to die a horrible death.”

The white-robed youngster’s tone was extremely cold. This youngster who had suddenly appeared was none other than Jiang Chen. 

“You’re a human and yet you dared to sneak into the Desolate Ancient Land. You’re truly fearless, but I, Wuke Shan, will not bow down to you humans. It won’t be long before our world attacks the Immortal World, slaughtering every living being in your world.”

Wuke Shan was completely under Jiang Chen’s control. But his words were still filled with the arrogance of the Barbarian Race. Deep within their hearts, their bloodline was superior and nobler compared to the humans. 


Jiang Chen, did not want to listen to Wuke Shan’s bullshit anymore, and unleashed a flame wave, instantly engulfing Wuke Shan. 


Immediately, a blood-curdling cry could be heard. There’s a great disparity in strength between Jiang Chen and Wuke Shan that couldn’t be ignored. In addition, the barbarians were extremely weak against Jiang Chen’s flame. As if they were the natural enemy of the barbarians. It burned straight into the soul of Wuke Shan, causing unimaginable pain to him. 

“My patience has its limits, you better not challenge me.” Jiang Chen said in an extremely chilling tone. 

He’s unforgiving when it comes to the barbarians. Wuke Shan would already be dead if it wasn’t for Jiang Chen wanting to extract some information from him. 

Wuke Shan was in excruciating pain with his soul burning unceasingly, and under such pain he eventually gave in. 

“What do you want to know?” Wuke Shan said. 


Jiang Chen took out his hand and retrieved the flame from his body and said: “Where is Wuke Ling’er now? Is she in the Desolate Ancient Land?”

“The saintess had just advanced to the Great Sovereign realm not too long ago. She won’t come here. My family’s old ancestor will carry out a blood ritual and extract the Barbarian God Bloodline from the saintess three days later.” Wuke Shan did not dare to hide anything and told Jiang Chen whatever he knew. 

Jiang Chen’s expression immediately changed after hearing this, thinking that his guess was correct. Now that Zuo Ling’er had advanced to the Great Sovereign realm, the old ancestor of the Wuke Family started to move. She would become extremely miserable once her bloodline was extracted from her body. Furthermore, it would be disastrous for the Immortal World if a Barbaric Sovereign were to obtain the Barbarian God Bloodline. 

“When is your trial going to end?” Jiang Chen asked.

The time he had was limited, he had to quickly sneak into the Barbarian World and into the Wuke Family. There are only three more days until Zuo Ling’er’s blood sacrifice. This time, no matter what, Jiang Chen must save her. Jiang Chen would blame himself forever if anything were to happen to Zuo Ling’er. 

“It’ll end tomorrow. I’ve already told you everything you wanted to know, could you not kill me?” Wuke Shan said, his eyes were filled with fear and dread.


Jiang Chen slapped the top of Wuke Shan’s skull. Having already heard what he wanted to know, Wuke Shan has lost his purpose. Somebody else might lose their lives in the hands of Wuke Shan when they attack the Immortal World if he’s left alive. 

Afterwards, Jiang Chen’s facial feature started to distort, changing into Wuke Shan’s face. He even changed his skeleton structure to Wuke Shan’s figure. Jiang Chen then unleashed the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda and absorbed Wuke Shan’s barbarian qi. The absorbed barbarian qi was not refined by the pagoda, it was instead used by Jiang Chen to mask himself. 

With the barbarian qi masking him, Jiang Chen had thoroughly become Wuke Shan. From his face, figure and even the unique barbarian qi was identical to Wuke Shan. 

This was Jiang Chen’s special technique that he had used before. However, this technique has a time limit, he could only maintain it for three to five days at most after reaching the Third Grade Great Sovereign realm. After that, he’ll be completely exposed. 

But three to five days was already enough for Jiang Chen. Not even the ones closest to Wuke Shan could differentiate whether he’s the real thing or not with his current appearance.

Jiang Chen changed into Wuke Shan’s appearance for the purpose of waiting for the end of the trial and sneak into the Wuke Family. The only pity was that Jiang Chen wasn’t able to get Wuke Shan’s memory. 

In other words, Jiang Chen only has the appearance of Wuke Shan but he doesn’t have any information regarding the Wuke Family. 

However, Jiang Chen was sure that Wuke Shan was one of Wuke Family’s prodigies. Naturally, his title of prodigy was for those that were under the Great Sovereign realm. Wuke Shan was already at the peak of Half-step Sovereign realm but he might still not be an important figure in the entire family. However, he’s considered to be a top contender when compared to the others attending this trial as if he was the representative of Wuke Family. 

After killing Wuke Shan, Jiang Chen’s body immediately vanished and flew towards the deeper region of the Desolate Ancient Land. He could use the identity of Wuke Shan to make some moves since it was a trial of the Barbarian World. At least he could shave some of the Barbarian World’s strength away. If not, wouldn’t he be wasting his time coming here? 

A battle could be seen on a desolate black mountain. Jiang Chen saw at least thirty people locked in battle, mostly Immortal Venerables with three Half-Sovereigns. 

These people were wearing three different types of uniform with a symbol sewn on their chest. They were clearly from three different families. 

Three factions, one with black clothes, the others were purple and yellow. The people in black clothes were from the Wuke Family. According to what Scarlet Heaven Great Sovereign had told him, the purple ones must be Wuzi Family and the yellow ones from Wuhuang Family.

At this moment, the three factions were fighting against each other for a big pale-grey rock. The rock was as tall as a person with considerable energy stored within. Jiang Chen could see that it must be a useful energy-based treasure for the barbarians, just like the Immortal World’ Meta Stones. Moreover, it seemed to be a top-grade item which caused such a competition. 

Furthermore, the trial of the Barbarian Race was incomparably savage. As long as the Desolate Ancient Land was opened, the people who entered here must fight for their lives when they meet an opponent. 

There was an abundance of people in the Barbarian Race. It has always been like this since the past, with the strong preying on the weak. This created the ferocity of the Barbarian Race. 

The people of the Wuzi Family and Wuhuang Family chose to ally themselves with each other after a fierce battle. Twenty people surrounded a dozen people from the Wuke Family, only then were they able to cause the people of Wuke Family to suffer some casualties. 

Jiang Chen caught all of these, but he wasn’t hasty to show his hand. Let those bunch of people kill each other first and he’ll come out and save one or two people from the Wuke Family. With the goal of sneaking into the Wuke Family tomorrow, even though he doesn’t like it, he had to help the Wuke Family for the sake of his goal. 

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