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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2067

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“I plan to infiltrate the Barbarian World and sneak into the Wuke Family.” Jiang Chen said.


Yang Junlong immediately rejected the plan. “ Jiang Chen, you’re no fool. You’ve seen what the Wuke Family is capable of, yet you still want to go to them and rescue her. Let’s not talk about you, not even a Ninth Grade Great Sovereign would be able to succeed. Furthermore, the extreme yang qi in your body is extremely obvious, there’s nothing barbaric about it, it’ll be easily detected by them.”

“I have my ways. But Ling’er must be saved. I must try at least once. I’m not here to discuss this with you, I’m only here to visit you.” Jiang Chen said with extreme firmness, leaving no space for discussion. 

“Jiang Chen, this matter needs further planning. How about I go and meet the eight great territorial lords and discuss countermeasures for it,” Yang Junlong said.

He knew Jiang Chen’s character, one that walks the talk, it would be difficult to change the decision he had already made. He had experienced it when Jiang Chen went to rescue Big Yellow. For the sake of rescuing his friend, he would go through the hells of purgatory and stake his life for them.

“Eight great territorial lords?” Jiang Chen questioned. 

“The territorial lords that control the Sovereign Domain. They’re all Ninth Grade Great Sovereigns. The matter of the Barbarian God Bloodline is too important, we need to discuss this with the territorial lords and they’ll surely take it seriously.” Yang Junlong said. 

“Looks like Scarlet Heaven Great Sovereign is right, the number of Ninth Grade Great Sovereign is definitely lesser than the Barbarian World.” 

Jiang Chen thought. Even though he wasn’t familiar with Sovereign Domain, Scarlet Heaven Great Sovereign was sure that the Ninth Grade Great Sovereigns of the Immortal World was definitely lesser compared to the Barbarian World. 

From what Yang Junlong has said, there are eight Ninth Grade Great Sovereigns in Sovereign Domain, counting the supreme elder of the Golden Clan, that’s a total of nine. However the Barbarian World have twelve. 

Even though it was just a difference of three, if that difference was in the number of Ninth Grade Great Sovereigns, just a single difference would change the whole war, a difference of three would surely be disastrous. 

Jiang Chen could already imagine that the coming catastrophe would be extremely terrifying for the Immortal World, it would be akin to the end of the world. 

After thinking about it, Jiang Chen felt the great need to quickly increase his strength. With the situation at hand, the fastest and surefire way to grow stronger was to rely on the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. The benefit that the barbarians of the Barbarian World could give was nourishment for the pagoda. 

In other words, if Jiang Chen wanted to quickly increase his strength, he needed to wait for the catastrophe to truly come and grow during the event. 

“Senior, while we wait for the eight territorial lords to make a decision, Ling’er may have already been sacrificed. Furthermore, you’ve said it yourself, even if the Ninth Grade Great Sovereigns were to personally act, the chances of them saving her from the Wuke Family would be extremely low. However, if I go alone, the chances would be higher, as for the problem of my qi and aura, I have my own solution.”

Jiang Chen said while he firmly stroked at the void and up a big hole out of nowhere, a chillingly cold qi poured out from within it. It was the pathway towards the Desolate Ancient Land. 

“Alright, Jiang Chen. I know I can’t change your mind after you’ve made your decision. I also know that you’re heaven-defyingly good and a miracle worker. However, it’s different this time, no matter what you must be extremely careful. Put your safety as the top priority.” Yang Junlong saw that he couldn’t stop Jiang Chen and said with a sigh.

In fact, Jiang Chen’s attitude of going forward regardless of the cost was something that Yang Junlong admired about him.

“Relax, senior. There are already many people who wanted to take my life since long ago, but look at me, aren’t I still alive and well until now?” 

Jiang Chen smiled and saluted Yang Junlong with his fist clasped. He then disappeared into the Desolate Ancient Land. 

The Desolate Ancient Land was a shared space between the Sovereign Domain and Barbarian World. In fact, it was actually a place that belonged to the Barbarian World. 

The whole space was filled with an ancient and chillingly cold qi. Barbaric qi and the qi of slaughter could be found floating everywhere. 

After Jiang Chen entered the space, he quickly flew towards the Barbarian World as he was already familiar with the topography. 

Jiang Chen had entered the inner region of the Desolate Ancient Land in a flash. He found that the barbaric qi was much denser compared to the past. 


A fierce battle was on going in front of him, even though the distance was far, he could see a bunch of barbarians in a fierce battle against each other.  

“The people of the Barbarian World has come here for their trial again.”

Jiang Chen frowned. But he soon understood that because the Barbarian World would soon attack the Immortal World they would initiate a trial once in a while to prepare them. 

The trial of the Barbarian World was extremely savage and vicious. If one were to meet an opponent, they would have to fight for their lives. 

Such a trial was able to increase the overall strength of the Barbarian World. Making the originally savage barbarians become much more bloodthirsty and crazier. 

After going through such a life-and-death trial, those barbarians would be able to show their superiority the moment they stepped into battle. At that time, the gap between the humans and barbarians would be evident. 

One could imagine that if a human of the same level were to face a barbarian one-on-one, the human would have zero chances in victory.  

Jiang Chen sighed as he was worried about the catastrophe that would come. 

Jiang Chen disseminated his spiritual energy and found that the scale of this trial was much bigger than the past. However, the strongest ones were only at the Half-step Sovereign realm. This wasn’t a threat to him if he really faced such a force. 


He unleashed the Great Void Technique and appeared in many different places as if he was a ghost. 

A single barbarian was separated from his group not too far from Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen rushed forward and grabbed the barbarian’s neck, his strong qi instantly engulfed the barbarian’s body. 

“Don’t speak if you wish to live.” Jiang Chen’s voice was extremely cold. 

Even though the barbarian was a Immortal Venerable, he wasn’t a match for Jiang Chen, he was akin to an ant before Jiang Chen, extremely weak. 

“You, you’re a human?” The barbarian looked at Jiang Chen and said tremblingly. 

“Tell me, which family are you from?”

Jiang Chen asked, without paying attention to his question. 

“Wuchi Family.” The man honestly replied. 

“Where is the Wuke Family’s clansmen?” Jiang Chen asked again. 

“I don’t know, eh. The twelve great families underwent the trial together, they’ve mixed up all together. However I’ve just escaped from several Wuke clansmen’s attack.” The man said. 

“Where?” Jiang Chen said.

“Over there.” The man pointed. 

* Pak!*

Jiang Chen put his strength into his palm and crushed the barbarian with a slap. He didn’t need to be courteous towards the barbarians and there wasn’t a need to talk about credit. 


Jiang Chen’s speed was extremely fast, he flew towards the direction where the person had pointed and found three barbarians in a mountain valley. 

Those three people were looking for something. Suddenly, two rays of light flashed through and pierced their skulls, their brains immediately shattered and died miserably on the spot. 

“Who is it?!”

The remaining one immediately displayed an expression of fear.

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