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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2066

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Jiang Chen knew that the image of Golden Sovereign was his strongest trump card at the moment, and this would probably play an important role when he reached the Barbarian World. 

Jiang Chen could unleash that attack any time he wanted after he had taken complete control of the fan. Yet, pitifully, there’s only one attack that could take on a Ninth Grade Barbaric Sovereign. It’ll be awesome if it could be unleashed continuously. 

However, that’s obviously unrealistic, Golden Sovereign would have to come back to life if Jiang Chen wanted to unleash it without limit.

Jin Chixiao was extremely excited when he saw how quick Jiang Chen took the fan under control and gained its approval. 

“Good! Good! Very Good! Jiang Chen, you’re truly the chosen one by Golden Sovereign. No one could control the Golden Feather Fan other than you.”

Jin Chixiao repeatedly said ‘good’ three times. When he saw the whole process of Jiang Chen taking the fan under control, he now truly understood that Jiang Chen was the one chosen by Golden Sovereign. It was already fated the moment Jiang Chen received the Sun Divine Feather in the Golden Horizon. If not, Jiang Chen wouldn’t have been able to take the fan under control so quickly. 

Initially, Jin Chixiao thought that Jiang Chen would’ve at least encounter a strong resistance and difficulty in the process, but he had never guessed that Jiang Chen would just take it as if it was his from the beginning. 

“Now that I’ve obtained the Golden Feather Fan, I’ve got another strong trump card in my arsenal. I plan to depart to the Barbarian World immediately,” Jiang Chen said.

He didn’t want to dawdle anymore as the trip to the Barbarian World could no longer be delayed as Zuo Ling’er’s life could be in immediate danger. 

“Alright, since you’ve made your decision, go. The Barbarian World is dangerous. Not even I had stepped foot into that place, be extra careful.”

Jin Chixiao said: “But before you leave, I’ll briefly tell you about the general situation of the Barbarian World. There are twelve great families in that world. Each family has a Ninth Grade Barbaric Sovereign guarding it. Other than the Wuke Family that you’ve bumped into last time, there’s also the Rainbow, Wind, Rain, Thunder and Lightning Family. The Rainbow Family consists of seven families, namely: Chi, Cheng, Huang, Lü, Qing, Lan, Zhi Family. Your main target this time is the Wuke Family, try not to offend the other families. The moment you returned from the Barbarian World, I estimate that’ll be the time when the Barbarian World launches their attack. When the catastrophe comes, it’ll be the same as the last. There’ll be barbarian experts descending upon every place, not just the Sovereign Domain.”

After listening to Jin Chixiao, Jiang Chen’s expression became serious. The strength of the Barbarian World was much more terrifying than what he expected. The Wuke Family was already strong as it is, he guessed that there would be another three or four other families like them, but he never expected that there are another twelve families like them. 

“How many Ninth Grade Great Sovereigns are there in our world?” Jiang Chen asked. 

“Truthfully, our clan has a Supreme Elder with a Ninth Grade Great Sovereign cultivation realm. As for the Sovereign Domain, I’m not sure. The Golden Clan had already disappeared when the Sovereign Domain was created. But I’m sure that the number of Ninth Grades that our world possesses is lesser than that of the Barbarian World. Therefore, Jiang Chen, you must quickly grow stronger, our time is not enough.” Jin Chixiao patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder and said sincerely. 

“I understand.”

Jiang Chen nodded his head. He then said goodbye to Jin Chixiao and tore a portal towards the Sovereign Domain and disappeared into it. 

When the cultivators of the Immortal World reached the Great Sovereign realm, they could feel the existence of the Sovereign Domain and could immediately open up a portal towards the Sovereign Domain and enter it. 

The basic requirement in entering the Sovereign Domain was to reach the Great Sovereign realm. Entering it was easy, but going out was hard. Since the founding of the Sovereign Domain, the Great Sovereigns who had entered the Sovereign Domain were not allowed to return. Yang Junlong was a great example. When the Great Qian Empire was in peril, Yang Junlong could only send his clone to help. 

Sovereign Domain, Quicksand City!

This city was located at the border of the Sovereign Domain. It was tranquil as always. Jiang Chen arrived at the Quicksand City after his arrival at the domain. 

When they were rescuing Big Yellow, Yang Junlong did not hesitate to risk his life to follow them into the Desolate Ancient Land. Jiang Chen felt that it was necessary to visit this senior after reaching Quicksand City. 

There were two First Grade Great Sovereigns guarding outside of the city gate of Quicksand City. They quickly stopped him when they saw someone approaching the city. 

“Well? Aren’t you that youngster following the Lord that time? Why are you here again?”

“Yeah. I recognise you. But that time you’re only an Immortal Venerable. Never thought that you’ve become a Great Sovereign in such a short amount of time.”

The two of them said. A Great Sovereign’s memory was terrifyingly good. Their impression of Jiang Chen was deep since their last meeting. Since everyone in this place was a Great Sovereign, a sudden appearance of a non-Great Sovereign would naturally invoke a deep impression on the people who saw him. 

“En. I’m here to see Senior Yang.”

Jiang Chen smiled at both of them.


When Jiang Chen just finished his words, a light rushed from within the city and landed beside him in the blink of an eye. It was none other than Yang Junlong. 

The current Yang Junlong had reached the Seventh Grade Great Sovereign realm, one level higher than the last time they met. He noticed Jiang Chen’s arrival and came at a moment’s notice. 

Jiang Chen wasn’t surprised when Yang Junlong had advanced another level, as people like Yang Junlong possessed a limitless future. 

But Yang Junlong, on the other hand, was in deep shock. He stared at Jiang Chen with his eyes wide open, as if he was seeing a ghost. 

“Senior, why are you looking at me like that?” Jiang Chen rolled his eyes. 

“Little prick. You’re extraordinary! Third Grade Great Sovereign realm! How long has it been?!”

Yang Junlong was speechless. He rarely admires a person. But Jiang Chen was certainly one that had gone way over his expectation, the most terrifying genius he had ever seen. 

“Oh right. Something must be happening right? For you to come to the Sovereign Domain.” Yang Junlong asked. 

He understood Jiang Chen, such a person wouldn’t come in this place that quickly. Since a Third Grade Great Sovereign wasn’t required to come to the Sovereign Domain yet. 

“I’ve come to save Ling’er,” Jiang Chen said.

“You’re talking about the little missy with the complete Barbarian God Bloodline?”

Yang Junlong’s expression changed. He remembered Zuo Ling’er clearly. He wouldn’t be standing here chatting if it wasn’t for Zuo Ling’er.

“Yes. I had a premonition that Ling’er’s life is in great danger. Therefore, I need to go and save her.” Jiang Chen said.

“What are you planning? Ling’er is in the Barbarian World and is under the care of the Wuke Family, how are you going to save her?” Yang Junlong asked. 

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