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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2065

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Jin Tianyuan, being sincerely convinced of his defeat, did not have a shred of obstinacy. At this moment, not even a shred of jealousy was left within him, since a person like him only respects powerful experts. He thoroughly respected Jiang Chen after being defeated by him. 

For Jin Tianyuan, losing was not something shameful. This mentality was something good. 

As for the Golden Feather Fan, Jin Tianyuan did not dare think much of it. As only the strongest person is qualified to possess it. Jiang Chen being stronger than him was naturally much more qualified than him. 

Jiang Chen reverted back to his human form and gave Jin Tianyuan a slight nod, realizing that Jin Tianyuan was a good person. 

“Incredible. This Jiang Chen is truly a heavenl-defying guy. Not even Jin Tianyuan is his match, Jin Tianyuan was perfectly smacked.”

“I’ve said it before, Brother Tianyuan will be in danger if he really faced Jiang Chen. The result is just like my expectation. This Jiang Chen is truly incredible. ”

“Jiang Chen is now a member of our clan. Whether it was him or Brother Tianyuan who obtains the Golden Feather Fan, we should be happy.”


The people of the Golden Clan was shocked by how Jin Tianyuan was defeated by Jiang Chen. However, this result was immediately accepted by most of them since Jiang Chen was already part of the Golden Clan. Nobody would say anything if either one of them wins. 

“Jiang Chen, follow me.” 

Jin Chixiao waved at Jiang Chen. He then stroked at the void with his large palm, and a crack immediately appeared from the void and his body disappeared into it. Jiang Chen too did not dawdle and followed him into the crack. 

Many people looked at the disappearing Jiang Chen with eyes full of envy. They knew that Jiang Chen was going to receive the inheritance of the Golden Feather Fan, and if he managed to control the fan, his position in the clan would become immensely high. Shooting up straight for the next candidate for the position of patriarch. 

In a completely secluded space of only a hundred li radius in size where scarlet golden rays of light could be seen everywhere, only a single fan could be found and nothing around it. Only that fan was much too garish. 

Jiang Chen gazed towards the floating fan that emitted intense heat and scarlet golden rays, as if it was an extremely hot sun. The fan was a hundred zhang big, a truly giant fan. 

The fan emitted an ancient aura. Noble and gigantic, nine life-like golden divine crows could be seen embedded on top of it. The sun fire energy it held within was tyrannically big. 

“This is the Golden Feather Fan?”

Jiang Chen’s gaze fell upon the Golden Feather Fan, unable to move his gaze away, as the allure it possessed was much too powerful. 

It was the purest form of Yang energy, one could see that it possessed an extremely suppressive effect on the Barbarian Race from the aura it emitted alone. 

“You’re right, that is the Golden Feather Fan left behind by Golden Sovereign. You could easily kill a Seventh Grade Barbaric Sovereign with your current cultivation if you’re able to use the fan.”

Jin Chixiao said: “Of course, you’ll have to first gain the approval of the fan, only then could you take control of it and unleash its full potential.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen’s expression changed. He had already tested the strength of those Barbaric Sovereigns: he could easily kill a Sixth Grade Barbaric Sovereign with his cultivation level and suppressive element. However, it’ll be hard for him to kill a Seventh Grade, but with the help of the fan, it wouldn’t be a problem for him. He could even go toe-to-toe with an Eighth Grade Barbaric Sovereign.  

“If I acquire the Golden Feather Fan, I’ll gain another trump card in my arsenal.”

Jiang Chen’s pupil shone, his gaze was fixed on the floating Golden Feather Fan. 

“As far as I know, there’s an image of Golden Sovereign left behind in the Golden Feather Fan. That image could unleash a single attack, a single strike with Golden Sovereign’s full strength. If one were to use it wisely, that attack could even kill a Ninth Grade Barbaric Sovereign.” Jin Chixiao said. 


Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen immediately gasped and his eyes widened. The temptation had become much too great for him. 

In other words, there’s a full powered attack from Golden Sovereign in the Golden Feather Fan. A peak attack that’s enough to kill a Ninth Grade Barbaric Sovereign. It’s rather terrifying…. 

“Of course, there’s another name for a Great Sovereign the moment they reached the Ninth Grade realm, and that’s Peerless Great Sovereign. The reason is that a Ninth Grade Sovereign is in a whole different level, the difference between an Eighth Grade and Ninth Grade is indescribable. I’ll give you an example, Jiang Chen, you could defeat a powerful enemy three levels higher than you, but if the opponent is a Ninth Grade Sovereign, that effect of ‘skipping level’ would be greatly diminished.” Jin Chixiao said. 

Jiang Chen silently nodded. He also understood this point, a Ninth Grade Great Sovereign is an extremely terrifying existence. For example, he could easily kill an Eighth Grade Great Sovereign the moment he stepped into the Fifth Grade Great Sovereign realm. However, even if he’s already a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he could beat a Ninth Grade Great Sovereign, he must at least be a Seventh Grade Great Sovereign to kill a Ninth Grade Great Sovereign. 

“Alright, Jiang Chen, try to communicate with the Golden Feather Fan, and see whether you could become its inheritor.” 

Jin Chixiao looked at Jiang Chen with a slightly nervous expression. He too hoped that Jiang Chen could control the Golden Feather Fan. It’ll be a massive loss for the whole Immortal World if no one was able to take control of the fan with the catastrophe close at hand. 

Jiang Chen took a deep breath and took two big steps forward. Then, the Sun Divine Feather appeared in his hand. 

Jiang Chen held the Sun Divine Feather and threw it upwards. The feather was immediately absorbed into the Golden Feather Fan by a strong attraction force. 


The Golden Feather Fan gave out a fierce buzz after the Sun Divine Feather was absorbed into it. The buzzing sound was extremely grating. Jiang Chen had already imbued his consciousness into the Sun Divine Feather. 

“Golden Feather Fan. Come.”

Jiang Chen commanded the Golden Feather Fan. He waved his hand and grabbed towards the Golden Feather Fan. 


A crashing sound was heard and the Golden Feather Fan moved. The hundred zhang large fan began to shrink, until it shrunk into the size of a palm in a blink of an eye. It then quickly fell into Jiang Chen’s hands. 

The moment the Golden Feather Fan fell into his hand, Jiang Chen could immediately feel that the fan had his strong consciousness existing within. The fan and him has now become inseparable and he could fully control it. 

Jiang Chen’s divine sense seeped into the fan and immediately saw an image in the deepest part of the fan. A ten zhang tall man wearing a golden battle armour could be seen floating in the space, standing tall and prideful. 

“Golden Sovereign.”

Jiang Chen’s expression was filled with respect. He knew it, even though he couldn’t clearly see the man’s face. But the man clad in golden armour was surely Golden Sovereign, the one-time attack left behind in the Golden Feather Fan. 

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