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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2062

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“Chief, that guy is truly extraordinary. He has ignited the bloodline energy in the Golden Pagoda. Even we can not do that. No wonder he had managed to obtain the recognition of the Sun Divine Feather.”

An elder said in shock.

“Let’s see. This Jiang Chen is really not a normal guy. He has showed extraordinarily great fortune compared to others.”

Jin Chixiao said. He had heard of the things Jiang Chen did in the past. That’s why he valued Jiang Chen.

How Jiang Chen controlled the Sun Divine Feathers showed that he had gained Golden Sovereign’s recognition. This was very important, or else Jin Chixiao would not simply let an outsider to be a part of the Golden Clan.

Above the Golden Pagoda, the red Golden Crow Divine Bird’s shadow was reflected on the cave. The brilliance was filling everywhere, drawing all the attention of the people of the Golden Clan.

This scene had undeniably created enormous turbulence among the Golden Clan as anything relevant to the bloodline in the Golden Pagoda was the most important. For ages, the people of the Golden Clan might have obtained the bloodline energy, but none of them had ignited the hidden essence of bloodline energy before.

Because of that, the people in the clan really wanted to see who could ignite the essence of bloodline energy.


While everyone was still guessing who was inside the pagoda, a heaven-shattering dragon roar sounded inside the pagoda. In the next second, a young lad flew out like a phantom, floating in the sky above the peak of the Golden Pagoda. He was not a stranger, but Jiang Chen. 

“Who is that? I have never seen this guy before, but he looks so familiar.” 

“He is Jiang Chen who once protected our clan. Never thought that he is here with us now. Don’t tell me that he was the one who ignited the bloodline energy. How can it be possible? He is not of the Golden Clan.”

“It was done by Jiang Chen. I have seen his image before. He had obtained the recognition of the Sun Divine Feather, and his body already has our Golden Clan bloodline. That’s why he was able to ignite the bloodline energy. 

“This is too heaven defying! Even Jin Tianyuan wasn’t able to ignite the pure bloodline energy, however Jiang Chen was able to do that. This was indeed a miracle!” 


Every one of them were startled. None of them had expected that the person who ignited the bloodline energy within the Golden Pagoda was not someone from the Golden Clan, but an outsider.

However, everyone was very familiar with Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen was a legend in the Golden Clan, and everyone had seen his image of protecting their clan. Whether they knew Jiang Chen or not, all of them had every good impression of him.

At the peak of the Golden Pagoda, Jiang Chen caught the illusory Divine Bird. Under the dragon transformation skill, the bloodline energy was being refined quickly and absorbed into his body.

In his Qi sea, thousands and hundreds of dragons were roaring, while new dragon marks were being condensed in his body. In an instant, hundreds and thousands of dragon marks were completely condensed.

Ka cha!

Everyone heard a sound of ka cha. That was the sound of someone breaking through a cultivation realm. In other words, at this particular moment, Jiang Chen’s cultivation realm has advanced to Third Grade Great Sovereign from Second Grade Great Sovereign.

“Awesome! I know that he’ll never disappoint us.”

Wu Ningzhu was extremely excited. Over the years, Jiang Chen had been creating lots of miracles. No matter where he went, miracles would be following him. This was only his first day in the Golden Clan, but he had already ignited the bloodline energy in the Golden Pagoda, bringing a huge surprise to everyone.

This was Jiang Chen, he was her man.

Above the sky, Jiang Chen was absorbing the bloodline energy unceasingly. Even though his cultivation realm had already reached the Third Grade Great Sovereign, the bloodline energy was still being refined and absorbed in his body unceasingly. It contributed another thirty thousand dragon marks to Jiang Chen within just a few minutes. This meant that the number of dragon marks on his body has already reached 1.83 million. He was only one step away from advancing to the Fourth Grade Great Sovereign.

Jiang Chen had gained too much from the bloodline after consuming all of the energy. The bloodline energy helped him reach the peak of Third Grade Great Sovereign realm. Such profound advancement increased his confidence to win in the contest two days later.

Sovereign Lord Chixiao looked at Jiang Chen who was in soaring fortune and his eyes could not help giving out heating brilliance. “Jiang Chen was truly the son of Heaven. He will play a vital role in the coming catastrophe. This time, he will determine the destiny of the Immortal World.”

Sovereign Lord Chixiao’s words made the experts of the Golden Clan dumbstruck. They had never heard a compliment like this from him. He even said that the future of the Immortal World depended on this young lad. His words made the experts around him develop a deeper admiration for Jiang Chen.

They might not know Jiang Chen well, but they had a deep understanding of Jin Chixiao. He never spoke nonsense.

Amongst the crowd, there was a young man who wore a set of golden armour, looking at Jiang Chen. His eyes displayed mixed feelings of admiration, jealousy, and unwillingness.

He was the number-one genius in the Golden Clan, Jin Tianyuan. Amongst the clan’s young generation, he was the one who absorbed the most bloodline energy in the Golden Pagoda. However, compared to Jiang Chen, he seemed ordinary.

Jin Tianyuan felt really bitter about this. From his perspective, the bloodline energy in the Golden Pagoda only belonged to the Golden Clan. Despite his contribution to the Golden Clan, Jiang Chen was still an outsider.

At the same time, Jin Tianyuan really admired Jiang Chen because Jiang Chen was able to do the things that he wasn’t able to do. A person like Jin Tianyuan was exceedingly arrogant. He would not just bow to anyone, but only admire those who were stronger than him.

“Brother Tianyuan, it seems like you have a strong opponent in the contest two day later.” 

A guy laughed and said.

“The ability of absorbing the bloodline energy in the Golden Pagoda was unusual, however he is only a Third Grade Great Sovereign. He wasn’t a threat for me. The Golden Feather Fan will still be mine.”

Jin Tianyuan said with incomparable confidence.

“Brother Tianyuan, it’s better to take him more seriously. This lad is really monstrous. As you have seen the images he left before, he was able to kill experts who were three grades higher than him. Although you are two grades higher than him, it’s better to still be careful.”

Some people reminded.

Jin Tianyuan nodded. He had seen the images of Jiang Chen, and he knew how dreadful Jiang Chen was. However, he still did not care about a Third Grade Great Sovereign. He was very confident in his capability.

Moreover, the arrival of Jiang Chen actually made Jin Tianyuan excited because he was a militant man who favored battle. If he could not encounter a good match in the contest, he would really feel very disappointed.

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