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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2061

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There was an enclosed space on the ninth floor. Jiang Chen sat upright on a huge cushion, adjusting himself to his ideal posture.

The intense Golden Qi filled out the entire space. The Golden Qi was so thick that one would immediately feel soothed and relaxed after inhaling it. It was a sense of indescribable comfortability. 

However, no matter how much Golden Qi was there, it did not bring much benefits to Jiang Chen. Even if he stayed here and inhaled all of the Qi unceasingly for two days, he could only condense around two thousand dragon marks on his body. That was surely not enough for him to advance to the Third Grade Great Sovereign realm.

The number of dragon marks on Jiang Chen’s body was 1.78 million and he needed another twenty thousand dragon marks to reach the Third Grade Great Sovereign realm.

According to Jin Chixiao, there should an inheritance of the purest bloodline in this place as the pagoda was the symbol of the Golden Clan. This bloodline was much purer compared to the bloodline of most Golden Clan people.

It’s known that the Golden Clan was the descendant of the Golden Crow, but none of them possessed the complete Golden Crow Bloodline. Some of them might be only somewhat relevant to the Golden Crow Bloodline. The reason they were called Golden Clan was because the bloodline within their body was called Golden bloodline, instead of Golden Crow Bloodline.

Even the bloodline of Golden Sovereign and Empress Xiao Yao Qin was not the complete Golden Crow bloodline. Their bloodline merely contained a purer Golden Crow bloodline compared to others.

The only one in the Golden Clan who had a formidably pure bloodline was Gold Feather Fan. This fact was revealed by how Jiang Chen obtained the Fire of Sun through the Sun Divine Feather.

Therefore, if Jiang Chen wanted to advance to Third Grade Great Sovereign, not only does he need to absorb all the Golden Qi here, but also absorb the inherited bloodline within the Qi, and only then could he advance to Third Grade Great Sovereign realm within two or three days. Or else, it was impossible for him to advance.

Casting out his Soul Refining Technique, Jiang Chen’s imposing manner flooded every corner of the Golden Pagoda vigorously. Massive amount of Golden Qi was absorbed into Jiang Chen’s body, and the Qi was quickly refined by his dragon transformation skill.

In a blink of an eye, three hours had passed. Jiang Chen had already casted out his Soul Refining Technique to the limit, yet there was still nothing relevant to the Golden Crow bloodline. This was very disappointing for him.

Hua La !

Jiang Chen stopped using his spiritual strength and frowned.

There was no sign of progress within the three hours. He was sure that if he used the same way to absorb the Qi, there would be no difference.

Since this method was not working, he decided to find another way.

Jiang Chen took out the Sun Divine Feather, casting out the Fire of Sun. These two things were relevant to the inherited bloodline. Who knew, perhaps they would work. 

Buzz buzz…

As soon as the Fire of Sun and Sun Divine Feather appeared, the Golden Qi in the entire space became restless. Jiang Chen casted out his spiritual strength once again and he immediately noticed the invisible bloodline energy. He became excited as this method seemed practical.

The bloodline energy began flowing into Jian Chen’s body. It was the strength of origin, that’s why it directly blended into his origin without any delay. Soon, the bloodline energy was turned into pure energy with the help of the dragon transformation skill, condensing new dragon marks on him body.

The concentration of bloodline in Jiang Chen’s body was high, so it was effortless for him to absorb any kind of bloodline.

Buzz buzz….

The sound of buzzing came out from his Qi sea and more and more dragon marks were formed inside his body. In an instant, he had condensed ten thousand dragons marks.

Unfortunately, using the strength of the Fire of Sun and Sun Divine Feather to absorb the bloodline could only help him condense ten thousand dragon marks. He could not solely rely on this to condense more dragon marks as the bloodline energy was still too little for him. It was not enough.

However, the power of the Fire of Sun and Sun Divine Feather only amounted to this. Jiang Chen attempted to use them and continue to absorb those hidden bloodline energy, but drew a blank.

Without any choice, he kept the Fire of Sun and Sun Divine Feather.

These were his concerns: he needed another ten thousand dragon marks to advance to Third Grade Great Sovereign. It was almost impossible to condense ten thousand dragon marks in such a short period of time, unless he could absorb more bloodline.

Jiang Chen had been scratching his head for a solution for two hours, but he couldn’t come up with any idea.

Suddenly, there was something beating up in the bottom of his Qi sea and drew his attention. He noticed that it was the Immortal Mark that had been in silence for a long time, but was beating slowly right now.  

He had never used the Immortal Mark for a long time, and he had almost forgotten its existence as well.

However, Jiang Chen knew that this Immortal Mark was extraordinary and it had onced helped him. Back in Saint Origin World, the Immortal Mark concealed divination, refraining the Immortals of Xiao Family to ascend. When he ascended, he successfully escaped the attack of Nanbei Chao thanks to the Immortal Mark.

Undeniably, the Immortal Mark had made a huge contribution in saving his life.

At this moment, the Immortal Mark bounced back to life again, immediately attracting Jiang Chen’s attention.

“I am not sure about the origin of this Immortal Mark. Although my cultivation realm has reached this level, I still can’t discover the secret of this Immortal Mark. Since I can’t take in more bloodline energy, perhaps this Immortal Mark could help me.”

Jiang Chen thought.

Holding the attitude of giving it a try, Jiang Chen casted out the Immortal Mark.

Buzz buzz…

The moment the Immortal Mark was released, the entire Golden Pagoda was shaking fiercely. All of the Golden Qi from the first to the ninth floor was in restless motion, buzzing loudly. It felt like a storm was brewing inside the pagoda.


There was an illusory Golden Crow Divine Bird coming out from the top of the Golden Pagoda. The divine spirit appeared from the Golden Pagoda. It was the representation of the Golden Clan, it was the symbol totem.


An ear-splitting cry coming from a thousand miles away rang out, immediately alarming everyone in the Golden Clan. Numerous experts flew out from different directions and looked at the Golden Pagoda.

“Look! It’s the Golden Crow Divine Bird. It is hidden in the purest bloodlines of the Golden Pagoda and represented our clan’s totem.”

“The Golden Pagoda has existed here for ages, but the real ancient bloodline had never appeared before. But, it appeared today! I am sure someone is cultivating in the Golden Pagoda and has ignited the hidden bloodline energy.” 

“Oh my god. Who is inside the pagoda? Is he Jin Tianyuan? This is unbelievable.”


Everyone was in a state of shock, looking at the Golden Crow Divine Bird without blinking their eyes. Their faces showed great excitement. 

Jing Chixiao and other higher ups were also present. They looked at each other and saw the startle in each other’s eyes. Others might not know who was cultivating in the pagoda, but they were crystal clear.

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