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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2060

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Chixiao waved his hand, signaling the others to stop talking. He then looked at Jiang Chen and said: “So, Jiang Chen, if you want to obtain the Gold Feather Fan, you must join our clan first. Only by being a clansman will you have the right to participate in the competition.” 

“Alright, I agree to join.”

Jiang Chen immediately agreed without giving it much thought. There’s nothing for him to lose in joining the Golden Clan. If he could obtain the Gold Feather Fan before going into the Barbarian World, he would undoubtedly obtain an ace in the hole. During the first catastrophe, where Golden Sovereign had become well known, the Gold Feather Fan also became popular. 

“Patriarch, this……”

Someone wanted to say something but was once again stopped by Jin Chixiao, saying: “Fellow Sovereigns, we’re people that have experienced the catastrophe. The strength of the Barbarian Race, you all should know it very well. The reason our clan reappeared once again is to deal with the second catastrophe. Jiang Chen’s rescue mission is also to prevent the barbarians from getting their hands on the Barbarian God Bloodline. You all should already be clear about the importance of this.

“Furthermore, no one had been able to control the Gold Feather Fan. And if a master was not found before the catastrophe, it will become a loss for us. Jiang Chen had contributed greatly to our clan in the past and managed to get the approval of the  Sun Divine Feather, hence his body already has a shred of our clan’s bloodline. It would be good news for us if he’s able to control the Gold Feather Fan.”Jin Chixiao said. 

One of the reasons he allowed Jiang Chen to participate in the competition was because Jiang Chen was already acknowledged by the Sun Divine Feather, and the feather is also part of the Gold Feather Fan. If he was acknowledged by the feather, he would probably be recognised by the fan too. 

In the coming catastrophe, if a supreme treasure like the Gold Feather Fan were to be lost, the Immortal World would surely be greatly affected. 

“Of course, Jiang Chen, you must defeat all the other participants if you want to obtain the Gold Feather Fan. It only accepts the strongest, and only then would it choose to recognise you or not. Hence, being the strongest is the first step. I already provided you with a chance to participate in the competition, but it’ll still depend on your skill, whether you get the fan in the end or not. A friendly reminder, it’s not easy to become the strongest one in the young generations of the Golden Clan. I know that your talent is heaven-defying, you’re able to kill people above your level, but it’ll be hard for you to defeat our geniuses.” Jin Chixiao said with a smile. 

“Hehe, Jiang Chen, you’re now one of us. But your cultivation… I’m still doubtful whether you’ll succeed.”

A Seventh Grade Great Sovereign grinned, the others too had a smile plastered on their faces. Their smile wasn’t of ridicule, but of confidence, confident towards the geniuses of the Golden Clan. They believed that even if he had obtained the approval of Jin Chixiao to participate in the competition, they were not expecting him to win. 

“It is my honour to fight against the clan’s unrivalled geniuses.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes revealed a shred of battle intent. The geniuses of the Golden Clan must be strong, they’re sure to be stronger compared to those of the Immortal Court. Yu Huafan might just be an average cultivator if the number one prodigy was present here. 

“Two days. The saintess will bring you to the Golden Pagoda to cultivate. It may help you if absorb some of the purest golden qi.” Jin Chixiao said. 

“Very well, then, I’ll take my leave now.”

Jiang Chen saluted Jin Chixiao with his fist clasped. He then exited the grand hall with Wu Ningzhu. 

“Big Sis Ning, what is this Golden Pagoda?” Jiang Chen asked after walking out of the grand hall. 

“The Golden Pagoda is a place of cultivation for the Golden Clan. The purest golden qi could be found within. Having obtained the feather’s approval and the Sun Flame in your body, you should be able to absorb golden qi easily. Rumour has it that the Golden Pagoda embodied the Golden Crow’s bloodline energy, the purest yang energy under the heavens and earth. But this energy is extremely scarce, not many were able to absorb it. It’ll be extremely beneficial for you if you’re able to absorb it. You may even break through to the Third Grade Great Sovereign realm if you’re able to absorb some of the bloodline energy within it. Furthermore, only by reaching the Third Grade Sovereign realm will you have a chance of winning the competition two days later.” Wu Ningzhu said. 

“Third Grade Great Sovereign? How strong are the geniuses of the Golden Clan?” Jiang Chen couldn’t help but gasp.

“If you’re able to reach the Third Grade Great Sovereign realm, then you only need to be wary of one person. His name is Jin Tianyuan, a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign, in addition to his terrifying bloodline, he could easily kill off a Sixth Grade without breaking a sweat.”  Wu Ningzhu said with a worrisome expression on her face. 

“Worthy of the name of the Golden Clan, to have such a heaven defying person here. But this is great too, I’ve been wanting to face a worthy opponent for so long. I’m extremely excited to face such a prodigy.”

Jiang Chen’s mouth curved into a smile. He wasn’t afraid of Jin Tinayuan but was extremely excited instead. Facing such a prodigy could stimulate his fervour and fighting spirit. 

“I heard that the Gold Feather Fan contained something that the Golden Sovereign left behind, something scary. If you’re able to obtain the fan, it would give you another assurance in your trip to the Barbarian World, and I’ll be less worried.” Wu Ningzhu said. 

Towards this man of hers, she really felt distressed. A man who values affection and loyalty highly, putting himself in the most dangerous position caused her to worry. 

But it was also because of this reason she loved Jiang Chen deeply. Jiang Chen was always her pride. 

“I will surely obtain the Gold Feather Fan.”

Jiang Chen said with extreme confidence. He had to increase his chances because, at this moment, he had zero confidence in saving Zuo Ling’er. 

“I believe you can do it. Let’s go, I’ll lead you to the Golden Pagoda. It’ll be hard for you to advance to the Third Grade Great Sovereign realm in two days. But there probably isn’t anything too hard for you. ” Wu Ningzhu said with a smile.

She was extremely confident in Jiang Chen. In the past, there wasn’t anything Jiang Chen couldn’t do. 

The Golden Pagoda was a landmark for the Golden Clan. The tower has nine floors. It’s open exclusively to every clansman of the Golden Clan, no matter how young or senior they are, all of them could enter the pagoda. 

Of course, the only condition in entering the pagoda was that they should be a member of the Golden Clan. 

Wu Ningzhu, being the saintess, was allowed to enter any floor of the pagoda. She led Jiang Chen to the ninth floor, where golden qi was the thickest. It was also the place where he could absorb an inheritance bloodline energy.

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