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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2056

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“Why did the people of the Barbarian World come to fight for the Ancient Elephant Bloodline?”

Dragon Shisan was puzzled.  

“The Barbarian Elephant Bloodline was the totem of the ancient barbarians and it was a supreme existence. This bloodline was unimaginably appealing to the Barbarian Race. However, currently the Barbarian Race has lost their real sense of existence. Although their bloodline was noble, they are only evil barbarians right now. They have lost their sense of nobility. If they can obtain the Barbarian Elephant Bloodline to cleanse their bloodline and strengthen their power, I am afraid that the Immortal World will no longer be a match for the Barbarian World,” said Heaven Sovereign.

“The people of the Barbarian World have started meddling in the affairs of the Immortal World and they are looking closely at the Fengchi Immortal Court. I think the next catastrophe will arrive very soon. It will arrive anytime,” said Jiang Chen.

“Little Chen is right. Ancestor Green Lotus and Sister Ning have said the same before. Buddhism and the Golden Clan are the enemy of the Barbarian World. What they said definitely made sense. We should be ready for it,” said Big Yellow.

“If the Barbarian World really attacked this world again, Ah Nan probably will be their primary target because you have the Ancient Elephant Bloodline. It’s really tempting to them.” Jiang Chen looked at Nangong Wentian and said.

“Haha! Let them come. I, Nangong Wentian, am never afraid of anything. I haven’t gotten a chance to participate in the past catastrophe. This time, I don’t want to miss out anymore.”

Nangong Wentian laughed out loud. He was not worried about the pressure of facing the Barbarian World. Rather, the pressure ignited his fighting spirit.

Ever since they had been fighting maniacs they were afraid of nothing. Now that their cultivation realm was higher than ever before, the more they weren’t afraid of anything.

“Little Chen, the Barbarian World would start the next catastrophe very soon. It has been a long time since the last catastrophe in the Desolate Ancient Land. I am worried that Ling Er will have trouble,” Big Yellow said. 

Jiang Chen, Dragon Shisan and Big Yellow felt a bit down after mentioning Ling Er.

“Little Chen, what happened to Ling Er?”

Nangong Wentian immediately asked about her. He was not unfamiliar with Zuo Ling Er as they all ascended from the same place. She was even an important person to Jiang Chen. How could he not know?

“Ling Er has the complete Barbarian Divine Bloodline. To the Barbarian Race, her bloodline was as important as the Barbarian Elephant Bloodline. Since Ling Er has ascended, she actually ascended to the Barbarian World directly due to her bloodline. Now, she is the Saintess of the Wuke Family. Wuke Family’s intention of cultivating her was very obvious. They want to take away her bloodline once she advances to the Great Sovereign realm. I am worried that Ling Er has already advanced to Great Sovereign. If that is the case, she will be in real danger.” Jiang Chen frowned and said.

“Wuke Family is the number one family in the Barbarian World. They are under the rule of a Ninth Grade Great Sovereign. It is impossible to save Ling Er from them.”

Big Yellow said, as he was very familiar with the Barbarian World. He knew the formidability of the Wuke Family. They would not be able to confront that family.

“We can’t wait anymore. Even without any chance of winning, I will go and fight them. Without Ling Er, we would’ve never come out of Desolate Ancient Land back then,” Jiang Chen declared. 

Actually, they could’ve brought Zuo Ling Er out last time, but unexpectedly the masters of the Barbarian World came out and took action against them. Even the chief of Wuke Family, Wuke Manjun, came out to prevent that from happening. If Zuo Linger did not save them at the cost of her life, Jiang Chen, Dragon Shisan and Yang Junlong would probably have been buried in the Desolate Ancient Land.

“I will go with you,” said Dragon Shisan.

“No, I will go by myself this time. I will see what I can do when I arrive in the Barbarian World. I have the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour and the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda to protect me. There shouldn’t be a problem for me.”

Jiang Chen rejected Dragon Shisan’s offer. He wanted to go to the Barbarian World alone, even without Big Yellow. Working alone would be more convenient for him in this situation.

Since rescuing Zuo Ling Er was urgent, he could not procrastinate anymore. If he delayed again, Zuo Ling Er would be in greater danger. With rich resources, it was a piece of cake for the Wuke Family to cultivate a Great Sovereign.

Moreover, Zuo Ling Er had the formidable Barbarian Divine Bloodline, so her speed of advancement would naturally be faster compared to others.

Of course, Zuo Ling Er was a smart person. She knew very well about the situation she was in. She knew that once her cultivation realm reached the Great Sovereign realm, that would be the time of her death. In order to secure herself, Zuo Ling Er definitely would find some ways to slow down her advancement. That was the only chance for Jiang Chen to save her as well.

However, the three of them were still worried about allowing Jiang Chen to head for the Barbarian World alone. Although Jing Chen was heaven-defyingly talented, going to the Barbarian World alone was just too dangerous.

While everyone was wrinkling their brows, Han Feng appeared in the room. Since the death of Star Sovereign, Heaven Sovereign had kept Han Feng inside the Heaven Sovereign Palace to cultivate.

“Sovereign Lord, there was a lady outside requesting to see Jiang Chen,” said Han Feng.

“Who is the lady?” Jiang Chen asked curiously.

“She said she is the Saintess of the Golden Clan,” said Han Feng.

“Sister Ning.” 

Everyone said at the same time.

“Faster, invite her to come in.”

Heaven Sovereign could not wait to see her.

“Don’t need to invite me anymore. I am here already.”

Wearing a red-colored battle armour, the lady walked into the room. The lady had a graceful physique, and she was extremely beautiful. Her head was wearing the Golden Crow Light Halo and her skinny battle armour looked extraordinarily elegant on her. The armour added another level of beauty on Wu Ningzhu.

“Sister Ning.”

Everyone stood up simultaneously. They all were very familiar with Wu Ning Zhu and felt extremely happy to see her here.

“The bloodline of the Golden Clan is indeed powerful. Sister Ning has already advanced to Third Grade Great Sovereign.”

Big Yellow expressed his admiration.

“Sister Ning received the inheritance of Empress Xiao Yao. Of course, she has been improving quickly.”

Dragon Shisan said.

“When we were still in Saint Origin World, how could we imagine that this day would come?”

Nangong Wentian could not help heaving a sigh of nostalgia. Not only him, Jiang Chen and the others also felt the same. Everything that happened in Saint Origin World was just like yesterday.

“Little Chen,, I am here to invite you to be the guest of the Golden Clan,” Wu Ning Zhu said.

Everyone was startled. From Wu Ning Zhu’s words, this meant that the Golden Clan had already reappeared in the world. The reappearance of the Golden Clan signified that the catastrophe was really coming soon.

“Yes, the Golden Clan has already reappeared. The new catastrophe is about to descend soon. Little Chen made an unimaginably huge contribution to the Golden Clan last time by protecting the race. That’s why the Golden Clan intentionally invited you to be our guest of honor; we’ll discuss how to confront the coming catastrophe,” said Wu Ning Zhu. 

Her gaze was filled with pride and it fell on Jiang Chen as she was so proud of this man.

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