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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2055

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* Bang *

The Starlight Sword speared Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour fiercely, giving off blinding sparks. Here came an outrageous scene: Star Sovereign’s ultimate attack did not leave any marks on the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour, not to mention hurting Jiang Chen.


Star Sovereign shouted as if he just saw a ghost. He knew how strong his attack was, it was an attack that could destroy everything. However, it didn’t hurt Jiang Chen at all, it did not even leave any dents on the armour. This was beyond reasonable.


While Star Sovereign was dumbfounded, Heaven Sovereign and Ling Liqun had already taken action to attack him. The Million Stars Ruler and the combat sword pierced through the body of Star Sovereign.


A mouthful of blood spurt out from Star Sovereign’s mouth, but he didn’t seem to be suffering. His eyes were filled with doubt, staring at Jiang Chen without a blink.

“What kind of battle armour is that? asked Star Sovereign. 

Even if death’s already upon him, he wanted to know what had caused his death.

“Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour. It can withstand an attack of an Eighth Grade Great Sovereign,” Jiang Chen said, then kept the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour. 

Star Sovereign was now severely injured, and was already on his last leg. He could no longer bring any threats to Jiang Chen.  

Jiang Chen was really satisfied with the effect of the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour. However, casting out the armour would drain up most of his strength as the consumption of energy used for casting the armour increases according to the opponent’s strength. The stronger the opponent, the more energy needed to be used. The energy Jiang Chen spent to defend against Star Sovereign’s attack could be described as dreadful. 

Only Jiang Chen who had vigorous Immortal Origin Strength could stand the consumption of strength used for casting out the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour. 

However, according to Jiang Chen’s estimate, the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour could immediately drain up all of his strength if he defended an attack of an Eighth Grade Great Sovereign.

In other words, despite the great protection of the armour, he could only use it once or twice within a short period of time if he confronted an Eighth Grade Great Sovereign.

Undeniably, this was the only fly in the ointment.

However, Jiang Chen was very content already because the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour was indeed an amazing trump card to safeguard his life.

“Star Sovereign is screwed and he is doomed to fall.”

“Did you see that? Jiang Chen casted out a set of armour and defended himself against the attack of Star Sovereign effortlessly. That’s completely absurd!”

“Not absurd at all. Anything can happen on this monstrous guy.”

Everyone was in a state of shock, but they had also already been numbed to Jiang Chen’s dreadfulness. No one would doubt even if Jiang Chen came up with an insanely powerful weapon, armour, or even tricks.

Another mouthful of blood spurt out from Star Sovereign’s mouth, and the smile on his face started to fade. He knew that he was completely defeated and the cause of his death.

“Heaven Sovereign, let me die with my body intact.”

Star Sovereign turned his head to Heaven Sovereign. He knew that he was dying, yet dying with an intact body was his last request.

“Star Sovereign, I won’t kill you. Kill yourself.” 

Heaven Sovereign kept his Million Stars Ruler and said calmly.


Star Sovereign nodded, then killed himself, dying tragically.

The tragic death of a Sovereign Lord was an incomparable dismay, but sometimes things had to go this way. There was no other way around. Someone had to pay the price of the battle, and sometimes the price might be unbearable. 

“Congratulations on Heaven’s Sovereign’s comeback!” 

Saying out his congratulations loudly, Ling Liqun paid respect to Heaven Sovereign by showing his closed fist covered by another open palm. 

“Congratulations on Heaven’s Sovereign’s comeback.”  

“Congratulations on Heaven’s Sovereign’s comeback.” 

“Congratulations on Heaven’s Sovereign’s comeback.” 


Thousands and hundreds of disciples and elders of the Immortal Court shouted out together. The previous gloomy atmosphere was swept away by the waves of sound. Star Sovereign’s era was doomed to be history, disappearing in the long course of history.


Looking at the crowd in the Immortal Court, Nangong Wentian’s face did not show much joy and excitement. After being reincarnated, he only saw himself as Nangong Wentian instead of Heaven Sovereign. He no longer pursued the ultimate rights or status. 

Initially, he was thinking of having a free and easy life, yet fate had played tricks on him. Since fate once again brought him to this ultimate stage, he had no reason to fall back.

He was the Sovereign Lord in his previous life, and now, in his current. Nangong Wentian began to accept his new identity.

Eventually, Nangong Wentian buried Star Sovereign elaborately at Star Sovereign Palace. He sealed up Star Sovereign Palace, instead of eradicating it. 

Heaven Sovereign was a person who highly valued relationship. What he did had shown his mercifulness and generosity. The way he dealt with Star Sovereign had successfully won over many hearts to accept him as the new Sovereign Lord. The people felt more relieved to have an empathic Sovereign Lord than a ruthless one.

Jiang Chen, Heaven Sovereign, Dragon Shisan and Big Yellow gathered in Heaven Sovereign Palace. The four of them were sitting around a table in the middle of the palace. Drinking and chatting together, they had so much laughter and joy this night. 

“Monkey, I’m gonna introduce you to Nangong Wentian. He is the incarnation of  Heaven Sovereign, and also my life-and-death brother. The reason I am here at Fengchi Immortal Court is because of him,” Jiang Chen said. 

“Ah Nan, this is Dragon Shisan. He has the complete bloodline of the Battle Saint Ape. Another insane identity of him is being the first Chosen One of Demonic Immortal Island,” he continued.

After Jiang Chen’s introduction, Nangong Wentian and Dragon Shisan became familiar with each other very quickly. Both of them were clear that the people who could build a life-and-death relationship with Jiang Chen must be good, and shared similar life values.

Their conversations were filled with laughter and joy. Soon the two of them called each other brother. It seemed like the two of them found so much in common that they regretted not having met earlier. They completely ignored the existence of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

“Why are the two of you so annoying? ”

Big Yellow said in a speechless way.

“Ah Nan, I have to tell you something very important.”

Jiang Chen frowned suddenly.

“What’s that?” asked Nangong Wentian. 

The three of them could sense that it was not a trivial matter as Jiang Chen emphasized it in a serious way.

“When I was in Miniature Fengchi World trying to obtain the Ancient Elephant Bloodline, I bumped into someone who was also interested in the Ancient Elephant Bloodline. I killed him when he tried to take the the bloodline away ,” said Jiang Chen.

“Who was that?”

Heaven Sovereign was shocked. Other than him, he believed that no one in the Immortal World knew of the location of the Ancient elephant Bloodline. He became really suspicious now that he knew that there was someone who was also interested in the Ancient Elephant Bloodline and was even able to search for it in the Miniature Fengchi World. However, that guy was obviously unrelated to Star Sovereign.

“He’s from the Barbarian World.”

“What? Someone from the Barbarian World?”

Heaven Sovereign, Dragon Shisan and Big Yellow exclaimed out of shock. They all knew about the Barbarian World, not to mention Big Yellow who participated in the ancient catastrophe. As the Sovereign Lord, of course Heaven Sovereign was not unfamiliar with the catastrophe. Dragon Shisan and Jiang Chen had gone into Ancient Desolate Land last time to rescue Big Yellow, so they were aware of the powerful Barbarian World. 

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