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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2053

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The current situation clearly showed that Star Sovereign’s era had come to an end, and another new era would begin in the Immortal Court very soon.

After all of the cultivators surrendered, Jiang Chen’s gaze locked onto Hu Yong and Li Yanghu who were still fighting against Ling Liqun and Feng Jingyang right now.

“Monkey, you go to kill Li Yanghu and I will kill Hu Yong.”

Jiang Chen told Dragon Shisan. Now, Jiang Chen was going to kill everyone and turn Star Sovereign into the loner in his team, he would then take action against him.

Hu Yong and Li Yanghu were the absolute loyal henchmen of Star Sovereign, so he definitely could not keep those, so he should kill them. 


After responding to Jiang Chen, Dragon Shisan’s hand immediately held the iron staff as he rushed towards Li Yanghu. On the other side, Jiang Chen grasped his combat sword, rushing towards Hu Yong.

Although Li Yanghu had a higher cultivation realm than Feng Jingyang, he actually did not enjoy any advantage in this battle. As the master of Dragon Hall, Feng Jingyang’s strength was just slightly below a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign in the Immortal Court. Now, Dragon Shisan was here to fight with Feng Jingyang. Li Yanghu felt like spurting his blood out of anger at this particular moment.

Li Yanghu saw how strong Dragon Shisan was. Even though the young man was fighting against four enemies at the same time, he managed to beat the socks off of them. Li Yanghu was afraid that he would die under the hands of Dragon Shisan and Feng Jingyang.

“Stop. I surrender!”

Li Yanghu shouted angrily as he knew that he would be defeated eventually.

“You don’t have the right to surrender.”

Without saying a word, Dragon Shisan pounded on Li Yanghu with his iron staff. Jiang Chen asked him to eliminate Li Yanghu, that meant Li Yanghu was on Jiang Chen’s most wanted list. Based on his knowledge of Jiang Chen, killing Li Yanghu was what Jiang Chen wanted him to do. 

* Hong Long *

Feng Jingyang also took action decisively, and he left no mercy at all. He knew that they could never spare Li Yanghu’s life. Even if Li Yanghu surrendered today, he could still be a menace in the future. Who knew he might become the second “Star Sovereign” in the future. 

“Mother fucker. You guys are theathrening me.”  Li Yanghu cursed loudly.

“So what?” 

Dragon Shisan sneered. A Fifth Grade Great Sovereign was actually nothing to him. Even without Feng Jingyang’s help, killing Li Yanghu was in fact, a piece of cake for him. He could even ensure that Li Yanghu would not have any chance of escaping. 

On the other side, right after Jiang Chen joined the battle, Hu Yong immediately became more strenuous. He did not dare to contempt Jiang Chen because he had seen how Jiang Chen killed those Fifth Grade Great Sovereigns just now with just a single strike of his combat sword. Although Jiang Chen was only a Second Grade Great Sovereign, his performance had shown that he had the strength of a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign.

The cultivation realm of Hu Yong and Ling Liqun were actually almost equally-matched, or else their battle wouldn’t have taken such a long time to decide the winner. However, once Jiang Chen joined hands with Ling Liqun, the result probably would not favour Hu Yong.

* Roar * 

Without wasting any time, Jiang Chen immediately sent out his most formidable attack, the Fusion of Dragon and Sword. The attack that could destroy everything between the heavens and earth was heading towards Hu Yong insanely.

No one could ignore a dreadful attack like this, including Hu Yong.

“Damn it! How can this bastard be so strong.”

Hu Yong cursed in his heart. The long spear was being waved vigorously in his hand towards Jiang Chen’s Dragon Sword.

* Bang *

Jiang Chen’s Dragon Sword crashed against Hu Yong’s combat spear. The collision immediately caused terrifying airwaves to roll up. Despite casting out the Fusion of Dragon and Sword, it was still difficult to cause any damage on Hu Yong as he was a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign. 

Of course, causing substantial damage on Hu Yong was not Jiang Chen’s purpose because he just wanted to lure Hu Yong and divide his combat strength. 

When the attack of Hu Yong and Jiang Chen crashed together, Ling Liqun grabbed this opportunity to take action. Ling Liqun’s Great Sovereign Weapon was also a sword. His sword skill was extraordinary, and his sharp combat sword was like a poisonous dragon, immediately pricking on Hu Yong’s body.

* Thump *

As soon as Ling Liqun’s combat sword pricked through Hu Yong’s arm, the destructive sword Qi burst out and his arm was directly crushed on the spot. Hu Yong had no chance to resist the damage.


Hu Yong could only curse and couldn’t do anything to withstand this situation. Both Jiang Chen and Ling Liqun were just too strong and their attacks were extraordinary. It was impossible for him to handle the two of them at the same time, and this had provided a chance for one of them to attack him. 

* Roar * 

Without giving Hu Yong any chance, Jiang Chen once again attacked him with his Dragon Sword right after his arm was crushed by Ling Liqun. His speed was extremely fast.

* Buzz Buzz…. *

Something more dreadful happened. Ling Liqun took this chance to attack Hu Yong from another direction, and put him into an extremely passive position. 

“Star Sovereign, I am sorry.”

Hu Yong shouted to Star Sovereign, turning his body in a flash, trying to escape from the battle. There was nothing more important than staying alive at this final moment of life and death. Hu Yong knew that surrendering could not save him as they would not forgive what he had done in the past. The only thing he could do at this moment was to escape.

With his Sixth Grade Great Sovereign cultivation realm, running away should not be a problem for him, even if he could not win over them. 

Unfortunately, that was only Hu Yong’s wishful thinking. 

Hu Yong tore out a void in space in an instant and disappeared on the spot.

“Don’t let him escape!”

Ling Liqun shouted. He and Hu Yong were well-matched. He knew that if Hu Yong was determined to run away, it was not a problem for him despite losing one of his arms.  

“Don’t worry, he will not succeed.”

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth was overflowing with a sneer. He turned his body, entering into the void. In the next moment, there was only a roaring sound coming out from the void. Hu Yong was threatened to come out of the void after escaping. 

“How is this possible?”

Hu Yong’s countenance fell in shock and looked at Jiang Chen. He could not believe this. How could Jiang Chen know his escape route in such an accurate manner? It was an instant and easy matter for a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign to escape. However, Hu Yong had failed to do this. 

“Hu Yong, not to mention you, even Star Sovereign could not escape from the Great Void Technique.”

Jiang Chen snorted.

“What? Void Sovereign’s Great Void Technique. What the hell…You have mastered the Great Void Technique?.” 

Hu Yong cried out in alarm. He recalled the technique Jiang Chen had casted just now, it definitely was the Great Void Technique. If it was not the Great Void Technique, then what could it be? What Jiang Chen said was exactly true. If Jiang Chen really had mastered the Great Void Technique, let alone him, even Star Sovereign could not run away.

In the entire heaven and earth, there were not many people who could escape from the Great Void Technique. Only those who were much stronger than him could do that. However, what a pity that Hu Yong was not one of them as the gap between him and Jiang Chen was not that big. 

“Hu Yong, surrender yourself. Slaughter Dragon Seal!”

Jiang Chen gave Hu Yong no chance to take a breath, immediately attacking him with the dreadful Slaughter Dragon Seal. Quickly, the Slaughter Dragon came out with a sea of blood, crushing towards Hu Yong. 

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