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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2052

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“We surrender.”

The two dared not to be tardy, they agreed to surrender without hesitation almost immediately. When one reached their level of cultivation, the concept of death would be too far-fetched. But when it really came for them, it was boundlessly terrifying. 

Moreover, many have thought that this battle wasn’t a battle for honour or a battle that decided the fate of the Immortal Court. It was a fight for the position of the Sovereign Lord. Most of them thought that whoever becomes the Sovereign Lord was unimportant. Furthermore, Heaven Sovereign was the original Sovereign Lord of the Immortal Court, that fact was clear even if they do not acknowledge it.

This was the Immortal Court’s internal dispute, there was no reason for them to lose their life in this scuffle. Perhaps this battle never had any valid reasons. 

“Both of you, leave this battlefield and recuperate.” Jiang Chen said.


As if they had received amnesty, they immediately retreated out of the battlefield. Now they’re free from the pressure they had been subjected previously. 

Both of them clearly knew that the age of Star Sovereign was over, and a new one will begin in the Immortal Court. Jiang Chen alone was enough to change the whole situation of the Immortal Court. 

Those who have him on their side could rule the world, he was a terrifying man, an unrivalled genius. No one dared to test their mettle against him, because it might cost them their lives in the process. 

No one dared to gamble with their lives. Because there’s no second chance in life. 

The surrender of the two Fifth Grade Great Sovereigns had caused a massive effect, causing the morale of Star Sovereign’s camp to reach rock bottom.

The opponent’s mentality was severely affected after such a blow on their morale. Furthermore, the seed of submission began to spread, causing people to have thoughts on surrendering. Jiang Chen wanted them to know that only death awaited them if they do not surrender. 

This was one of the reasons why Jiang Chen wanted those two Fifth Grade Great Sovereigns to surrender. 

One should know that no matter which group one belonged to , as long as a “war” was undergoing, the factor of morale and mentality was extremely important. 

“Haha, they’ve surrendered. Is it necessary to continue anymore?” 

Dragon Shisan said while laughing loudly towards the four Fifth Grade Great Sovereigns who were completely suppressed by him. 

If these words were said at the very beginning, the opponents would surely rebut him. But now, the four of them couldn’t say a word. None of them ever thought that a supposedly one-sided battle would progress into such a situation. 


A dragon roar shook the skies, Jiang Chen who was in his violent dragon form, descended onto the dogfight happening below. Because there’s too many experts on the side of Star Sovereign’s camp, it had already caused massive pressure to his allies, where most of them were already injured. 

It was an encouraging moment for Heaven Sovereign’s camp, as Jiang Chen descended upon them, Jiang Chen’s result in forcing those two Fifth Grade Great Sovereigns to surrender had swept away all the despair they were feeling just moments ago.  


Jiang Chen did not waste any time and threw out a sword strike. The terrifying sword qi changed into a massive dragon, boundless sword qi sprinkled and the void was completely engulfed with it. 


Blood-curdling screams could be heard continuously was flesh and blood were flying everywhere. Jiang Chen’s sword strike instantly killed eight people, causing the remaining Great Sovereign experts to be fearful, running away in all directions. They have lost all their fighting spirit when they’re faced with this madman, Jiang Chen. 

“Everyone! Hear me! Surrender or DIE!”

Jiang Chen unleashed his five elemental domain, engulfing everyone within it. Boundless divine prestige gushed out from his body. At this moment, he was like an unparalleled demon lord, a demon of slaughter, trembling the souls of others with each and every action of his.

Countless people were nervous when they looked at Jiang Chen’s blood-coloured cold eyes. Their expression was pale, they had no doubt that they couldn’t kill Jiang Chen even if they were to join hands together with everyone. In the face of Jiang Chen, Third or Fourth Grade Great Sovereigns are akin to ants. Jiang Chen could easily stomp them willingly. 

“We surrender.”

“Surrender. We’re fighting against our own people, it’s pointless.”

“Dying in such a scuffle is pointless. I surrender.”


The seed of submission was spreading, especially when most of the people were in despair. When one chose to surrender, a whole bunch of others will follow suit. 

The fact was still…. No one wanted to die, especially those who had lived a great life, they knew how precious life was. 

The heaven-shaking battle of Great Sovereigns ended in such a short amount of time. The people on Heaven Sovereign’s camp had a happy expression, they never thought that the situation would change so quickly when they made the decision. Jiang Chen alone was able to change the whole situation around. 

Not mentioning about who would win the battle between Heaven Sovereign and Star Sovereign, the situation below was already under Jiang Chen’s complete control, and Star Sovereign would soon be isolated. 

“Since you guys have surrendered… Leave the battlefield immediately! And don’t make any rash move!”Jiang Chen shouted loudly. 

They did not dare go against Jiang Chen’s order and withdrew from the battlefield in an orderly fashion. 


Jiang Chen moved once more, he then arrived at Big Yellow’s side in an instant. At this moment, Big Yellow was facing two Fifth Grade Great Sovereigns, yet they were already injured by Big Yellow. When they saw Jiang Chen, they were instantly scared. 

“Surrender! This one surrenders!”

One of the Fifth Grade Great Sovereigns immediately kept his weapon away, and the other one followed him as well. It was the most logical decision for them as they might be shredded into pieces if they were to continue fighting. Such a battle had lost all meaning, only a fool would fight a certain-death battle. 

The four Fifth Grade Great Sovereigns who were facing Dragon Shisan immediately gave up after the other two surrendered. They were smart, they stopped without Jiang Chen coming over to them, it was pointless at this point.

Heaven Sovereign had obtained almost everything after receiving Jiang Chen’s support. The age of Star Sovereign was fated to pass, they did not want to simply lose their lives in such a battle, it would be pointless for them to do so.  

Hence, the grand battle royale had ended in a swift manner. The noisy battles had stopped, and only three battlefield remained. 

It was extremely important to settle these people in this battle. With everyone from Star Sovereign’s camp surrendering, Star Sovereign was immediately isolated, only Hu Yong and Li Yanghu were still fighting, but their expression had already become extremely ugly. 

“Wow! Jiang Chen is too powerful! He quickly put an end to such a grand battle. Next, we’ll have to see whether Star Sovereign or Heaven Sovereign are much more powerful.”

Many people exclaimed. 

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