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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2047

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“Sounds good. Jiang Chen, I assign this task to you and you must complete it within seven days. Please don’t disappoint me.” 

Star Sovereign nodded. He had no suspicion at all to Jiang Chen.

Star Sovereign was oblivious that he would eventually be tricked by a small potato despite his great wisdom. He might even be infuriated intensely and spurt out blood seven days later. 

“Don’t worry, Sovereign Lord. I will never disappoint you,” said Jiang Chen loudly. 

Feng Jingyang and Ling Liqun were both amazed at Jiang Chen for being able to lie so well, and his acting skill was so great, too. More than that, this guy was meticulous about his plan. One could sense that the radiance of confidence was emitting out from him. Standing beside him, you could feel how confident he is.

Meanwhile, Feng Jingyang and Ling Liqun deeply felt that it would be very unfortunate to be Jiang Chen’s enemy.

“Well, let’s dismiss for now. If Heaven Sovereign do not obey seven days later, Elder Hu and Elder Ling will also take action to eradicate Heaven Sovereign Palace.

Star Sovereign said with his strong imposing manner, he then turned around and disappeared in the hall.

Although Star Sovereign had already assigned Jiang Chen the task, it was difficult for Jiang Chen alone to break through the Heaven Sovereign Palace as Heaven Sovereign had already deployed a strong defence around the palace. If Heaven Sovereign did not destroy his Great Sovereign Law seven days later, they would storm into the palace. Before this, Star Sovereign had never taken any action, that was only because he was worried that doing that would damage his reputation.

But now, there was no one who opposed him from the entire Immortal Court. That meant that Star Sovereign could do whatever he wanted without any hesitation.

As soon as Star Sovereign left, Hu Yong appeared in front of Jiang Chen and showed a cold face. He looked at Jiang Chen up and down and evaluated him, then said: “Lad, hurry to Heaven Sovereign Palace and convince him right now. I wish you luck, so you won’t come and trouble me to do things for you.”

“For sure. I don’t want you to help too because that would be unpleasant.”

Jiang Chen said in a smile. He was certain that the guy standing in front of him was an enemy of his. Seven days later, they would most probably have a life-and-death battle. 

All of the cultivators of the Immortal Court flew out from Star Sovereign Palace while Jiang Chen headed for Heaven Sovereign Palace immediately.

At this moment, Han Feng was the only one guarding around Heaven Sovereign Palace. This old man was already a First Grade Great Sovereign now. For Han Feng, he had no regrets in life anymore since he had already reached the Great Sovereign realm. 

Jiang Chen couldn’t help lifting the corner of his mouth and showed a smile as soon as he saw Han Feng. This old man was probably the only one in the Immortal Court who remained loyal to Heaven Sovereign.

“Child Jiang Chen.”

Seeing the arrival of Jiang Chen, Han Feng was really surprised, and his eyes were filled with astonishment. 

He was astonished as he had heard about how Jiang Chen had killed Huang Tianbao. When he first met Jiang Chen, he was just a little potato with his Immortal Venerable cultivation realm. It was not too long ago, but now he had advanced himself so much. 

Han Feng had never forgotten what Heaven Sovereign told him in the past: There was no one other than Jiang Chen that could save him. Now, Han Feng was completely convinced.

“How is Heaven Sovereign doing right now?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“He is striving to refine the Ancient Elephant Bloodline. According to what Heaven Sovereign said before he went into seclusion, he needed at least seven days to completely refine it,” said Han Feng.

“Okay. Don’t disturb him. I have gained seven days for him. After seven days, Star Sovereign will take action. At that time, there will be a huge turbulence in the Immortal Court. It would be a life-and-death battle.”

Jiang Chen told the truth as he knew that Han Feng was trustworthy. 

“What will come will come sooner or later.”

Han Feng shook his head and heaved a sigh. He was not in a state of shock because he had already expected this to come. 

“Elder Han. I would like to ask you. Other than you, is there anyone in the Immortal Court supporting Heaven Sovereign?” asked Jiang Chen. 

He knew that the influence of Heaven Sovereign remained strong in the Immortal Court, and there must be more people like Han Feng who remained loyal to Heaven Sovereign.

“There are still some of them that are committed to Heaven Sovereign. Few of them are higher level Great Sovereigns. However, they can’t show their loyalty now as the majority was in support of Star Sovereign,” said Han Feng.

“Look for them within these seven days, and tell them what will happen seven days later. You have to tell them that Heaven Sovereign will stage a comeback after seven days and have a final showdown with Star Sovereign. If they are willing to fight for Heaven Sovereign, then they should fight. If they don’t want to be involved in the battle, they could stand neutral and watch the scene quietly to avoid being implicated,” said Jiang Chen seriously.

“Sure. Don’t worry, child Jiang. I will definitely tell them about this.”

Han Feng nodded. Based on Jiang Chen’s tone, he could already tell how severe the situation would become seven days later. This would be the biggest turbulence that would ever happen in the Immortal Court. Facing such turbulence, many of them, especially those Great Sovereigns, might no longer be able to stand neutral for their own interest. 

After that, Jiang Chen opened the gate of Heaven Sovereign Palace and walked into the palace. He still needed to pretend to do his task. If he did not walk into the gate of Heaven Sovereign Palace, people would suspect his intention easily.

Jiang Chen stayed in Heaven Sovereign Palace for half an hour, then came out with a smile.

In the following days, the entire Immortal Court was in a critical state of uneasiness. As the saying goes, the wind sweeping through the tower heralds a rising storm in the mountains. Especially when days went by, and still nothing happened in Heaven Sovereign Palace. It seemed like Heaven Sovereign had no intention of coming out at all.

“I think Heaven Sovereign is not planning to come out of the palace.”

“As I have seen, they shouldn’t have graced him with a seven-day deadline. That’s just absurd.”


Many had started to comment. Coming to this moment, most people expected that Heaven Sovereign would not come out from the palace by himself. He would also not destroy his Great Sovereign Law within seven days.

In a flash, seven days had passed but Heaven Sovereign Palace remained the same without any changes. There was another good thing happening at Jiang Chen’s side:  Big Yellow had advanced himself to Third Grade Demon Sovereign.

This was an incomparably strong combat force adding to Jiang Chen’s team. One should know that Big Yellow as a Third Grade Demon Sovereign could overcome a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign.

On this particular day, before the sky was breaking dawn, there were numerous cultivators occupying the outside of Heaven Sovereign Palace. Star Sovereign was also present, but he was not in a good mood. He thought that Heaven Sovereign would be smart enough to surrender, but now it seemed like Heaven Sovereign was too foolish as he thought that he could keep himself safe by staying inside the palace.

Since Heaven Sovereign did not plan to come out by himself today, Star Sovereign finally had a sensible reason to eliminate Heaven Sovereign. 

“Sovereign Lord, the deadline is here. Heaven Sovereign hasn’t come out yet, so we don’t need to wait anymore,” Hu Yong said. 

His imposing manner spreading out from his body, and he was ready to attack.

“Elder Hu and Elder Ling, let’s take action now!” Star Sovereign said ruthlessly.

“Sovereign Lord, how about let me go in one more time? Heaven Sovereign doesn’t know my true colours, so he will not be guarded against me. The defence of Heaven Sovereign Palace hasn’t been targeted towards me as well. If he still remained foolish like this, I can take action immediately inside Heaven Sovereign Palace,” said Jiang Chen. 

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