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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2043

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“Senior Ling, Star Sovereign summoned me to discuss ousting Heaven Sovereign, what does Senior Ling think?”

Jiang Chen did not like to beat around the bush. 

After hearing what Jiang Chen said, Ling Liqun was shocked and his expression could be seen changing. 

“This day would come sooner or later, it was really fated to happen the moment Heaven Sovereign returned. However, I’ve never thought that it would happen so fast, Star Sovereign would do whatever it takes to reach his goal. He has been the Sovereign Lord for so many years, he wouldn’t allow others to take away his achievements.”

Ling Liqun shook his head and sighed. He’s a smart man, he knew that Star Sovereign and Heaven Sovereign would clash sooner or later. But, he maintained his neutrality regardless whether be it Star Sovereign or Heaven Sovereign. He did not have any problem on any one of them becoming the Sovereign Lord, as they both have what it takes to control and lead the Immortal Court. 

But today, Senior Ling was disappointed with how Star Sovereign treated Huang Tianbao. 

“If you’re here to ask for my opinion… I will still maintain my neutrality, Heaven Sovereign treated me well in the past, I will not go against him. But Star Sovereign has the upper hand and he will never give Heaven Sovereign the chance to live in the Immortal Court,” Ling Liqun said, indicating his neutral stance. 

Jiang Chen and Feng Jingyang looked at each other and nodded simultaneously. If Ling Liqun could maintain his neutrality, and have a shred of gratitude towards Heaven Sovereign, then they still have a chance. 

“Star Sovereign’s judgement is correct, Senior Ling chose to stay neutral.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

“Jiang Chen. Looks like you’ve been persuaded by Star Sovereign and you’re here to convince this old man for him?”

Ling Liqun looked at Jiang Chen with a smile, Ling Liqun was an extremely smart man, Jiang Chen’s intention was extremely obvious as Jiang Chen came straight to his residence after leaving Star Sovereign Palace. 

“Senior Ling’s only half right.” Jiang Chen said.

“Oh?” Ling Liqun curiously looked at Jiang Chen.

“Star Sovereign did indeed asked me to convince Senior Ling to oust Heaven Sovereign. But my purpose in coming here today is not to ask you to help Star Sovereign, but Heaven Sovereign instead.”

When Jiang Chen mention these two words “Heaven Sovereign” his tone suddenly became extremely solemn.

Upon hearing this, Ling Liqun’s expression immediately changed. His gaze swept towards Jiang Chen, only to meet Jiang Chen’s dark abyssal gaze, indicating that he wasn’t joking.

“Jiang Chen, what are you planning?”

Ling Liqun frowned, he found out that he couldn’t see through this young man. 

“At this moment, I have no need to hide it anymore. When Heaven Sovereign fell and reincarnated in the Mortal World in the past, he and I had become brothers. The reason I, Jiang Chen, joined the Immortal Court was all for the sake of helping Heaven Sovereign defuse the trouble he’s facing. If Star Sovereign were to go against him, I will definitely defend him. Senior Ling is a man who values affection and loyalty. So I sincerely told you my intention, you must’ve known that everyone from the Immortal Court will be pulled into the conflict between Star Sovereign and Heaven Sovereign without fail. Especially people like Senior Ling who hold such a high ranking position. This, I believe Senior Ling is very clear about, you must choose a side,” Jiang Chen said. 

Jiang Chen knew that he doesn’t need to conceal anything and stated the facts when persuading an expert like Ling Liqun. About what to choose, Ling Liqun surely has his own calculations to make. 

After listening to Jiang Chen had said, Ling Liqun’s face was filled with shock. He could see that Jiang Chen wasn’t kidding, but was stating a fact. 

He finally knew Jiang Chen’s true reason in joining the Immortal Court. 

“Jiang Chen, even though Heaven Sovereign had treated me well. But I, Ling Liqun, do not take my own life as a joke, if I were to support Heaven Sovereign, the odds of winning is null, I cannot win against Star Sovereign with my strength, furthermore, there’s Hu Yong at his side.” Ling Liqun said while shaking his head. 

“Senior Ling, I, Jiang Chen, do not do things without certainty. I wouldn’t have come to see Senior Ling if I didn’t have proper preparations. Truthfully,  I’ve already obtained the Ancient Elephant Bloodline in the Miniature Fengchi World and it’s already in the possession of Heaven Sovereign now. Heaven Sovereign would be able to return to his peak in a very short time, at that moment, you don’t need to face Star Sovereign, Heaven Sovereign would face him personally. 

“This is also the reason why I’ve accepted Star Sovereign’s task on the surface. I’m only buying time for Heaven Sovereign, for him to refine the Ancient Elephant Bloodline,” said Jiang Chen.

“Senior Ling, Jiang Chen is right. The Ancient Elephant Bloodline is in the hands of Heaven Sovereign. Plus, you’ve seen what happened today, Star Sovereign was willing to discard Huang Tianbao for his own position, really disappointing. If he could do something like this to Huang Tianbao, what would happen to us in the future?” Feng Jingyang said.

Ling Liqun frowned as if he was deep in thought. Jiang Chen’s words were extremely convincing. If Heaven Sovereign could recover his peak cultivation, then, it was a totally different matter. 

Ling Liqun knew some of the matters relating to the Ancient Elephant Bloodline. He knew that Heaven Sovereign fell due to his failure in fusing with the Ancient Elephant Bloodline in the past. 

“Furthermore, Senior Ling should’ve heard about the relationship between me and Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign. When push comes to shove, I would ask Heavenly Peng’s help, meaning that if Senior Ling were to side with Star Sovereign, me and Heaven Sovereign would still win in the end. With the Demonic Immortal Island, Heavenly Peng and Heaven Sovereign joining hands together, who would be able to resist it? Plus, you should know how much combat strength I possess, not even a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign is my match. But the matter of the Immortal Court should be settled internally, I do not want to ask external help in this matter. That’s why I’ve come to look for you, Senior Ling. Your support is important, follow Heaven Sovereign and we will win in the end. At that moment, your position in the Immortal Court would be higher than what you have now. I’ve already said what I needed to say, what’s left is for you to think and decide. ”

Jiang Chen said, he had to use Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign’s name to convince Ling Liqun. 

Ling Liqun became silent, he was deep in his thoughts. Jiang Chen wasn’t just boasting but stating a fact. 

If I were to support Star Sovereign and Heaven Sovereign gain the support of the Demonic Immortal Island, he would also be able to change the situation. Moreover, there’s Jiang Chen, this abnormal entity, a monstrous young man who is able to achieve the unification of the Heavenly Dao, who knows what would happen. 

Furthermore, Jiang Chen’s completely right. In this clash between Star Sovereign and Heaven Sovereign, the Immortal Court would surely become chaotic and nobody would be able to escape from it, especially people of my position… 

Maintaining neutrality was not realistic, I had to make a choice. 

Hence, the choice Ling Liqun made had become crystal clear. Jiang Chen’s determination and assurance to win and Star Sovereign’s action towards Huang Tianbao had made it clear what he must do. 

Since it had come to this, why not side with Heaven Sovereign and if it succeeds, I will be the Immortal Court’s greatest hero and my future position would be much more prestigious than what I have now.

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