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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2042

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“Very well, Jiang Chen, after Heaven Sovereign is ousted, Heavenly Sovereign Palace shall be granted to you as your future residence in the Immortal Court.”

Star Sovereign looked at Jiang Chen with appreciation. Furthermore, he had given out a good deal, by granting Jiang Chen the Heavenly Sovereign Palace. Only Jiang Chen deserved such a reward from him in the whole Immortal Court.

“Thank you, Sovereign Lord. However this disciple has a question.”

Jiang Chen acted as if he was surprised and excited. 

“Ask away.”

Star Sovereign was feeling extremely happy, Jiang Chen was very pleasing to his eyes now. 

“Sovereign Lord, would the others in the Immortal Court object you in ousting Heaven Sovereign?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Nobody would object, this is not just what this sovereign wants, however. I also want everyone’s support. But there’s those old fashioned neutral faction in the Immortal Court. For them, they do not care who becomes the Sovereign Lord, whether be it me or Heaven Sovereign. Especially, Senior Ling and your master, Feng Jingyang. ” Star Sovereign said.

He seemed troubled when he mentioned Senior Ling and Feng Jingyang. These two were both upright people and their stance was hard to change.

Whereas Star Sovereign wanted more than just ousting Heaven Sovereign. He wanted everyone to respect him, to revere him, he wanted to become the true master of the Immortal Court, without a shred of opposition under him.

“Sovereign Lord, why not let this disciple change the thinking of my master and Senior Ling.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile as if he was willing to share the burden of Star Sovereign.

“Oh? Jiang Chen, it’ll be great if you’re able to help me convince them, it’s better than me convincing them myself. Moreover, with your burst in cultivation level, identity and status, plus having summoned by me today, everyone would know that you’re going to be an important person in the future. Furthermore, your future achievements would surely be boundless with the extraordinary talent you possess. This is something Feng Jingyang and Senior Ling understood. Hence, you’re the best choice in being my proxy.”

Star Sovereign was extremely excited, he had never thought that Jiang Chen would be this obedient and thoughtful. Ousting Heaven Sovereign would be extremely easy if Jiang Chen was able to convince Ling Liqun and Feng Jingyang.

“It is this disciple’s duty to help lessen the Sovereign Lord’s burden. Furthermore, Sovereign Lord is blessed by the Heavens, Senior Ling and master had no reason to not support you.”

Jiang Chen flattered Star Sovereign profusely. 

“Very well! Jiang Chen, this matter shall be managed by you! I hope there are no objections and neutral stances in tomorrow’s assembly.”

Star Sovereign patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder and said with appreciation. 

“Rest assured, Sovereign Lord.”

Jiang Chen clasped his fist towards Star Sovereign and left. 

After leaving Star Sovereign Palace, Jiang Chen gave out a sinister smile, he was just looking for an excuse to meet Ling Liqun by accepting the task given by Star Sovereign.

He had already talked with Feng Jingyang. Whereas Ling Liqun, being the same as Feng Jingyang back then, he needed to win this man over as they were both neutral faction members.

Moreover, Ling Liqun’s influence was stronger than Feng Jingyang and he was also a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign. If a battle were to erupt, he would be a great force to be reckoned with. 

Jiang Chen had inquired some news from Feng Jingyang beforehand. Regarding the high ranking officials of the Immortal Court, there are three Sixth Grade Great Sovereigns, which are Star Sovereign, Ling Liqun and Hu Yong. Hu Yong was quite close with Star Sovereign, hence he would unconditionally support Star Sovereign. 

When Heaven Sovereign returned, Hu Yong suggested to Star Sovereign to immediately eliminate Heaven Sovereign, but due to circumstances, Star Sovereign was not able to. 

Basically, if Ling Liqun were to join Heaven Sovereign’s forces, they too would have two Sixth Grade Great Sovereigns, including Heaven Sovereign, enough to go against them. 

It would be best if they could settle it internally without asking the help of an external force, Heavenly Peng. 

Jiang Chen clearly understood that this unforeseen event of the Immortal Court wasn’t just a simple dispute, it also carried an enormous effect towards its surroundings. If Heaven Sovereign were to rely on an outsider to win against Star Sovereign, his prestige would be badly affected even after he becomes the Sovereign Lord and regain control of the Immortal Court. 

In the Dragon Hall, Jiang Chen met with Feng Jingyang.

“Jiang Chen, why did Star Sovereign summon you?” Feng Jingyang asked.

“He wanted me to support him and convince you and Senior Ling to join his side.” Jiang Chen recounted the conversation between him and Star Sovereign to Feng Jingyang. 

“Looks like Star Sovereign is getting anxious, what are you planning to do?” Feng Jingyang looked at Jiang Chen.

“Easy, I’ll support Star Sovereign on the surface. You’ll also support him on tomorrow’s assembly. I’ll buy some time for Heaven Sovereign, the Ancient Elephant Bloodline has already been delivered to Heaven Sovereign. His cultivation base should return to its peak after receiving the Ancient Elephant Bloodline. Then, he will be able to fight against Star Sovereign after recovering his strength.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi shook. He and Heaven Sovereign had waited for far too long for this day, the reason he entered the Fengchi Immortal Court was all for this day. 

“It would be great if we could win Senior Ling over. On Star Sovereign’s side, they already have two Sixth Grade Great Sovereigns, including Hu Yong. Moreover, the resources of the Immortal Court is under his control, the Leopard Hall, the Tiger Hall, and many high ranking officials are also under his complete control and obeys his command. Now, we only have the Dragon Hall, we’re severely lacking in power compared to him.”

Feng Jingyang said with extreme hostility. 

“Master, let’s go and meet Senior Ling together.” Jiang Chen said.

“Alright.” Feng Jingyang nodded and without wasting any time, he immediately took Jiang Chen and flew towards Ling Liqun’s residence. 

This time, Jiang Chen could meet Ling Liqun without arousing any suspicions, since he had already gained the permission of Star Sovereign.

This was thanks to Jiang Chen’s ingenuity, one must know some schemes when getting close to people like Star Sovereign. 

Ling Liqun’s residence was on an independent mountain peak. It was a luxurious palace, for people of his status and power, one could possess anything they want within the Immortal Court. 

At this moment, Ling Liqun was standing in front of the palace with a grim expression. He was extremely disappointed with the attitude of Star Sovereign today, causing this old man’s mood to be spoiled.

Two figures flew towards him and landed in front of him. 

“Greetings, Senior Ling.”

Jiang Chen and Feng Jingyang respectfully greeted Ling Liqun. 

“Is there anything I can help you with, having both master and disciple visiting me.” Ling Liqun said with a smile. 

He liked this pair of master and disciple, as Feng Jingyang was someone he had regarded highly and Jiang Chen gaining his own power at such a young age, and with his decisive and ballsy attitude, such a person would certainly gain great achievements in the future, causing Ling Liqun to regard Jiang Chen highly. 

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