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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2041

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“Master, do you think Junior Jiang is going to be punished by Star Sovereign?” Yu Huafan asked. 

“What say you?” Feng Jingyang looked at Yu Huafan. 

“I think… he’ll be okay. The value that Junior Jiang currently exhibited was much higher than Huang Tianbao. Since Huang Tianbao had already died, Star Sovereign wouldn’t punish a peerless prodigy for a dead man. Plus, if he wanted to punish him, he would’ve done it immediately. There wouldn’t be a need for him to talk privately with Junior Jiang.” Yu Huafan said. 

“You’re not completely stupid.”

Feng Jingyang laughed, but yet his heart was cold at this moment. Because the method of Star Sovereign was chillingly cold. He would go so far as to watch Huang Tianbao get killed without batting an eyelid, all for the sake of winning Jiang Chen over. No matter what, Huang Tianbao was still the hall master of Leopard Hall, Star Sovereign’s most trusted confidant. 

If Star Sovereign were to come out and save Huang Tianbao on the last second, even though Huang Tianbao may still die under the hands of Jiang Chen, it still amounts to something. However he didn’t do so, he only looked at a person’s value for his gain, to win Jiang Chen over and to stabilize his position, he did not hesitate in giving Huang Tianbao to Jiang Chen to vent his anger. 

At this point, Feng Jingyang clearly understood what was happening, many others who were not fools had also understood what’s going on. Lin Liqun even frowned on the scene, as if this was his first time meeting Star Sovereign. 

Star Sovereign Palace! 

This was built after Star Sovereign had taken control of the Immortal Court. The degree of luxuriousness and prestige it exhibited was much more compared to Heavenly Sovereign Palace. 

“Since when did the Immortal Court had such a prodigy? For this sovereign to not know about it, it is truly a pity. Jiang Chen, you’re able to reach the realm of Ten Thousand Dao Unification and had successfully passed the Great Heavenly Dragon Tribulation, you’re truly something else. This sovereign is grateful that our Immortal Court has such talent.”

Star Sovereign looked at Jiang Chen and said with extreme satisfaction, his words were full of appreciation. 

“Sovereign Lord is exaggerating. I’ve even killed Huang Tianbao, Sovereign Lord please grant me my punishment.”

Jiang Chen said with his fist clasped. 

“Punishment? What did you do wrong? It was a life-and-death battle, as ‘Life and death, poor or rich, it’s all destined.’ Huang Tianbao could only blame his own incompetence for his death. This sovereign was always a fair person, you’re not in the wrong, this sovereign shall not punish you.” Star Sovereign said with a smile. 

“Then, what matter does the Sovereign Lord need to summon me here?”

Jiang Chen pretended to be curious and asked. As a matter of fact, he was clear on why did Star Sovereign called him over. It was obviously for the sake of winning Jiang Chen over his side. 

“Jiang Chen, if I’m right, you’re brought in by Han Feng right? Furthermore, you’ve gone to Heavenly Sovereign Palace and had met Heaven Sovereign.”

Star Sovereign probed with a question. 

“This disciple has indeed met Heaven Sovereign, but this disciple’s cultivation was still weak at that time, Heaven Sovereign only threw out some words of  encouragement.” Jiang Chen said.

“Jiang Chen, if you were to choose between this sovereign and Heaven Sovereign to become the Sovereign Lord, who would you choose?”

Star Sovereign asked. He did not suspect the relationship Jiang Chen had with Heaven Sovereign. 

“Why does the Sovereign Lord ask so? You ARE the Sovereign Lord of the Immortal Court.” Jiang Chen said.

“If Heaven Sovereign hadn’t returned, this sovereign would’ve justifiably become the Sovereign Lord. Pity that he has returned, making my position become unstable. Jiang Chen, you’re a smart man, you should know what I mean.”

Star Sovereign gazed at Jiang Chen overbearingly, the meaning behind his words was extremely obvious. 

“Sovereign Lord intends to oust Heaven Sovereign and thoroughly take his place.”

Jiang Chen said as he mentally sneered. Looks like Star Sovereign is starting to act, the existence of the Heavenly Sovereign Palace was an eyesore for him, he will never be pleased without its destruction. His aim in winning me over is to gain the people’s support, as long as the support of the people is at his side, then the Heavenly Sovereign Palace would be easily destroyed and Heaven Sovereign would be killed anytime. 

“This sovereign likes to talk with intelligent people. You’re right. Me coming out of seclusion this time is to thoroughly destroy the Heavenly Sovereign Palace. As the saying goes ‘One mountain can’t hold two tigers’, there cannot be two Sovereign Lords in an Immortal Court. The hearts of the people would be divided and it would surely ensue chaos. The Immortal Court was in perfect order under this sovereign’s management during the absence of Heaven Sovereign all these years. We’re even on-par with the other Immortal Courts, but now the people’s hearts had become divided after Heaven Sovereign returned. I want to oust Heaven Sovereign now, all for the sake of the Immortal Court. Since, Heaven Sovereign is just a Third Grade Great Sovereign, he had no qualification to be the Sovereign Lord.” Star Sovereign said firmly.

One could see that he was determined to oust Heaven Sovereign long ago. Only now did he want to truly execute it.

“Sovereign Lord is correct, there cannot be two Sovereign Lords in an Immortal Court. ”

Jiang Chen said with a nod, but he refused to comment on Star Sovereign’s words. The Sovereign Lord should not be you, Star Sovereign. But he didn’t say it out loud.

“This sovereign plans to oust Heaven Sovereign, Jiang Chen, do you support me? ”

Star Sovereign looked at Jiang Chen and asked seriously.

If this was in the past, he doesn’t need to discuss anything with Jiang Chen if he wanted to oust Heaven Sovereign, and wouldn’t even ask for Jiang Chen’s support. 

But Jiang Chen was a different man compared to the past, even Huang Tianbao had died under his hands, his future was limitless, causing Star Sovereign to have no choice but to value Jiang Chen. Star Sovereign had nothing to fear as long as he has the support of Jiang Chen. 

“Of course, this disciple is a man of the Immortal Court. I will naturally obey the Sovereign Lord’s command. Let alone when Sovereign Lord is doing it for the sake of the Immortal Court.” Jiang Chen said with a nod. 

“Very good! Jiang Chen, you’re an understanding person, this sovereign was right about you, now that you’ve even given me your support, there’s no reason for Heaven Sovereign to be here anymore. I’ll assemble the high ranking officials of the Immortal Court tomorrow and discuss the matter of ousting Heaven Sovereign.” Star Sovereign said.

Obtaining the support of Jiang Chen caused him to feel relieved, he believed no one shall dare to oppose him on tomorrow’s assembly.

Moreover, the Immortal Court was under Star Sovereign’s control all these years, most of the people are his cronies. He only needed to give out an order to destroy the Heavenly Sovereign Palace. 

But ousting Heaven Sovereign was no small matter, many preparations were needed from Star Sovereign. He had to acquire the support of everyone within the Immortal Court before he could act, as it would ensure that chaos would not befall in the Immortal Court after ousting Heaven Sovereign. 

“Rest assured, Sovereign Lord. I, Jiang Chen, shall give you my full support.”

Jiang Chen said solemnly. It was a mental warfare between him and Star Sovereign. Jiang Chen had seen through Star Sovereign’s cruelty, that he would do whatever it takes to reach his goal, not even Huang Tianbao, his most trusted confidant’s death moved him.

Hence, Jiang Chen didn’t need to hold back against such a person and there’s no credence to be said. He was just stalling for time for Heaven Sovereign. Jiang Chen also had his plan for tomorrow’s assembly. 

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