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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2040

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“When it is possible to let people off, one should just spare them? Elder Ling, if today’s result was the other way around and I was defeated in Huang Tianbao’s hands, do you think he would spare me?

Jiang Chen showed a sarcastic face. What a joke! Sparing Huang Tianbao was out of the question. He never left any loose ends behind when doing things, let alone someone who wanted to kill him. Huang Tianbao was the most unforgivable person whose life he would never spare. Firstly, Huang Tianbao sent Hei Sha to Miniature Fengchi World to kill him. After that, Huag Tianbao came out himself to make trouble for him. Obviously, he was courting death.

More importantly, if he was in Huang Tianbao’s place, he would definitely be put into hell and there was no chance at all for him to stay alive. Huang Tianbao would never let him go.

Jiang Chen’s words immediately rebutted Ling Liqun because what he said was the truth, without any mistake. Not only Ling Liqun, everyone who was on the scene could not agree more with Jiang Chen.  Right now, Jiang Chen won and defeated Huang Tianbao. If Huang Tianbao defeated him, everyone could imagine the consequence. With Huang Tianbao’s character, he would not possibly keep Jiang Chen alive.

This was a life-and-death battle itself. You could only blame your incompetence if you died. Each of them had injured each other. No one ever set the rule that only Huang Tianbao could eliminate Jiang Chen while restricting Jiang Chen to counterattack.

On the battlefield above the sky, Jiang Chen’s face was callous and there was only ruthlessness beneath his foot. He was going to tread out the last step of Azure Dragon’s Five Steps fiercely.

“Nooooo, Jiang Chen, don’t kill me!”

Sensing the real threat of death, Huang Tianbao immediately shouted. At this critical moment, his ranking, status or even dignity had become insignificant as survival came first. Huang Tianbao finally did not mind begging Jiang Chen to spare his life despite facing the crowd. 

“Just talk to the King of Hell!”

Jiang Chen was enraged with killing intent, giving no slight chance to Huang Tianbao. The terrifying bigfoot was ruthlessly stepped on Huang Tianbao’s head.

* Ahhhhhh…… *

A mournful cry was uttered by Huang Tianbao. Half of Huang Tianbao’s body was crushed by Jiang Chen’s foot under numerous shocked gazes. The strength carried by the fifth step was enormous and sufficient to kill a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign. 

The other half of his body fell to the ground from the sky. Ling Liqun used his power to hold Huang Tianbao’s body together, but sadly, Huang Tianbao had already turned into a corpse. His life had come to an end. 

The death of the master of Leopard Hall, a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign, was a huge loss to the Immortal Court. 

However, the key was not the death of a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign at this particular moment, instead, it was the person who killed him.

Everyone fell into great shock, especially the people of Leopard Hall. The stare they gave Jiang Chen was not filled with hatred but fear. Hatred was not constructive at all when someone’s strength was unbeatable.

“The fact that a Second Grade Great Sovereign killed a Fifth Grade Grade Sovereign is truly heaven defying! As I see it, Jiang Chen hasn’t even given his all. If he had used all of his strength, Huang Tianbao would have died earlier.”

“Despite losing a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign, even if Star Sovereign were here, I’m afraid that he would not punish Jiang Chen. From the Immortal Court’s perspective, Jiang Chen was much more valuable asset compared to a formidable Fifth Grade Great Sovereign.”

“Of course. According to my estimation of Jiang Chen’s current combat strength, Star Sovereign might not be able to kill him by himself. That’s why there’s no point in punishing him. That would only push Jiang Chen to revolt. This maniac dares to do whatever he pleased.”


Everyone was startled by the battle just now. Jiang Chen had made a mark with this battle. Feng Jingyang was dumbfounded and opened his eyes wide as well. He knew that Jiang Chen was brutally tough after advancing to the Second Grade Great Sovereign, but had never thought that he would be tough to this dreadful level. From Feng Jingyang’s perspective, Jiang Chen was certain that he would not be defeated by Huang Tianbao. However, killing Huang Tianbao in such trenchant way was out of his expectation.

In other words, he was also not a match to Jiang Chen if they fought. His disciple had completely surpassed him, the master.

“Elder Ling, Jiang Chen was heavenly daring. He has killed our master! Elder Ling must call the shots.”

One of the disciples of Leopard Hall shouted.

“This was a life-and-death battle. How can I call the shots for you?”

Ling Liqun gave a furious stare to the disciple. Jiang Chen and Huang Tianbao had agreed to have a life-and-death battle before they started. Everyone on the scene had heard this. Huang Tianbao died in vain, so he could only blame his strength for being insufficient to defeat Jiang Chen.

More importantly, Ling Liqun did not have any intention at all to punish Jiang Chen. For him, it was a great thing for the Immortal Court to have such a heaven-defying disciple.

Moreover, Ling Liqun had seen how strong Jiang Chen was. Jiang Chen had killed a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign without much effort. Even if he took action to punish Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen definitely would not have accepted that and would’ve left the Immortal Court. By that time, the Immortal Court would have suffered a greater loss. Ling Liqun had no confidence at all to keep Jiang Chen here if he decided to leave.

*Bang… *

At this moment, extremely brutal airwaves blew out from the interior of the Immortal Court. The airwave was like a bright starlight, turning into a figure in a flash, appearing in the sky.

The figure was a middle-aged man, around forty years old. He was wearing a blue robe and his hair was blue in colour. His eyes were incomparably bright like a shining star. More importantly, his imposing manner indicated the cultivation realm of a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign. There was no one in the Immortal Court like him.

Star Sovereign!

That’s right. The man with blue hair and blue robe was exactly Star Sovereign. The Lord of the Immortal Court.

“Sovereign Lord.”

Seeing Star Sovereign, everyone bowed down to show respect to him and the scene became silent immediately.

Jiang Chen’s gaze fell on Star Sovereign and his pupils couldn’t help shrinking. Star Sovereign was indeed strong. With his current cultivation realm, he had almost no chance of winning if he fought Star Sovereign. Of course, it was impossible for Star Sovereign to kill him too.

“Jiang Chen, come along.”

Star Sovereign gazed at Jiang Chen and said. He then transformed into a blue light, leaving the scene.

The corners of Jiang Chen’s mouth curved up, he soon followed Star Sovereign’s footsteps.

Jiang Chen had known what Star Sovereign wanted to do just by guessing. Jiang Chen knew that Star Sovereign had already appeared at the scene before he eliminated Huang Tianbao and had witnessed how he killed Huang Tianbao, yet didn’t take any action to stop this.

Undeniably, Star Sovereign was also a ruthless person. In order to win over Jiang Chen to stand at his side, he relinquished a loyal Fifth Grade Great Sovereign.

Since Star Sovereign had summoned him now, Jiang Chen had to tackle whatever situation that came to him, and buy as much time as possible for Nangong Wentian.

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