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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2036

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Among other things, killing a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign was now just a piece of cake to Jiang Chen now that he became a Second Grade Great Sovereign. The entire Immortal Court could not pose any threat to him. It was also definitely impossible for Star Sovereign to kill him now.

That’s why Jiang Chen didn’t even care whether the secret of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda had been revealed or not. Even if everyone knew the existence of the pagoda, what could they do to him?


The Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation had finally come to an end, but there was an enormous roar all of a sudden. The entire Miniature Fengchi World fell into a violent tremor, and the spatial screen began to crack. The whole world started perishing.

“Oh no! The Miniature Fengchi World is collapsing.”

“That’s normal. That space is actually unable to withstand the Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation.”

“What a pity. The Miniature Fengchi World had existed for countless ages. It was the best practice field for the disciples of the Immortal Court. Its destruction is a huge loss to the Immortal Court.”


Seeing the collapse of the Miniature Fengchi World, many people’s faces were full of fierce regret as it had been the symbol of the Immortal Court throughout many years. It was a unique product of the Immortal court that had made great contributions. They were unwilling to see the Miniature Fengchi World destroyed completely.

Very quickly, the entire Miniature Fengchi World was submerged in chaos. Jiang Chen strided over the place with a step, coming into a huge space crack. There was no place where he could not go with the Great Void Technique. No matter how harsh the environment was, it could not stop him from escaping. 

“Big Yellow, catch the Desolate Ancient ElephantBloodline!”

Big Yellow was startled at first, but suddenly heard Jiang Chen’s voice sounding around his ears. Soon after, he saw a crystal ball appearing beside his mouth.

Big Yellow’s eyes lit up at the sight of the crystal ball. He opened his mouth and swallowed the crystal ball.

At this moment, when the Miniature Fengchi World was falling apart, everyone focused their attention on the Miniature Fengchi World, and they were busy searching for Jiang Chen’s figure. No one noticed Big Yellow, moreover, his action was just too quick. He kept the crystal ball almost at the exact same moment when the crystal ball appeared. Even the Sixth Grade Great Sovereign Ling Liqun was not aware of this.

“Listen carefully, Big Yellow. As I have destroyed the Miniature Fengchi World, there might be people of the Immortal Court that would take this chance to make trouble for me once I came out. By that time, I will make a scene to attract everyone’s attention. Take advantage of that moment and go to Heaven Sovereign Palace secretly and gave Ah Nan the Desolate Ancient Elephant Bloodline.” 

Jiang Chen’s voice was transmitted to Big Yellow’s ear through the void.

The Desolate Ancient Elephant Bloodline was the key and Heaven Sovereign Palace must have been scrutinized by the people of the Immortal Court in secret. If he went to Heaven Sovereign Palace right after coming out of Miniature Fengchi World, it would definitely cause suspicion amongst people.

However, Heaven Sovereign was on a tight timeline right now as Star Sovereign had been preparing to take action against him. That’s why Jiang Chen must send the Desolate Ancient Elephant Bloodline to Heaven Sovereign as soon as possible.

Jiang Chen’s plan was utterly precise. While he attracted everyone’s attention, Big Yellow would head to Heaven Sovereign Palace secretly. With Big Yellow’s capability, it was no sweat at all for him to sneak into Heaven Sovereign Palace.

“No problem.”

Big Yellow replied in secret, then acted as if nothing happened.

In the big screen, it could be seen that the Miniature Fengchi World had vanished completely, turning into chaos. Soon after, the big screen also disappeared. The spiritual talisman which was the key to open the Miniature Fengchi World also burst into nihility.

Starting from today, the symbol that represented the Immortal Court for countless ages had vanished completely. The Miniature Fengchi World had become part of history from now on.


There was a loud and clear sound erupting in the void, and a figure rushed out. Who could it be other than Jiang Chen.

When he entered the Miniature Fengchi World, Jiang Chen was only a Half Sovereign. It did not even take one day for him to advance to the Second Grade Great Sovereign. He even managed to reach the peak of Second Grade Great Sovereign. No one would ever believe such a terrifying speed of growth if they did not see it with their own eyes.

This was indeed a miracle.


Jiang Chen appeared in front of Feng Jingyang and made a bow with his fists folded in front. 

“Great. This is great. Hahahaha….”

Feng Jingyang burst into laughter, as he could not hold his excitement. He, Feng Jingyang, had no regret in his life to have such an incredible disciple of the Dragon Hall during his lifetime. 

“Brother Jiang, you were incredibly awesome this time. Even the Miniature Fengchi World has been destroyed by you.”

No one knew when Yu Huafan had arrived and he spoke this in a speechless manner. Looking at the Second Grade Great Sovereign Jiang Chen, Yu Huafan’s heart had no choice but to be convinced and submit to Jiang Chen.

He was aware that Jiang Chen would soon replace his position as the number-one genius in the Immortal Court. He knew Jiang Chen’s dreadful power all too well. Although both of them were Second Grade Great Sovereigns, Jiang Chen could crush him to death merely with fingers if they were to fight. 

“Jiang Chen, this is Elder Ling. The supreme elder of the Immortal Court.”

Feng Jingyang introduced Elder Ling to Jiang Chen.

“Greetings, Elder Ling.”

Jiang Chen made a bow with his fists. Ling Liqun’s cultivation realm was at the Sixth Grade Great Sovereign realm, and he was a significant figure in the Immortal Court. Jiang Chen had the intention of convincing him to stand at his side in the coming battle against Star Sovereign, yet he was not sure if Ling Liqun was an enemy or a friend.

“Umm…young and talented. Not bad, not bad.”

Ling Liqun nodded and praised. Jiang Chen’s performance today indeed had impressed and startled the supreme elder.

“Jiang Chen, Elder Ling is one of the masters amongst the elders of the Immortal Court. He has been here since the period of Heaven Sovereign. Holding a neutral stance, he has the same attitude as me and prioritise the interest of the Immortal Court. You can try convincing him to stand at our side.”

Feng Jingyang’s voice resounded in Jiang Chen’s ear.

Jiang Chen nodded and immediately had a plan in his mind.

“Jiang Chen, you have destroyed the Miniature Fengchi World, causing great loss to the Immortal Court. What a wicked crime you have committed!”

A voice suddenly resounded. It must be the master of the Leopard Hall who said this. A faint smile twitched at the corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth. This situation was exactly what he had expected and wanted. He would only find things difficult if Huang Tianbao did not come to challenge him. 

“Huang Tianbao, the destruction of the Miniature Fengchi World was caused by the Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulations. How is it related to Jiang Chen?”

Feng Jingyang said in an unpleasant tone. 

“How is it related? Feng Jingyang, don’t lie through your teeth. Why would the Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation appear? It’s because of Jiang Chen. No matter what you say, Jiang Chen is still responsible for the destruction of the Miniature Fengchi World,” Huang Tianbao said coldly.

Feng Jingyang wanted to say something but was stopped by Jiang Chen.

“Huang Tianbao, whether I have to be held responsible or not is not decided by you. It will not be on your decision even if I have to receive punishment. Let’s not talk about the Miniature Fengchi World. It’s better if we recount the grudges between us now,” Jiang Chen said loudly.

Huang Tianbao was startled as he had never expected that Jiang Chen would suddenly become so dominating that he even dared to confront him face-to-face.  

Huang Tianbao was not the only one who was startled, many people who were on the spot were also dazed by Jiang Chen. At first, they thought that Jiang Chen would definitely speak softly and smoothly since the destruction of the Miniature Fengchi World was somehow related to him. However, Jiang Chen acted completely different and he came to reckon with the master of Leopard Hall. Despite already being a Second Grade Great Sovereign, everyone still thought that he was not qualified to bluster in front of the master of Leopard Hall.

He should know that Huang Tianpao was a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign.

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