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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2034

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Endless lightning radiance permeated the air and the color of the heavens and earth changed. 

From the third to the fifth stage of the lightning tribulation, Miniature Fengchi World had been experiencing enormous transformation. 

Everyone in the Immortal Court looked ghastly because the dreadfulness of the fifth stage of the lightning tribulation was out of their imagination. The tribulation was destroying everything. There were countless cracks showing on Miniature Fengchi World. People were almost certain that Miniature Fengchi World probably would not exist anymore after the end of the Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation.

Jiang Chen started struggling for a bit at this moment. By this time, there were wounds on his body and his dragon scales started being stripped off.

However, his imposing manner increased continuously and his Great Sovereign Law was ever-lasting and became the one and only between the heavens and earth. It had never disappear despite the endless dreadful lightning tribulations. Nothing could shake the Great Sovereign Law. 

All the living spirits in the Miniature Fengchi World were left with no place to hide. When the fifth stage of the heaven tribulation descended, all the living spirits were annihilated. They had become ashes and dust under the air of heaven’s might and the attack of the lightning tribulation.  

It was quiet in front of the big screen in the Immortal Court. Everyone was watching what was happening inside the screen silently. None of them said anything because they didn’t know what to say, and they didn’t know how to describe their shock.

In a flash, the sixth and seventh stage of the heavenly tribulations materialized. Half of the Miniature Fengchi World vanished. The whole place was turned into chaos while the mountain peaks either became ashes, void or air.

If you see the Miniature Fengchi World as a world itself, then the world has come to an end. An apocalypse had indeed taken place. No one could stop the destruction of the world. Even though the last three heavenly tribulations hadn’t descended yet, the world was already doomed and it would completely collapse soon. 

However, no one cared if the Miniature Fengchi World would vanish at this very moment because everyone was entirely focused on Jiang Chen.

It was astonishing to see how Jiang Chen overcame the first six stages of the heavenly tribulation. His status started climbing higher in everyone’s heart, including Ling Liqun’s.

“Monstrous. This is insanely monstrous. Can’t believe that he was able to withstand it until now. If I were him, I would have been struck to death.”

“Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation destroys the heavens and exterminates the earth. As he’s still standing under the seventh heavenly tribulation, he already could smile and be proud for ages.” 

“Unfortunately, Jiang Chen has sustained severe injury. The remaining three heavenly tribulations will be incomparably dreadful. The heavenly tribulation’s strength and destructiveness will be at least the sum of all the previous heavenly tribulations. I am afraid Jiang Chen could not withstand until the end.”

“I agree. What a waste if such an unrivalled genius die under this heavenly tribulation.”


Everyone fell into a complete state of shock. They admire Jiang Chen and were subdued by him. However, the coming situation was the most dangerous one. Perhaps he would not be able to overcome the Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation even if he’s incredibly formidable. 

Jiang Chen’s dragon body had already suffered great damage under the sea of lightning. His blood was flowing non-stop and it looked extremely brutal.

The seventh heavenly tribulation was much more dreadful compared to the last.

Although everyone thought this was the most dangerous moment and was worried for Jiang Chen, he was actually in ecstasy because the number of dragon marks in his body had already reached 1.75 million. This also meant that he was going to advance to Second Grade Sovereign Lord. 


There was a mad dragon roaring around. Jiang Chen was completely submerged in the sea of lightning. Then, he and the Heavenly Saint Sword vanished out of sight. 

“Look! The seventh heavenly tribulation is too terrifying. Sigh…. Who would’ve thought that he will finally end up in failure.”

“It is not the end yet, who allowed you to make such a conclusion?”


The spectators started feeling sorry as they had seen how Jiang Chen suffered a severe injury with their own eyes. There was almost no chance for Jiang Chen to stay alive while being completely submerged under the seventh heavenly tribulation. 


At this very moment, a sharp dragon roar resounded from the sea of lightning. Everyone saw that there was a man dressed in white clothes coming out the moment the seventh heavenly tribulation was over. Who else could he be but Jiang Chen.

There was no wound at all on Jiang Chen’s body. His imposing manner reached its peak. A blood dragon was circling around him, dancing back and forth while sword Qi filled the air.

Jiang Chen advanced to the Second Grade Great Sovereign realm with the aid of the heavenly tribulation.

“Look! Jiang Chen is now a Second Grade Great Sovereign!”

“Oh my goodness! This guy is too monstrous. It was like fighting with death when we experienced our heavenly tribulations. However, he even advanced and directly became a Second Grade Great Sovereign under the heavenly tribulation. Most of all, this happened during the Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation! How is this even possible?.”

“Heaven-defying! This is really heaven defying. We could not use our common sense to predict this unparalleled guy. Look at the dragon beside him, it was the transformation of the sword.”

“You are right. It’s not a dragon but a sword. Now he has even dragonised his battle sword and let the final transformation happen. This is indeed a miracle.”

“If I did not see this scene with my own eyes, I would never believe it.”


Everyone was so shocked and fell into a complete astonishment. Jiang Chen’s advancement to the Second Grade Great Sovereign occurred under the Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation. This was undeniably a miracle that happened for the first time ever since the beginning of history. What happened today was destined to be written in the history of the Immortal World, and eulogized by future generations.

Under the heavenly tribulation.

Jiang Chen waved his arms and the blood dragon turned into a battle sword in his hand.

“The Heavenly Saint Sword has completed its transformation. From now on, you are called Heavenly Dragon Sword. You will go on expeditions and exterminate enemies along with me.”

Jiang Chen held the battle sword in his hand, it was like cherishing his beloved child.

The Heavenly Dragon Sword was filled with divine spirit and it was meant to be the number one sword in the world. Its reputation was meant to be greater than the Immortal Execution Sword.


The eighth heavenly tribulation began to emerge. There were three more heavenly tribulations of the Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation.

Jiang Chen raised his head and looked at the sky and a smile surfaced on the corner of his mouth.

Jiang Chen did not show any signs of fear at all even though he was facing the last three heavenly tribulations that could destroy everything. 

“The remaining job will be passed to the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda.”

Jiang Chen said to himself. Following his will in mind, the pagoda immediately opened up an enormous entrance. He and the Heavenly Dragon Sword had already gained great benefits from this tribulation, thus, of course, he could not neglect the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda.

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